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James Birdsong chapter 34 . 5/2/2022
Good three chapters.
Urgwaew chapter 34 . 5/2/2022
Hello there! Thank you so much for posting a new chapter today - you have no idea how much it meant to me. I had some rough days recently, and although I think I'm getting better again, your kind notes at the beginning of the chapter, as well as the story itself, were like a balm to my soul, so thank you! Your support means the world to me, and I'm so happy to have someone so wonderful in my life. You are a true gem!
I never thought about electives and the way they're organised, but your idea makes sense - if not for all the classes, than at least those which not many people attend. Since Arithmancy doesn't strike me as one of those very popular classes, and it is fifth year, so some people may have dropped it since their third, I guess it really would be sensible to have all houses together - funny how you find out something new about hp world every now and then.
I loved the duel with Harry and Sirius - it was very gripping, and you found just the right measure of action to make it dynamic, and yet not go overboard. I especially loved the discussion about it afterwards - very important in developing better skills, and overall a good way to teach Harry without making it look like an ordinary class. Harry's reluctance in pointing out Sirius's weak points was spot-on, and the way Sirius reassured him was beautiful! The joke about him and Remus loving each other deer-ly was terrific, as well as Harry's 'yeah, yeah, get to the point' reaction - so funny!
Harry leaving his injury unattended was so realistic. Getting an injury by accident may look like a 'free-pass' for hurting without having a relapse, but it can be just as serious as consciously taking a knife to the skin. It's difficult to see where the 'normal' (hate that word, but I can't think of another one) shrugging off of minor pains stops, since obviously you don't drop everything you're doing because you stubbed a toe while running around the house in the morning, and indirect self-harm begins. Remus was also right in mentioning eating as way to harm yourself - it goes to show that many ordinary things in life can be turned bad, even stuff like eating, and sleeping - depriving yourself of sleep can be a way to harm yourself as well, and it's a really difficult one to spot.
The story about Remus doing this, but on a much grander scale, was so heartbreaking! To think that he almost lost a leg to his mind is terrifying, and it's no wonder Sirius was so upset. Also, the fact that he had to wait for Remus to talk with Harry allne before he could find out how Harry was didn't help - the painful agitation that waiting alone brought him must have been excruciating, and I'm just happy he managed to distract himself with the boxing bag until Remus could get to him. Their talk in the 'gym' was really needed, since Sirius had to be reassured both about Harry and about Remus.
Remus's backstory, which you reveal through these flashback stories, was so rough! The moment where he says 'I was hell-bent on hurting myself back then' broke my heart, even though I knew already that he felt like it before.
The only good thing about it all is the fact that he's stopped harming himself - that's a real motivational factor. Ifhe could get better, than so can Harry, who wasn't that bad off in the firts place.
Anyway, thank you for this - you really brightened up my day. I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself. I send you many hugs, wish you all the best, and hold you to that promise of Severus or Draco in the next chapter! Bye!
Urgwaew chapter 33 . 4/28/2022
Hey, I'm so, so sorry I didn't review this earlier! I read it over a day ago, but just couldn't gather the energy to write the words I had in my head - it was a really low-energy day, and I was so frustrated that I didn't write it the moment I read the chapter, but I didn't want to just rush through it, so I waited a bit for a better moment. Anyway, I'm a bit more enthusiastic about chasing letters on my keybpard, so I'm writing now... Better late than never, right?
That being said, I was so happy to see this chapter! The story itself was great, but I was also so, so happy to hear from you again! I would have been worried about your somewhat longer absence (compared to the usual - I mean, it wasn't objectively that long), but I saw you reviewing some stories I read as well, so I knew you were just taking a much-deserved break. I'm glad you took some time for yourself - that's very important - and I hope that you're feeling better now.
I liked the scene with the truth beans. I mean, I liked the idea - I didn't really like the way Harry had to undergo such pressure because of a silly game, but, thankfully, he managed to get through it. I'm glad he had the luck not to get a legit one when Seamus asked him the question, but it was still really hard... And he put up the silencing charms - that's so hard to hear! He made such progress, and the fact that he went back to that was a real bummer, and just went to show how shaken up about it all he was. Neville was great, as always - I can't say he's really a favourite character of mine in canon, but I really, really like him here!
Draco coming to the rescue in the morning was beautiful! I loved the way he asked around about Harry, going as far as to deal with Ron just so he could find out if Harry's alright - that was so sweet! I also loved the big brother touch - going to wake him up on time, going into the 'enemy territory' just because of him... The scene with Harry frantically running through the common room with Draco yelling 'I know the Floo password' was so funny! I really loved it.
You really gave me much Draco screen-time in this chapter - thank you! I'm so happy to see him acting this way, and you really put a real smile on my face with it! I love the way he kicked out Pansy from his Potions table and worked with Harry - such great, caring, protective, big-brother behaviour! Harry's really lucky to have him among the people who care about him. The great care from Draco continued through the whole class, and that's where you made me even happier - you gave me a caring Severus! Wow, this chapter was kind of a jackpot of favourite things for me! Thank you!
I don't like pointing out mistakes, especially when they are really unimportant, but you did make two oversights in this chapter - nothing bad, but just in case you want to check on them, I'll mention it. First of all, you wrote Harry and Draco going to Charms, but they went to professor Vector instead of Flitwick. Also there, you had Harry and Draco sit with Hannah Abbott and Padma Patil. Now, this would mean that there were members of all four houses together in one class - I might be wrong, but I think that Hogwarts classes always have only two Houses at the same time. Obviously, these are both really small errors, and I doubt anyone minds, so don't feel bad about it, please - it was pure chance that I even noticed them.
I love the way Draco got Harry to Remus - he didn't really 'make him' go, but he insisted in a way only a real good friend/sibling can, and that was awesome! And the way he left Harry there - pure art!
Harry's talk with Remus was great! I love the way Harry told him what happened, and how he reacted, and then got frustrated about having to talk about it all even though he's not in therapy at the moment. His reaction was really believable, and I really liked the way Remus responded to that, telling Harry how he spoke with Sirius whenever he needed it. I'm glad to hear that, by the way - it's important for him to take care of himself as well.
The story about Sirius's sleeping in and being late for class was hilarious! I really loved it, and it made me laugh a lot - so nice of you to brighten up my day!
Anyway, I'll stop here - I really should post it already, before you get anoter chapter up:) Thank you fir sharing this with us, and brightening up my day! I hope you're feeling better than last week, and that you'll keep feeling good as well! You are an absolutely wonderful person, and your awesomeness is as great as the journey to Pigfarts & back! You are really, really important, and you matter a lot, and you are so, so loved! Thank you for existing in this world, and making it a happier place, and brightening up my days with your wonderful notes and awesome story! You are such a kind, loving soul, and I'm so happy to know you. I wish you all the best things in the world, send you lots and lots of happiness and hugs, and look forward to hearing from you again!
LunePrimus chapter 33 . 4/27/2022
One more time, that chapter was really fantastic and was so good to read!
I really love that Harry was happy to spend time with his friends, he is happier! I enjoyed that you choose to write bout a night in the boys' dorm. Always so fun to see them together! it was not portrayed enough in canon. So thanks for that. As always you kept the characters so close to Canon, congrats! Ron was very him, very Gryffindor-ish, a boy who wants to have fun so badly that he doesn't think about the consequences. He knew about Harry's self-harm, so logically he could have thought that a truth game in which Harry will be forced to reveal some things can be a not so good idea. But he did it anyway, and surprisingly it could have really helped Harry to feel normal and not to be isolated. Anyway, that was very Ron! Congrats on that. You also wrote Neville very well, a boy who wants to help so much and will do everything he can but who will not force anyone! Really good job!
I'm really happy that Harry was not forced to reveal the truth. Poor him, that is not a thing we tell that way. Actually, he did very well with his answers. But yeah, of course, that will make him think about it...
I appreciated that you wrote about Harry needs comfort and knowing that he needs it. It is already a sign of good mental health to know and accept his needs. Next step acting on them!
I really love Draco ruffling Hary's hair, so a big brother thing to do, I love doing it to my little cousins, and yeah with Harry' har it will be even better!
But that's so Harry and so teenager to want to be normal, I really know this feeling. So I really appreciate that you make him choose his wants over his needs, that's a boy after all!
Oh, nightmares in dorms are not a good thing, the embarrassment is here...But silencing charms are not a good idea when one of the adults will know that won't be good! If he takes that habitude and do it in his father's quarters that won't pass. But anyway that's not good and if Draco knows he will say it, the same for Neville, who can more easily discover it, especially if he had once the same idea!
And the fact that Harry overslept can be a good clue to Neville or Draco to discover it!
I really like Draco in this chapter, you wrote to him very well! I really appreciate that he has his place, but doesn't take one from someone else. You did very well by giving him the big brother place, he is not replacing anyone!
I love that he didn't hesitate to look for Harry in enemy territory, the Gryffindor tower!
I'm glad that they are potion partners! I was happy to see Sev here, and I enjoyed that he is still the same and keep taking points from Harry, but also being there at the end! Yu represented really well his ambivalence!
I really appreciate that Draco "forced" Harry to go see Remus. It was a very Slytherin thing to do to let him think they were going to lunch! Harry trying to negotiate was so cute, Draco accepting his term was, even more, Slytherin because Remus will be free and if not he would make Remus free! Even when he is leaving is so Slytherin. He was so a great help and reminding Harry that asking for help implies strength and not weakness is a very useful thing to do! Thanks, Draco and I hope one day Harry will finally believe it!
I love that Draco fleed a bit from Remus's office to let Harry alone, but also maybe fearing to discuss with more time he was so Slytherin!
Between Remus and Harry, it was one more time absolutely perfect, Remus is a great therapist/father and Harry is a stubborn teenager who wants to get better. So really perfect! you write them both very well, love their discussion, that was so cuuute!
Good idea to make Remus explain that being bothered because of a change of routine is not abnormal or weird, but is normal actually, and the example of Sirius can make him (and us) laugh but also remember that he is not alone and a weird case!
Moreover, I think laughing is a good way to break Harry's wall like you did, after the smile comes the tears in Remus' cardigans that was so cute. I love them!
I also appreciated the reference from a very Poter musical!
So that was a fantastic and very comforting chapter, and I really needed that so thank you very much! Really looking forward to reading the development of Harry Draco's relationship, maybe a little more of Neville, a little more of Sev drinking, and Remus's discussion with Sirius (really love the banter and also the more intense conversations), with Harry of course, with Draco, with Neville, with Sev, with the 5 years students...and so many good things I know you'll write! Good luck with the following chapters!
LunePrimus chapter 32 . 4/22/2022
Sorry I didn't finish my review before posting it...I didn't even correct the mistakes I hope it's understandable...
I was saying that Suicide thoughts really talk to me. And Remus is a bit like me. I have had a condition for my entire life that unfortunately makes people and me look at me differently. Yep, Remus is not my fav character for no reason... So that was really touching, and a bit tough to read that actually. But the fact that they are so happy now makes me really hope for a brighter future for me. These last days were really difficult, especially about the condition that really puts me down, so your chapter made me really think about it and many other things. I love how after all the hard work he had done he is a great and healthy man. So proud of him and hope that I can succeed to make the same! I was really disappointed with the books about Remus's future actually the no future he has. And I really was so sad about it. I wanted him as a hope symbol, but he represented to me only the bad things about being an outcast. So thank you for making him a hero in his own right. You really made my day and my weekend with this. I will keep thinking about it! So really well done!
So you chose to make Minnie his mind healer, why not, if you wanted someone we know that's the best I think, and as she can be a mother too, he really looks like his relationship with Harry. I refuse to let Remus doubt himself and him helping Hary, good that Sirius reminds him that he is the best. Even if I was focused on Remus, I was really in love with the Sirius who portrayed who was just perfect. I'm a bit jealous of Remus to have a man like that in his life!
So anyway, your chapter made my day really, moreover this time! But I think you should know that even before I read the chapter entirely or before I knew that it would be a Sev and Rem discussion, just seeing a message from you and a chapter from you, make me wake up happy.
You are really someone that helps me be happy, so don't forget that you're loved by me and by many other people!
All my love!
LunePrimus chapter 32 . 4/22/2022
That was one more time an amazingly written chapter! Don't worry about his length, 4k words are already long compared to other fanfics, and that was so fantastic, that I would have loved more but was so happy with this chapter anyway!
I'm deeply sorry that you are not so well mentally. Don't put pressure on you about this story, the most important thing is that you're okay and write something that you like and that helps you being well. Other things are so meaningless! As you said so much in this story you are loved!
Concernng the chapter THANK YOU!
It began with a discussion between Sev and Rem, so of course this chapter was perfect! I really love how you wrote them. Keeping them both in character. Remus trying to be subtle by talking about occlumency first. Sev trying to diffuse the concern and hating the judgment..And Remus who talks about Draco that I think is the only thing that can make Sev accept help. That was so a marauder thing to do! So perfect! I'm also glad that it stooped quickly and that Sev refuse to acknowledge his pain, because it means that he will be worse before accepting help. And that I want to see!
The same old severus made me laugh so much thank you!
The three of them were so cute, I really appreciated that Remus and Sirius were responsible stern but comprehensive. There were all the thing a father should be so that was purely magical! I lovethat Harry is getting better and better, so proud of him!
I love that it was Remus who were inisteing on homework, it would have been weirsd to see Sirius even professor black insisting on doing homework! I love that Harry didn't hesite to behave like a teenager, he made so much progress!
I really love and laugh at the couple banter, so cute and laughable, it was very needed before the hard passage after!
I'm also glad that Harry choose to do his homework with Albus, he is lucky to have both his grandad and grandma gifted in transfiguration. but with Minni t would have been too weird because she is his teacher...So I really enjoyed reading Albus, I was kind of missing him. I appreciated that he asked Harry who he was, good to know that he is not lost on his grandson psychological need. And I was so proud of Harry to accept that Albus is his grandad, it really contrasts with the beginning of your story!
With Dray there were so cute! Glad that they were in their room, that really solidify their relationship! I'm happy you choose to make them free to be friends at school. It will simplify fings for both of them!
I really love Draco who he is trying to notice thing Harry know to know him and his head better! Too cute! He is really becoming a big brother!
I laugh when you say that he will be more subtle than the gryffindors of course! I also really like that Harry pushed him to ask help to Remus. I'm really looking forward to those discussions!
About the last part of your chapter, I think it made me fell all emotions in 10 minutes, I cried, I smiled, I hoped, I believed so thanks you for that.
I really like both of them s a couple, they are so cute and what the other nee they are perfect. So of course Remy Sirius would remember! You succeed to rally keep Sirius in character, the one who doesn't like he cares about anything, but actually loves and carees deeply.
I really appreciate that you talk about suicide thoughts, and I'm happy it was not Harry, he has already suffered enough for the moment!
I even more appreciate that it was Remy, because that subject really talks to me
Urgwaew chapter 32 . 4/22/2022
Hello there! Thank you for posting another wonderful chapter! I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Please, don't apologise for posting a shorter chapter - it was great the way it was, and even if that wasn't the case, your wellbeing is way more important! It's really hard when things get difficult, and the only thing you can do is take it day by day. Reach out to people - you are loved by so many of them. Remembered that no one considers it a bother when you share your hardships - on the contrary, it's way worse for others to know you're suffering while you don't let them help. You are a wonderful, beautiful soul, and you deserve happiness and so much love! Talk with your family, friends, therapist, anyone and everyone - it's perfectly alright to not be ok. You're not weak, and you're not 'overly sensitive' or as 'drama queen', no matter how small the things that are bothering you may seemto someone else - we're all different, and we feel different things - something that affects other people very strongly may haveno effecton tou, and yet you don't consider them weak because of it, right? Anyway, know that you are wonderful, strong, so kind and lovable, and take care of yourself! And please, don't feel any pressure about writing the story - whenever you feel ready to write more, I'll be here to read it, so there's no rush! It's you that matters the most, and not the story!
This is a wonderful chapter, by the way. I'm glad to see that Remus made the first step in trying tohelp Severus - obviously, Severus isn't ready yet to admit that he needs help, but I believe he will get there in time. I think Draco will prove to be very good for him - having to take care of a child is a great incentive to take care of himself and his life as well.
The talk between Harry and Draco was very endearing! I love the way Harry feared the possibility of Draco having to act cruel again, and the way he was relieved to find it not to be the case. I also liked Harry convincing Draco to talk to Remus about mind healing as a part of his education - I believe it will help Draco better understand healing in general, as well as Harry's situation in particular. I also believe that Remus will find a way to help Draco through those talks, maybe even convince him to start therapy - after all, he lost his family, suffered some great changes in his life, and must have great difficulties in dealing with all of that.
Harry's Transfiguration homework with Albus - so cute! 'Do you want my help as Grandad or Headmaster? - Grandad with lots of Transfiguration knowledge' (well, I paraphrased a bit) - hilarious! I really love their relationship!
The ending scene with Remus and Sirius, as well as the flashback, were really tough. I mean, it was wonderfully written, but my stomach was in knots while I was reading it, even though I knew that, obviously, Remus stayed alive. I felt so bad about him feeling so scared and hopeless, but also about Sirius - it must have been really terrifying foe him to see Remus in such a dangerous position, and to be the one who has to think of a way to save him. I'm so glad he succeeded, but it was an extremely hard moment for them both. Also, a bittersweet touch with that comment about them having to raise James's child - they meant help James and Lily raise him, and influence him to be a Marauder, yet they ended up being the sole parents to Harry. Life really wasn't kind to any of them... Well, tye important thing is that they persevered through all those hardships and got here, where, admittedly, there is still much hardship, but also joy and happiness. I'm happy for them, for getting through it all and coming out on the other side, even stronger.
Anyway, thank you for the wonderful chapter, and thank you for yourself (that sounds a bit strange, but I can't think of a better way to say it). You are so great, and you matter - to people here on FFN, to your family and friends, to your students, and many other people. Remember that you are SO, SO LOVED, and please, take care of yourself - you need it and deserve it! I wish you all the best and I hope you'll feel better soon!
LunePrimus chapter 31 . 4/19/2022
That was again an amazingly written chapter! I love Draco for the lost boy he is, but you make me love him more than I did before reading your story. The same for Remus. Actually, you make me love moe characters more, even my favourite ones...I didn't know it was even possible!
Concerning the chapter, I'm so in love with it!
I love that Sev told Dray to see Remus and Sirius. That implies so much trust that should have been here, it would have been so much easier for everyone involved. Moreover, a sleepy Draco is so cuuute!
I appreciate that Remus was Healer Lupin with Dray at first! And that the boy appreciated the concern but didn't want to elaborate on how he was feeling. As if he thought he didn't deserve it! I also appreciate that Draco talks in euphemisms so much more realistic! I love how polite you wrote him because that is who he is, how he was raised. You write him very well!
I loved also seeing Remus and Sirius in bed so cute! I love how Remus can't stop being the therapist I love, and Sirius asks him to be just him and sleep was so cute and adorable!
I love how Harry was surprised, poor him, not even full waken up...I enjoy how Sirius embarrassed him, so cute, so true, so perfect! And Dray played already the big brother role, that was so cute! And Remus who is still the therapist no matter what happened is so amazing!
Good idea to make them explore the castle, I laughed when Dray said that it was a 7 yo activity, because yeah, but it doesn't stop anyone to do it older! I love that Harry shows him a new place, just for the two of us, that implies that he has his place, a unique place, in Harry's life! I laughed that Harry knows more about the Slytherin places than Draco, that really shows that in this world he is not biased against them!
I really enjoy their discussions, that Harry was worried about Sev treating him well was so cute! And the answer Draco gave was so perfect! I also like how Draco was trying to mix in his head what Harry was saying and his medical knowledge! Perfect! You write very well about their relationship, between teasing and truth. That's great because it shows that they have a past, they don't forget it, but they can overcome it, and that's so beautiful!
I laughed when Draco wins at chest, obviously! I love how Sirius noticed so soon the first name basis, that's so him to embarrass his pup that way so cute!
Of course, you know that I loved so much the next moment with Sev, that was just too wonderful! I love that Sev was drinking, because, of course, he would after a meeting, he won't do as if nothing happened because he was alone. If he has Drago with him, he wouldn't have drunk I think, the same if he knew Remus was coming, he would have a least hidden it I think. Because in his character, he would not want anyone to fuss about him, as Remus will do I'm sure. And I'm really really really really looking forward to that moment!
I love how Remus was protective of Drago. He wants him to avoid seeing his godfather in this condition, even if the poor boy had seen the worst things! I love how you say that Remus used his alpha voice, that was a great idea. I also love how Draco didn't hesitate to do as he was asked. Because on the contrary Harry, he was raised to obey orders, he never could rebel as a child or as a teenager need to...That's so sad!
I really like the discussions between the two adults, Remus wanting to know how Sev felt. Severus thought that the major problem was the physical one. But not wanting to call Poppy to not disturb her, because he doesn't deserve it, and because it is his way of punishing himself. He didn't even lie about his drink, because it isn't a problem. I appreciate also Remus didn't hesitate to say they will keep Draco with them, and Sev didn't fight more, because he knew he would lose, he was tired, he was drunk, he knew that he will have to talk about things he didn't want too. On the other side, Remus didn't want to talk more, because Draco was waiting and because Sev was drunk, and he knew he would not be controlling what he said. That's so professional. So very well done, you write a few lines, but really succeed to described the two personalities so accordingly! Congrats!
Love that the boys went again to Australia!
I also very much appreciate Harry not well after the portkey once more! Because flashbacks didn't resolve in one time, sometimes never...So thank you for not forgetting things like this, because in your long chapter you could have done it, it would have been very understandable but you didn't so whaouh! Thank you for all you attention you put into details!
Poor Harry to suffer from it in front of Draco, that would be so embarrassing, thanks to both adults it was not too much...but poor Harry anyway! The "Atta boy" was just perfect!
I laughed at the sunscreen time, so Remus to think about it, so a marauder think to splash it against Sirius and the boys and so responsible to do it for himself. That was so Remus!
A private beach so a Black thing to have, good idea, and I love seeing Draco in awe, yes he doesn't have anything he wants!
The couple was so cute, I love them so much!
In the water, Draco was so perfect trying to help. He wanted to be useful and prove himself, but when he knew he wasn't enough, he didn't hesitate to ask for help! That was very mature and responsible!
I love how he recognizes a pannick attack so soon, that implies that he has healing knowledge! goo for him! And not wanting him alone, wanting to explain, so perfect! I love how Remus understood quickly but Sirius didn't because of his emotions. You keep them in characters amazingly!
I love that Sirius told Draco to call him uncle Sirius, so adorable. And Poor Draco, he was so alone, with no one really taking care of him, and now he will have not one not two, but three overprotective uncles!
I love that Draco didn't hesitate to tell the truth even if he didn't know if they knew, because it was more important! Good thinking, and not all friends would have made this choice!
Thank you for insisting that Slytherin are loyal and are good people, not just evil! Thanks a lot for that!
Remus Harry's moment was so cute once more, thanks for that! That was so realistic! And Harry was so brave to accept that Draco knows and that they have to talk about it. So cute and brave to ask if Remus will stay! That was beautiful!
Poor Draco to think he was in trouble...He is so used to being...
Love that Remus encouraged Draco to tell the words, that was so a therapeutic thing!
Draco was so perfect accepting it, and telling him that nothing will change! Just what harry needed! I love that Sirius still finds time to banter!
Love that Draco imposes his place as the big brother/cousin too cute!
So yeah I'm in love with that long chapter, that was just perfect, love, cuteness, angst, fluff, banter, everything I need and love! That was perfect! I look forward to reading the next chapter, I want so much to read about Sev and Rem. I would love to if this discussion implies Poppy Albus Minerva and even Sirius. But anyway I know it will be so good, thank you again for all your work!
Urgwaew chapter 31 . 4/18/2022
Hello there! I'm so glad to see a new chapter! There's no need to apologise for updating a bit later than usual - I just hope that you're doing well, and that you had nice holidays, if you celebrate them! I know you never wanted to be patronising with the affirmations - I'm sorry if it sounded like that. I just wanted to say that I doubted their power until now, but it was you who changed my mind, so thank you! You are really making a difference in my life, and I believe there are many others who could say the same.
Also, thank you for making Draco the big brother - I'm squealing for joy right now! It was such a beautiful chapter, and he got a lot of spotlight - so nice!
It was nice seeing Remus show care for Draco, as well as witnessing Draco react to it. I love the way Remus wanted to 'therapise' Draco, but had to restrain himself - wonderful!
The scene with Severus was so heartbreaking - I hate to see him in such suffering! Not that I'm criticising your story, I just feel very bad for him! I must say that I never really imagined him having an alcohol problem, given his history with an abusive drunk for a father, but you somehow make it look very believable. I just hope he gets some help, soon - he is a good person, and I really hope he'll get better soon!
Harry and Draco exploring was sooo amusing! I really enjoyed their carefree adventure, as well as the serious talk about the Dursleys. I love the fact that Draco is finding out more about Harry, and it's such a nice, gradual development of their relationship! I kind of expected Harry to mention his going to the Slytherin common room in second year, but I guess you had to leave something for another chapter:) Anyway, I really, really liked it!
Harry's reaction to the Portkey was so effective, and it served as a wonderful ouverture to the revelation about Harry Draco had later on. I loved the way Sirius distracted Draco while Remus calmed down Harry - such great teamwork!
The scene with the cut on the arm was so well done - such a realistic reaction on both Harry and Draco's part! I really appreciated the way Draco was a bit confused about how he should act, yet managed to solve the problem in the best way possible. It was nice to see him apply some of his healer knowledge, and yet feel a bit insecure/less confident, as is expected from someone who is just beginning their training and has no experience yet.
Harry's panic at Draco finding out was so believable - up until now, he always had quite some time to prepare for letting other people know, and it was always his conscious choice. However, I think he handled it quite admirably - I'm so proud of him! And Draco's reaction was so good - a bit fumbling, yet sincere and caring, I loved it! Ultimately, I believe this is a very good thing for both of them, even though it caused them quite a bit of stress.
Finally, I would like to thank you for posting tis chapter and brightening up my day. I'm really glad you fulfilled my wish for a big-brother Draco, and I loked this chapter A LOT. As always, thank you for your extremely kind words - if only everyone had a person like you in their life, the whole world would be a much, much better and happier place! You are such a ray of sunshine in this world, and you are so, so loved and important! I wish you all the best, and bid you goodbye until the next chapter!
James Birdsong chapter 31 . 4/18/2022
Nice six chapters!
LunePrimus chapter 30 . 4/13/2022
That was again an amazing chapter. A Christmas chapter and I miss Christmas already so thank you! Glad that all of them had a happy Christmas for once!
I thought that I saw something about you questioning the shipping you wanted to write, but I don't see it anymore. I don't know if I imagined it, or if it was another fanfic. Anyway, what I saw or dreamt ;) was that you hesitated to do a Drarry pairing. I know that I'm one of the readers who wanted to see more Draco and thank you for giving me what I wanted. Concerning the pairing of course I love Drarry when it is well done, and I know you going to write it beautifully, but I also love them as brothers or BF or just close. Same for Neville, I read a few stories with them as a couple so cute but they are just perfect as brothers too. I thought you wanted Hinny. I'm not a big fan of Ginny and their relationship even in books, but I have nothing against it! And yeah I would prefer if you make the love story in the backside, because in fanfics love is often the solution and solve all the problems, which is hot the case. but I know you will do it perfectly and be realistic. So I don't worry. Moreover, that is your story, that you write for you and your well being, so write something that you love and makes you happy, that's the most important thing. I know I would love it anyway!
Concerning the chapter Happy to see Sev a bit, especially a concerned Sev. It was too cute to see the three together, especially Siri and Sev, they are both adults! Whoah!
Looking forward to seeing the next occlumency lessons!
I loved so much all interactions between Remus and Harry in this chapter!
I totally understand how frustrating it is for Harry. He didn't anything wrong and his potion professor is on his back, we can even say he was embarrassed a bit by Harry in front of Draco. And the fact that it was Severus is worst! But I'm glad he tell Remus what he felt! Remus distracting Harry is so cute and fun especially when he loses!
I was happy that Harry was excited about something! Thank you for continuing your animagus story. I loved that he was a stag, that makes him and James closer, but hope it doesn't bring bad things too. I appreciate that Harry was afraid of Sirius' and Remus' reactions. That's so Harry!
I loved the session, even before it. I appreciate that Harry whines a bit, he is a teenager after all! And I especially like that Sirius asked him if it helps, because yeah this is nothing more than that, a tool to get better.
Remus was just perfect not too pushing but not letting go when he know that Harry is ready! I enjoy that crazy was also a banned word!
It was a good idea for Remus to describe what he and Sirius do when they feel anger or something else, it reassures Harry a lot, that he is not weaker than others!
I really enjoy the part about his fight against Tom. I really think that it is the principal problem for Harry thinking he is only the boy who lived. It will be worst with the prophecy thinking he is only here to kill Voldy. So I really enjoyed Remus who read between the lines, so perfect!
Christmas was so cute, Harry waking up was so cute! I also loved very much that Harry thought there were too many gifts. That is so Harry. And I enjoy it, even more, when Remus understood him without a word. So perfect!
I really like the gift, the blanket with its smells was a so good idea, it will be so comforting for Harry and poove to him that he is not alone and there always will be with him! I laughed at Remus's gift so a therapist thing! It would be so much more practical! Sirius' one was so cute, I almost cry at this! I love that Harry offed a gift to every person in his family, especially Sev and Draco. This was too cute with Draco, especially because they offered each other almost the same thing. That proves that they need the same things! About that, where is Neville, with his grandma? I hope he is good with her! I love how you write respective adults, that so a teenager thing to say, they are just their adults, not parents! It is, even more, the case with Harry and even more with Draco, because Sev is not his biological father...But he is as good as if! And the last line was so cute!
Roolie chapter 30 . 4/12/2022
After every chapter I fibd myself saying; "This is so freaking amazing and adorable! How did Imaginer.120 create something so great?!"
Urgwaew chapter 30 . 4/12/2022
Hello you! I'm so happy to see a new chapter this soon - you're a right angel! I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I am better than I was a few days ago - not yet 100 percent, but I'm getting there:)
You asked about the pairing, and I don't really know what to say. I'm not really a fan of romance in stories in general - too often people think there can be no good story without the characters getting together, and while it's perfectly natural to have romance in life, I don't think it's really necessary for underage children to always be in relationships - I'm not against it, but it's not a must-have. That being said, I don't mind romantic relationships as a 'side-dish' to the main plot, as you plan on doing; however, I don't really know which pairing I would like to see. I don't see drarry here at all - it's not that I'm so against it (although it's not really a favourite of mine), but I kind of already imagined your Draco being the caring quasi-older brother eventually (I simply adore that storyline), so I don't see any chemistry between them. Ginny, Hermione, Luna... All of them I've seen before done wonderfully, but don't really feel here...Maybe Daphne, or Tracy? I don't know if they're bad or alright here, but it could happen after hanging out with Draco maybe? I'm not sure - I guess I'm fine with anything you decide, as long as it's not taking too much space in the story.
I loved this chapter! Well, I sound like a broken record, but you just write so well!
I loved the talk with Severus at the beginning - it's so nice to see him show such care for Harry! Thank you for fulfilling my wish for more of him in this chapter - I really loved it! I also loved Sirius saying they were kind of friends - it's great to see them grown up and mature, burying the old hatchets.
The scene with Harry and Remus in the basement room was great! I love the way Remus provided support and care without pressuring Harry. I also like the way he provided a distraction - even though it may not be so obvious, sometimes a distraction is the most needed thing, and it's great that Remus recognises that!
I see that Sirius and Remus are starting to catch on to the fact that there is something more to Harry's meetings with Minerva. I just hope they won't even come close to figuring it out - I really look forward to their utter surprise! I wonder if they'll all spend full moons together then, or if Remus and Sirius might consider it too traumatic for Harry. If they do go all together, I hope you'll do a chapter or a separate one shot/two shot about how Remus and Sirius feel about having a stag with them once more, as well as how Remus feels about sharing the extremely private and even shameful (not my opinion, but I think Remus considers it so) part of his life with someone 'new', even though it is Harry.
The therapy session was good, and I like the fact that Harry got back his wand. I mean, it was necessary for Remus and Sirius to hold it from him for a while, but it's nice to see that they believe him to be safe enough to have it back.
The Christmas scene - so lovely! I like the way you mentioned Harry's time with the Dursleys influencing him even now - it may seem like ancient history, but some scars remain forever (or at least close to it), and it's good that you drew attention to that! Also the gifts for Remus and Sirius were sooo good! For Remus - I guess I'll be using it sometime anyway - so true, but funny at the same time! And The Black Family History - hilarious! Absolutely priceless! But at the same time so thoughtful, and good for Sirius - we all know that he had a very dark past, and it's good to remind him that there were good parts of it as well!
I love the fact that Harry and Draco exchanged gifts! They are slowly but surely going toward a true friendship, maybe even sibligs-like relationship (that was a SUBTLE hint at the outcome I'm rooting for:))! And they both got each other journals - what a coincidence, and also such thoughtfulness on both their parts! Adorable!
Anyway, thank you for the great chapter - at the risk of being unstandably repetitive, I really enjoyed it! Also, thank you for the uplifting notes, as always - before I started reading this story, I considered all those affirmations and repeated words of care ineffective, patronising and downright stupid (I'm ashamed to say so, but that's the way I thought - I believed that saying a sentence in the same way in similar situations was too automated to be sincere and/or beneficial). However, I'm surprised (and very happy) to say that I was very wrong, and that I find your words of support, even though you repeat them all almost every time, to be hugely helpful every time. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you made me see the power of caring words, even when they're repeated a lot of times in the same way, and that I really, really appreciate and am thankful for your unceasing support and care. You are a true angel, and I send you lots and lots of love! Have a good day, feel well, and, well, I can't wait to see more of your story! Bye!
Graceluvbug37 chapter 30 . 4/12/2022
I loved this chapter! So good.
Urgwaew chapter 29 . 4/11/2022
Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to review this time - it was a really chaotic day (not bad, but quite packed with stuff to do, and just a bit tiring), so I couldn't really write you the way I wanted to after this chapter.
I'm glad that my review helped inspire you to write the next chapter. Also, don't worry about the mistake in your last one - it was a really small one, and it could happen to anyone. I doubt anyone would even notice it, it's just that I was so proud of Harry for throwing away his wand in order to stay safe, so I remembered that part a bit more than would be normal.
Thank you for the backstory, and no worries at all about not writing it out before! I understand why you left it unsaid at the beginning, and it's absolutely understandable - after all, even if you hadn't been rushing to express your emotions at the beginning if the story, you would have felt excited to write the part of the story which would carry the plot, so it's normal to skip over the backstory. After all, you don't even have to include it in any chapter - you could just leave ut at this explanation and move on with the atory, if that's easier for you - any way you prefer is absolutely alright!
I know why you started writing this story, and why you're still writing it, and I hope that it helps. I hope you're not feeling so bad anymore as you did when you started this, and that you're getting a lot better. I wish you would feel great soon, but also hope that you won't quit this story when you're doing well. However, if the choice ever gets to be between your mental wellbeing and this story, abandon the story momentarily - don't keep on writing if it starts affecting you in a bad way! Also, I hope you've settled into your new job, and are feeling good about it!
I really liked this chapter. At the beginning you said it would be a filler one, but it actually wasn't, which really made me happy! Even though there wasn't much action in it, you painted a very important picture of the mental state of Harry, but also Sirius, Albus, some Remus, and even a bit of Draco (extra smiles for that!).
Albus drugging Remus and Sirius was so funny! I mean, I know it's no laughing matter, but the picture of Remus and Sirius pacing around and being their usual, endearing mother-hen selves to the extent of Albus having to knock them out really has a humourous side to it!
I love Albus confessing his troubles of tge past - people often consider him invincible, and it's nice to see him be 'only human'. I see that he's going to teach Harry more about his destiny - I'm not really a fan of that part of canon, but I believe you'll make it much better with Sirius and Remus there to support him. I also believe they'll catch on to the sacrificing 'destiny', step in and find a different solution which wouldn't involve making Harry suicidal on purpose, in the name of' greater good'.
I love the way you portrayed Harry feeling today. It's so realistic, the way he's so affected, even more than in some situations when he did SH. I'm in two minds about the wand grounding - on the one hand, Harry proved himself tobe responsible when he threw it away while in crisis, so it seems a bit unfair to withdraw te trust that he will do the right thing in such a situation. On the other hand, he did storm off while upset, which wasn't responsible, so it's logical for Remus and Sirius to be more worried than usual. And there is the issue of the worn-down magic core. Well, I guess that they had to take it away for his safety, but I would have thrown a right fit in such a situation!
I love the scene with Draco! Well, as you know, I'm pretty biased - I love redeemed Draco:). Anyway, it's nice to see them both acting with care and tact around each other - they might become real friends soon enough! I also love how Draco doesn't pressure Harry, but rather files away stuff to think about it later. I can't wait for him to find out the truth - I believe he will be even better support for Harry once he does! I also loved the Severus cameo at the end, and I hope to see more of him at the beginning of the next chapter!
I also can't wait to see the continuation of the Animagus arc - I loved the little mention if ut today, and am looking forward to more!
Anyway, I wanted to say, this is not a filler chapter, not really - you managed to let more than half the characters make an appearance, and you paid attention to very important elements of the mental state of many of them, which is very important! All in all, it was great!
Thank you for writing this chapter, as well as the kind words at its beginning! Yesterday was a really hard day for me, but today was much better, and that's in no small part thanks to you! I appreciate you so much, and consider you a brilliant, compassionate, caring, loving and oh-so-lovable person! You are a true gift, and I send you lots of hugs, good vibes and wish you a great day!
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