Reviews for I'm Fine
LunePrimus chapter 29 . 4/11/2022
That was one more time an incredible chapter! I think I'm reiterating myself but it's true!
Firstly I love how Albus acts like a father to Sirius and Remus, potioned them to sleep. I love him taking care of them so much that was so cute! Happy that it was not unwillingly, that implies that both marauders are responsible and trust Albus. But it would have been so fun too!
I also like how Hary chooses not to wake up, that's totally the truth of many of my mornings when the bed is so much better than the world, and the blanket hides from the world! So appreciate that! I loved that Albus put charms on Harry's bed to see if he wakes up from a nightmare or has other problems, so cute, so caring, so loving, that was perfect!
I also really preferred your Albus over the original one. Acting really as a grandad, not only sometimes. And want to say the truth to Harry. That would have been a so much better decision from him in Canon! So I'm very glad that you wrote to him that way. And asking their consent to Remus and Sirius was respectful but necessary! So happy you wrote them that way!
I enjoy that it was Sirius who forbade the F word! And that he was angry, he stays really in character, healthier, more mature and responsible, but still prone to anger to hide other feelings like fear. So top top top! Also love that Remus scolds him so fun!
I appreciate that Harry choose to tell a bit about how he is feeling, I love the trust he has in his fathers! I also appreciate that you make him embarrassed even ashamed to tell his feelings. So realistic! That's weird to be ashamed of doing the hard and good thing, but that is how I would act too! So glad that Remus told Harry that he is proud of him! He says it a lot and that's so good and important! That's often a problem when fighting those demons, that we feel alone, and feel that we don't make any progress. So as a therapist he knows and as a father he is perfect! Loooooove him so much!
I like that he choose to hide in his room, still embarrassed afraid and not knowing what to say and how to act! I would have done the same thing...I've done the same thing. So happy that Remus keeps him from fleeing after eating, so paternal so cute!
I love that they eat spaghetti, the best comfort food ever! and that Remus watched him eating, that's was so important!
I also really love the discussion after eating. Glad that Remus is not forcing him and choose to talk about that in session, that is another environment, this way it's easier to separate therapist and dad, and if he doesn't like what therapist Remy tells him, he can only "hate" the therapy and session but not his family time. It's easier said than done! But I think it is a good thing. And I really look forward to reading that session!
I totally understand that Harry is disappointed to have therapy during vacation time. I know I was too. Because it is a constraint, an important one, in times when we are supposed to be free from all of them...But yeah mental health and health, in general, do not take vacation time, unfortunately!
About his wand, he is so frustrated and that's understandable, glad that they took him his wand. And I laugh with the threat about Albus and magical core...So funny!
I really appreciate the minute Remus imposed Harry to take before answering, that's a so good idea!
You did really well again with Sirius and harry discussing his nightmare. You went deeply, and that's great! I think it's easier to talk about nightmares and problems with Sirius for Harry because as a therapist Remus gives a sort of fear to be read more easily and to talk about what he doesn't want! The proof was when Remus tried the morning and Harry didn't want to elaborate. I totally understand, but poor Remus It is so frustrating. As it was for Sirius at first when he didn't know what to do, now it's Remus turn to know what to do but can't...I hope he will be good about it...or not!
I love how you often finished with a moment between Harry and Draco they are so cute together!
I love that Dray will stay with Sev, that's a debut so much better for both of them. They will help each other! Sev will have the responsibility of someone, that can be incredibly stressful, and a reason maybe to drink more, especially if he thinks he failed...So interessting, look forward to read this development. And for Draco, the feeling of rejection will be so interesting to explore. I'm glad you took that way, and there will may be have some other problems on the road, let's hope!
Sev was so fun too, that's weird, but yeah all of his caring and sterness made me laugh. I was so happy to see him again, that was so looooooooong! When i see him with Harry and that he is already so responsible, I can only imagine how it's gonna be with Dray!
Soo happy to see another chapter this morning, and too happy to read, that was once more great with fun and deep moments, you write both so well. Congrats. That was already an amazing chapter but if you say that the next one will be better. I believe you, and want to read it so much especially if it's about Thursday session!
LunePrimus chapter 28 . 4/7/2022
Sorry for not having reviewed your story earlier; my computer wasn't working and it's so much easier to write a long review on my laptop than on my phone!
First thing first, you're totally right! It may seem surprising but yeah therapists should use the terms directly. Hearing about suicide or self-harm is a good thing, it may help or save someone and don't give make the patients want to do those things! It was even a question in one of my exams once. We were a few to answer correctly...So that shows that you know what you talk about, thank you for all the research and work you put into this beautiful story!
About your chapter, that was again an incredible chapter!
I love that you still talk about exams. That was so cute with Sirius as a parent/teacher. I can't imagine the stress Harry may feel about having his dad as a teacher. I think it's twice hard to be afraid to have a bad mark. The fear of disappointment would double. I certainly wouldn't want to see my dad (even a simple teacher) correct my exam in front of me. It happens once and I was so stressed about it! So happy that Harry did succeed! Good for him! He has all the help to succeed in school and in life, he "just" has to accept it, ask for it, and reach it!
I really love the comments so a Sirius thing to do and it should help Harry unstress! He is still a marauder after all, even about Ron and the party!
So good idea to have a party after, I had the same in one of my stories! It's super realistic! Glad that his fathers let Harry go...They were right, even if it didn't go well, he succeed in not choosing the easier way!
About the party, glad to see Ron acting like Ron, you did him right. You did well with Hermione who partied! That was fun! I love the twins as usual! And fire whiskey, good idea! I don't want to see anyone (except Sev) falling into this problem, but it would be awesome to read!
I really appreciated that you had decided to talk about the problem to be sad frustrated and gry that people are happy. That's a big problem and a big symptom too to recognize mental health problems! So I was very interested to read your vision about it. And it was awesome!
I also appreciated that it was Neville's sentence that make Harry decline. Because even if Neville was nice and that he is very good to help. Everyone can say or do something that makes someone sad without knowing and wanting it. So very interesting! I hope Neville won't feel guilty, but it may also be so interesting to talk about it. Because he does anything he can to help, but he may fail like everyone. And that's a good thing to explore, as well for Draco!
I'm glad that Harry succeeds to escape without someone making a fuss about him. I enjoy imagining Remus and Sirius teasing me about correcting exams. I'm proud of Harry for coming to their quarters and dropping his wand.
I love Remus more and more with your story (that makes very very very very much love). I love how you make him let Harry have space at first! So cute together! I love how they discuss! You write them so well! I was so a fan when he ask about how well were Sirius! That was so a therapist thing to do, to think about the situation in general, about every person concerned. So good!
I was glad that it was Albus who find his grandson. I would have loved another discussion between Remus and Harry, but I think that will come in the next chapter. And with Albus that was so cute! I appreciate that he talked about his past, and that shows that he isn't going very well either. Good to see him that way. And good for Harry too, that can give him hope, and let him realise that he is not a lost cause!
I don't know if you did it on purpose but when you talk about his past with Grindelwald I thought about FB 3 that will come soon in theatres. Next Wednesday in France actually. But I have the luck to go see an FB marathon this Sunday with the three of them! Before the third come in theatres. So happy about it. I'll go see them with my Puffy friend, so I'll hear good things about the Hufflepuff pride. Actually, FB brings Hufflepuff forward! So yeah I'm so happy about it. And I'll think of you when seeing those movies!
Back to the topic, I really enjoyed this chapter, that was really interesting and cute. That love was so needed! Thanks again for all of your work! Good luck with the next one even if I don't think you'll need it!
Urgwaew chapter 28 . 4/5/2022
Oh my God, thank you for being such a wonderful person - I truly wonder how someone can have so much compassion, understanding and care for other people, you are magnificent! I truly adore your notes - many times they brightened up trying, gray days for me, calmed me down when I needed it, and all in all made me smile. Thank you for being such a steady pillar of acceptance and support - the day I started reading your story and reviewing it made a wonderful change in my life, and for that I am grateful!
I love the fact that Harry finally got his exams over with - I'm so happy for him! Also, an O in History of Magic - he must know the professor very well:) I enjoyed the cments on the test - they were so cute, and they certainly went a long way in getting Harry to relax a bit, now that the exams were over.
I also loved Sirius "not hearing about anything" but being like "had I heard anything, I would have told you not to overdo it, since you're taking the train home tomorrow" - absolutely hilarious! I liked how he warned both the students in general, and even more Harry particularly, to be safe - we may be used to a reckless, careless canon Sirius, but your Sirius is moderately responsible, while still funloving and somewhat childish (at least compared to Remus). I like this characterisation since it seems believable/logical to me - since Sirius spent a dozen years in Azkaban in canon, he was left, for lack of a nicer way to put it, emotionally stunted - stuck with his emotional state from the war, when he was 18/19. In your story, it's not the case (I actually forgot - did he go to Azkaban at all in your story, and is Pettigrew still at large? I mean, did he participate in the graveyard ritual or... I'm sorry, I cannot for the life of me remember the backstory). Consequently, he has had the chance to get more mature, which he did, but he still remained a bit reckless, hot-tempered and childish, since that's what makes him who he is.
I absolutely love the way he felt pressured to be calm and happy, yet couldn't - there is little worse than feeling bad when you should be feeling good. I first thought he didn't feel so good just because, as it often happens with depression, however, you even gave him 'a reason' (I really hate that perception) to feel that way.
The outburst at Ron was so well written - it's absolutely realistic, the way feeling agitated, pressured, depressed etc. makes people sometimes lash out at those who don't deserve it. I admire Harry for calming down enough to apologise - not everyone would be able to do that. I also, if not even more, admire Ron for understanding that Harry didn't mean it, and for worrying about whether Harry would be alright.
Harry getting angrier with every step he took was so relatable - the snowball effect of anger/rage is truly intimidating! However, I'm really proud of him for throwing away his wand when he felt that it might be a danger to him - good choice! He picked a coping strategy instead, and tried to cope that way. I love the way he felt as if there were no escape - "I need space, I need air..." - all of it clearly showing how trapped he felt in his situation. It's no miracle he ran outside - the inside space was too stifling for his emotional state.
I love the way Albus took care of Harry. Sharing similar experiences/thoughts/emotions helps people bond and understand each other, and it's clearly proven through this interaction of theirs. I also think this conversation might have benefited both of them!
I have to say, though, I think you had a small mistake in the chapter - Harry threw away his wand when he came to Remus and Sirius; he ran away from there and ran into Albus, who took him directly to his chambers. That being said, I think Albus couldn't have confiscated Harry's wand, since Harry didn't have it on himself. Although, I miht have missed aome important detail - I am quite tired after all!
I hope to see some more Severus soon - we haven't seen him for a while. I also can't wait for more Draco - even though I know it would have been too much to have him in both the previous and the current chapter, I couldn't help hoping!
Anyways, thank you for the great chapter, as well as the kind words and time and effort devoted to us here - I really appreciate it - a lot! Have a nice day! You are loved! And thank you once again, for everything - you are amazing!
Urgwaew chapter 27 . 4/4/2022
I'm not as quick as last time, but... Well, I really, really enjoyed this! It was a bit lighthearted compared to the last chapter, but still had some heavy undertones - so realistic!
The reaction to the portkey is one I didn't think of when you said they'd be taking a portkey at the end of last chapter, but now that I've read it, it is so obvious, I don't know how I could have forgotten that! I love the way you had Harry try to cope on his own, and yet ask for help when he saw that he couldn't deal with it alone - it was such a healthy but true moment!
I loved the flying helping Harry de-stress and let loose, as well as the whining about stopping the fun. It was really beautiful, seeing them all interact in such a relaxed manner at least for a while.
I like the questions - did you SH and did you feel like SH-ing. It is a really important part of Harry's recovery, to understand that the feelings are important and count for having trouble, even if they are not realised, and also to accept that he's not at fault for feeling the way he feels. The scene with Moony Da and Dadfoot helping Harry study was also great.
I loved the emergency during Harry's therapy session, for various reasons. First of all it showed that, realistically, emergencies happen, and regular therapy sessions get interrupted or postponed because of it - it was inevitable for Harry to experience the same eventually. Secondly, I like the way Remus trusted Harry when Harry said he was alright and that Remus could go. Finally, I love the fact that the whole situation further proved ti Harry that Remus wouldn't neglect other people beacuse of his needs, which is going ti help him reach out despite thinking that Remus is too busy.
While we're at the subject of Remus/Sirius attending to Harry's needs despite those of other people, I absolutely looooved the memory from Harry's childhood - it was at the same time cute, endearing, a bit funny, and so realistic about children's fears - a bit like your OS from a few weeks ago, I could say.
I liked the Draco-Harry moment in the end - their relationship is really progressing in a slow, believable, not-overbearing way, and I really love that - it gives a special depth to the story. Unfortunately, Draco's words are true more often than not - usually people who care face a great number of challenges themselves. We can only hope that it will get better in the future. Also, it's nice to know tha Draco will be keeping an eye on Harry - I can't wait for the moment when he figures/finds out Harry's situation! Well, I guess I'll have to wait a bit more for that, but anyway...
I'm glad to hear you have a support system in place around you, at least to some extent, and I hope you'll manage to reach out to other people as well - no matter how much you may want ti be alone/deal with things on your own, the best thing to do always is to reach out to others. I hope you'll feel better soon, and I send you lots of love and good vibes!
I would love to write to you in PM, but I'm not really comfortable with enabling PMs in general right now - the fact that I can't control who can write to me doesn't sit well with me, so I keep the option disabled. Unfortunately, it keeps me from communicating with such great people as you are, but... I might change my mind in the future, but for now I will only review - I'm really sorry! I hope you don't take it the wrong way - it's just the way I feel right now, and it has nothing to do with you in particular, of course.
Anyway, thank you for the great chapter, for your devition to this story, for your effort you put into writing it so well (and so fast), anfld for the constant support you give to your readers! You are a truly kind, lovely, wonderful person, which is a rarety these days! I wish you all the best, and remember, you are loved!
LunePrimus chapter 27 . 4/4/2022
Firstly, I want to really thank you again for all of your work and yeah this incredible chapter too! Yesterday I was hurt and went to the ER and I was a bit/totally stressed and anxious so I needed a comfort story. So I read yours and yeah It helped to calm myself so thanks!
About this chapter so so so amazing!
I wondered where the portkey will bring them. And in the last chapter I was Harry won't like Portkey...So I really appreciated that you talk about deeply and wonderfully! PTSD is really something important to talk about! You described really well the panic attack and Remus and Severus were so cute!
About Australia, it is really a good choice! Logical about the winter/summer and thank you for the history part! Well done!
During his panic attack I was so happy that Harry reach for help...too cute and he really is on the healing road! Really enjoy the lovers banter too! I think it really helps Harry to get better! It shows that life goes on! I really like that Remus controls and that it's annoys Siri and Harry but they let him do it so cute. They understand and accept that it is his way of showing his love!
Flying is really great for Harry It is something he adores where he if free and the sky, where there is not any obligations and above all something he can shares with his fathers! So good!
Food is always a Remus thing!
I enjoyed how Remus try to bring a hard discussion so slowly! That is so a therapist thing and a Marauder thing! So that's so Remus!
I really appreciate that you did a second chapter about the fact that he can comes to them anytime and that he is not a bother! That is so important and so hard to believe for Harry!
That's really good that they took examples from the past to make him understand. That shows that nothing has changed, that they still love him no matter what happens and that's so cute! So perfect!
Yeah they have a good communication system between them! That's so good and useful!
Reallybloves that Remus mocks Sirius about him being a teacher...Good revenge for him being mocked for being a therapist!
That Flashback was really great! Good idea to write it as a flashback so cute! And the fear of ghost is really understandable! Especially for a little kid who lives with Muggles! I enjoy the reference of Peeves! Favorite ghost of teh marauders but yeah poor little Harry with him!
I laugh when I see a lost Albus! So cute! And on the contrary it shows that Siius knew what he was doing! Glad that Harry didn't hesitate to ask help when he was 4...After being really shows a survivor! Hope he will ask again! But of course it's harder when older...when it is thinks that we have to solve our problems alone... that needing help is a weakness. I really hope Remus make him and Sev and Dray and Nev and everyone else that it is totally wrong!
Sirius calling him Puppy...So cute and that tells him even more that he Padfoot son! Now that he is a teenager...Pup it easier to accept I think! So really good to found this idea!
Harry being a little teacher assistant so cute! And I see Harry as a teacher for later...I have always seen Harry more as a teacher than an Auror and especially your Harry! So I really really love Harry already in the teaching system ! Remus and Harry were already so cute even at 4! Love that Remus understood his son! Unfortunately it is the same problem...and that is so sad that it is! But that's also totally understandable and more realistic! Life is often lead to go back especially under stress... So I really really like that you made this shows that a teenage Harry who is not anymore the abused shy and lost boy it was at still a boy who was abused shy and lost! So really thank you for that!
I imagine little Harry with the Fat friar. That vision is so cute! He is the nicest and most patient ghost! As the house he represents! I saw you were a Puffy! Glad you make a reference to the honorable Hufflepuff House!
I love that Harry was not ahamed but a little embarrassed to remember this flashback. He accepts his father and the love they share! I laughed when Remy used Harry 2 first names to make him understand and remember! It really works I Know!
Love that Harry was happy enough to race his dad!
I noticed that when you wrote that Remy was proud of changed the subject! Good so it is another thing je has to understand accept and remember! I'm looking forward to see him accept that he deserves all the love of the world!
That was so cute tobsee them study together. It helps to have two teachers as parents! good for him! He is not still ready to accept help but he makes progress and That's the most important thing! Love when Remus say Harry is stubborn because of James and Sirius and not him bit he so is too! I really laughed at that! Harry and Remy teams up against Sirisu were so laughable and cute!
About Harry's session that was so amazing! I loved to see a more fighting Harry. He looks really more as a teenager when he fights a l
Hai chapter 26 . 4/2/2022
So, I've made it to chapter 26! This fanfic/story was literally amazing! People who have to go through this; I'm incredibly sorry about what you're going through. Although I have never been through this, I wish you to get better and hopefully get to the point where you stop self-harming. Again, I haven't been through this but i think it would help to really understand that you have people there for you. Even if you don't them (Me, I'm literally always gonna be here for people when they need it.) I may not be a therapist of any sort but I do know that everybody needs to know that they are loved, cared for, and fought for. The people you need will always love, care, and will never leave or hurt you, they will instead help, nurture, and guide you through what you are going through. I wish you the best of luck to get better (Everybody out there who reads this), to stop y'know, and to be an amazing child, adult, teenager or really anything in general. People care for you, don't hurt yourself. Please. Back to a happier topic, I'm going to be checking on this for any new chapters (P.S. I read all 26 available chapters in two days) because this series, even if I've already said it, THIS IS FREAKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! HOW WILL I EVER FIND ANOTHER FANFIC/STORY LIKE THISSSSSSS? Keep up the good work! You are an amazing, loving, and kind persons (Persons on purpose). Don't let others put you down! Noone can distinguish your light you have kept shining for so long and still up to this moment. :), I'm here if you need to talk to someone. Don't know how you'll reach out to me but whatever-lol. Bai!
LunePrimus chapter 26 . 4/1/2022
So like always thank you for another fantastic chapter!
I really enjoy the theme of your chapter. Thinking our parents are too busy for us may happen to everyone, so thank you for talking about it.
Moreover, if I know one thing in all my life, that is the fear of exams! Fear of disappointing parents teachers ourselves, fear of losing our future and everything. So even if it made me remember a lot of bad times, it was a really interesting and cute chapter!
In Harry's case, feeling like a bother is higher than in other cases so I'm really glad you talk about that. Moreover, it's linked to the fact that he is frustrated with needing help...All of your feelings descriptions were as usual deep and interesting thank you for that!
I laugh at Remus' patient's name, Tom Felton! Was fun and so perfect!
I really really really love Neville in this chapter, too cute and intelligent and loyal and so perfect. Trying to hide Harry's problems was so nice and good to do. He understood what Harry felt, that's so cute and can be due to the fact that he had felt the same. I really want a Neville/Remus session...I would love a session at this time. But it will be also great to read an OS about a session between them before the beginning. I would love that.
A thing you wrote that I love is that Remus is seeing a therapist. That is so much more realistic with his past, but moreover, therapists should (or have to) have a therapist for them! I would of course love Remus need help from his therapist. It is always more fun to see the guy giving help being the one who needs it! And moreover with a stubborn man like Remus. I would really adore this chapter. Or another OS with Remus at the beginning of his journey to accept and ask for help! I would really really really not want anything more in my life!
So thank you again for this chapter about Harry. It was good to see a chapter focused on him and his recovery. It's always good to see you develop the other characters, but Harry is Harry 3 3. And you did really well with Remus as a healer so patient and supportive. Harry was a bit hesitant, but finally, accept that he is loved more than anything else in his parent's hearts! And also that he is important, I hope he will believe in his self-worth. He has to begin by believing he is important to the one he loves and the one who loves him!
I, of course, can't wait to see Severus fall and Remus helps him and see Draco confront his past and grow from it. That's a hard journey too! I forgot in my last review to say that I enjoy that Sirius was kind of biased about Dray. He said that he was worried about Harry because he was with Malfoy in the medical wing. I don't know if he would have been less anxious if Hary was with Ron or another Gryffindor, but it left me this impression. And that's good! Even if I love my Draco and I want him love by everyone, it is totally more logical and realistic if Sirius is still a little doubtful of Slytherins...Less than in canon but not totally think they are equals! Congrats for keeping the characters close to their original personalities. I know that it's hard!
BTW, I don't remember telling you that I love the picture you took for your story. That picture is the only good I found with the three of them on it, so I had it in an old story I wrote too. So yeah good choice!
To conclude, I will say again that it was an amazing chapter in an amazing story. Each time you go deeper into the characters and find another problem that is not the same but linked to. So you succeed in really showing the progress the characters make. You don't repeat yourself and use always the same things, as is sometimes the case in other stories. Or on the contrary, you don't make the characters move on directly if their problems were nothing. You found the perfect balance! Really looking forward to reading the next chapter. Good luck with it and with your new job!
Urgwaew chapter 26 . 4/1/2022
Updated: secs ago. Now if that's not a wonderful feeling, I don't know what is!
Oh God... This was a real hard chapter - stress can often be an even stronger trigger than real grief, guilt or any of the 'more-obvious' feelings. I can totally sympathise with Harry feeling so raw in such a chaotic, high-pressure situation. The way he feels like a burden, and like he's 'stealing' the help Remus can provide from the people who have 'real, serious problems' is so heart-wrenchingly true! He feels like he should be able to handle it all by himself, and when he doesn't manage it feels all that much worse.
I'm really glad he has Neville in his corner - he is such a great friend! Looking out for Harry without ever being overbearing - it might be that he is more compassionate since he himself has some experience in mental health issues, or he's just that type of a person, but such not-overwhealming care is something not many people can show. Also, he made a really difficult choice there - listen to Harry and not contact Remus, or call Remus and risk Harry being upset with him. Obviously, he made the correct choice, but it can't have been easy for him.
Thank you for taking the time to write this chapter - I know you're under a tremendous load of stress right now, and that your time is quite filled with many things you have to do, so I just want you to know that I really appreciate you taking some of your not-so-plentiful free time to give this to us. I also have to say, and forgive me if I'm reading to much into it, but Harry's stress with exams looks similar to your situation with the new job. I hope you're taking really good care of yourself, and, even more importantly, letting other people take care of you. Don't make Harry's mistakes, please - letting someone care for you does not mean you're weak, it means you're brave enough to admit you need help. Thoughts like 'everyone else is coping just fine' are absolutely senseless, since nobody is coping with the same stuff - everyone has their own life story. I really hope you are not feeling as bad as Harry is right now - I hope you're happy and enjoying your new job! However, such a big change, even if it wasn't for all the stress, would be reason to pay extra attention, and I urge you to do so. Remember, you are very loved, and there are so many people who care about you - you just have to let them. I believe in you, and I wish you all the best things in this world - after all, such a beautiful soul like you definitely deserves everything life can give in terms of sunshine and happiness! Stay strong and remember you're loved!
P. S. Thank you for your author's notes in every chapter - you can't possibly imagine how much they mean to me! Every word counts, and if only more people understood that the way you do, this world would be a much, much better place!
Also, sorry for the somewhat shorter review - I'll make up for it in the nest chapter, promise!
LunePrimus chapter 25 . 3/29/2022
That chapter was just perfect! Thank you very much for writing it!
Firstly, I wanted to say that when I read your first line, I could have been afraid. I was just out of the hospital after my day and I read healers and I was "h shit I have enough". But I read it anyway because I'm curious and because I trust you to make something fantastic. And I was so right about that! Thank you very much for this one!
Secondly, congrats on your new job and your diploma. I understand that being a full teacher is a lot of work and take a lot of time. As I said my mom is a teacher and I know how exhausted it can be to want to do the right thing and really help children. So I want to congrats you, I have great respect for teachers and anyone who works in the school system to help children to grow up! I know I wouldn't have been where and how I am today if I didn't meet teachers who helped me a lot!
Concerning the chapter, you said it was about Draco but it was not only about him, and that's so much better.
I enjoy reading about Minerva and Harry, that's good that you write about the animagus thing sometimes, to make your story clearer and more consistent. But that's just not that, it is also fun, and interesting. I appreciate that you make Harry embarrassed. That's so realistic, a teenage boy often forget that adults saw him little! So thanks for this fun moment!
I also liked that Minerva knew about the marauders, that seems so more logical and more Minerva! So good idea!
I was so happy and proud for all of them when Remus and Sirius gave their okay to Harry's wand and him being in dormitories. Because it shows that Harry did a part of his work to get better and that his father worked on themselves to give him back their trust.
About Draco, that was just perfect. I love that you made him alone (My poor Dray I love you!). I love what you said about is friends. I think the same about Crabbe and Goyle, and yeah Blaise can be his friend! So yeah I totally agree with you!
I enjoy what you say about his work, I have always seen him as a serious student, who work hard to succeed. He is ambitious and that's why he is in Slytherin. Contrary to Hermione who works, reads a lot, but you know just because she likes it, and to be different. And that's good but that's why she is different from Draco and Luna. And I'm closer to them than to her. I love learning but not being a know-it-all. So I really like Draco's introspection you wrote.
I'm in love with the fact that you forced Hogwarts students to see Remus in 1st 3rd 5th and 7th years. That is logical and good for the children. Moreover, it will be so interesting to your story! I really look forward to reading about those sessions. I read a lot of fanfics with a medical exam necessary for the first year, and I love that idea every time I read about it. But you went above and beyond and that's so much better!
I loved that you made Draco shy about going to see Madame Pomfrey. BTW so happy to see her! Because I really think that the confident boy is just a Malfoy mask that he is forced to put on because of his father. But now that he questions himself and his heritage, he is so lost. And that's a good way to show him a bit lost not sure of himself, so happy to see him that way!
I loved that Harry forced him to go to the medical wing and that Draco trust him enough to follow him. I really like your chapter because there is a real evolution between the beginning and the end of their relationship. You work on that and the result is so well! Thank you for your work!
I really appreciate that you show that they have the same problem. They were poor boys alone and lost. The consequences were not the same, but they were boys who didn't have a choice in their path to follow, who were asked to do things children shouldn't even think about. Thank you for making them realise that. I think another one who has the problem to be expected to be someone is Neville with his "strict" grandma. It could be interesting to see the three work on that! With Remus's help maybe!
I really enjoy that Poopy was not thinking of Malfoy as a bad person, at first she may have been surprised but it evolved and she was even proud. Because that's another thing about being a doctor that you didn't put in Draco's "interview" ;) that doctors shouldn't be judgmental, they have to help every people asking for them. I really know that is not always easy but it is, so glad that you wrote her like that.
I really enjoy what I call the "Draco interview", you wrote the right question, and I love that you put personality questions before the technical ones. Because being a healer is firstly a new personality that we have to take, it is really an adaptation, that's maybe why the studies are so long!;)
Anyway, with this chapter you make me even prouder to be a doctor, than I was this morning so thank you for that! Each time I will doubt myself and my career path I will come back to your story!
The other thing, I think being a healer is also you know conducting an investigation, and I see Drago loving researching and discovering the solution.
Even if your chapter was already perfect, you make him more perfect than he was with your ending!
I was interested in Remus Sirius and Harry's discussion. Because like I said it was not so easy to let Harry go I think. The major wish of good parents is to have their children safe. Often safe equals with them under their wings. And that's why adolescence is so hard because it is a new equilibrium to find. Parents like teenagers have to adapt and that's sooooooooo hard! But in Harry's case, that's even harder, because the danger is not only others but even Harry himself. So another new equilibrium is to find. And when it happens so suddenly, that's parents have to adapt briskly and don't have to really think about it. But to let his child go again is so harder! Remus and Sirius were not so ready for that, they didn't really trust him again. But they want to and that's something. I want to thank you very much for showing that, those situations don't change the victim alone but every person close to her. That is often forgotten, so thank you for reminding that!
And at Harry's place, I will be angry to have been embarrassed and to have the feeling to be back at square one, may be frustrated too. But he is not, and that's very mature of him!
More than Sirius is ! ;) Really loved that sentence from Remus!
So Thank you very much for this story and this chapter, it gave me back my smile! And congrats for the hard work you put into this story in addition to your real work!
Have a good afternoon!
Urgwaew chapter 25 . 3/29/2022
Wow, congratulations once again on the wonderful job! I'm sure the kids are going to absolutely LOVE you, with you being so kind and generous! I really envy those children for having such a wonderful teacher, who is sure to really understand them and treat them with all the love and kindness in the world.
At the same time, please take care of yourself - starting a new job is a really stressful thing, and you ahould pay extra attention to your needs now. Take the rest you need when you need it - remember that it's not a sign of weakness to treat yourself with gentleness and care. I really wish you all the best, and I hope that you're feeling happy with the job you have now. At least, know that I support you and believe in you and your capability to do that job in a really great way!
Now, for the chapter, I can say that I really loved it! I think it's great that you're making Sirius and Remus trust Harry more, with giving him his wand back. I know he's not yet completely safe with it, but he never will be if he doesn't get the chance - plainly said, it was the time to ease him back into it, and I'm glad you're doing it! And I know that Harry is too!
I absolutely ADORED the scene with Draco - it's so nice to see them interact! (well, I might be biased, since I really liked their relationship, but I believe everyone else would love it as well). I love the way you're turning him into a healer, as well as the fact that he is turning away from Lucius's beliefs - especially with the comment that 'Granger isn't necessarily bad'.
I loved Poppy giving Draco a chance - I hate it when people make her prejudiced, since I don't see her that way, and you really did her well - a bit suspicious in the first moment, carefully checking Draco (in a non biased way), and then treating him as she would any other student - absolutely magnificent!
The scene with Sirius was wonderful! I mean, I don't really like his reaction, but I believe he couldn't have acted in a different way - after all, it's the first time they have let Harry carry his wand alone, and they were bound to worry. I was impressed by Harry's reaction - after the tantrum he threw in the last chapter, this was extremely mature. If nothing, I know I would have thrown a fit in a similar situation, so I think he was really great!
Well, I think I might break a record for review length one of these times (good inspiration makes me write a lot)... Anyway, I wish you a great day, remember that you are very loved, and that you are a wonderful person who has so much beauty to offer to the whole world. Remember that there are people, including me, who believe in you, and make good choices and take care of yourself! I wish you all the best, and, when you have the time (please don't stress yourself over it), I'll be looking forward to a new chapter!
James Birdsong chapter 25 . 3/29/2022
Good two chapters
saterry526 chapter 25 . 3/29/2022
Great job on this - learning to trust again after some scary situations. And congratulations on graduating and getting a teaching job! I am a retired high school science teacher!
Urgwaew chapter 24 . 3/24/2022
I just loooooved this chapter! There was a lot less action than in some of the previous ones, and yet it maintained the same quality - a truly admirable feat! Congratulations!
I liked the way Harry felt better now, despite how difficult it was for him to acknowledge the fact that he is doing well. It was so realistic - even with having refrained from SH he still felt like he had failed a bit, and I'm glad that he had Dadfoot and Moony Da to set him straight!
I loved the trust Harry showed Sirius in letting him stay for his therapy session - even though we all knew how much Harry loves both Sirius and Remus, it took real courage and strength to let him stay! Good job, Harry - we are so proud of you!
I love the way you're leaning towards a non-Auror Harry. It would be really bad for him to become an Auror, what with the mental pressure such a job exerts - even though he might be able to pull it off, ultimately, I think he wouldn't be happy at all, and that would be a real shame.
I also liked the 'moody teenager' act - it was a real refreshment. However, I'm not sure if Remus should be so quick to define it as teeenage hormones - after all, irritability is also one if the symptoms of depression. I really hope that Remus is right, but I would keep my eyes open, just in case.
Now, I might be completely wrong, but I kind of question the benefits of Harry taking so many naps - even though I know that he is quite worn out by his emotions, I wonder if maybe he should try to deal with them through some physical activity, at least some of the time. But then again, maybe I'm not right - after all, resolving irritability, for example, through physical activity, could have been counterproductive, so it may be that he really had to nap so much. Anyway, don't take this for criticism - I'm just rambling on, without any true, firm knowledge:)
Anyway, to sum it up, I really enjoyed this chapter. It was heartwarming, and yet at the same time thought-provoking, which made it a real treat! Thank you for the effort you put into this, and congratulations on the result!
Finally, congratulations on your new job! I really hope it makes you happy, and that you feel good going to work and doing your job! I'm so proud of you for making the effort to start something new in your kife, and I'm really rooting for it to turn out well. Don't worry about a slightly longer wait - both the chapter and your comfort/prevention of too much stress were absolutely worth it! The most important thing is for you to feel good while writing this story because, after all, this is your hobby, and it should be fun! Anyway, keep going forward in your life, make good choices for yourself, and always remember that you are very, very loved, and that many, many people care about you a lot! Have a nice day, and, well, when you post the next chapter, my face will be split by one more ear-to-ear smile!
P.S. Thanks for calling me and LunePrimus the best reviewers, but you should really congratulate yourself - I'm not sure, but I think that yours is the first story ever that I have reviewed more than once, and there is a real good reason for that!
LunePrimus chapter 24 . 3/24/2022
That was another fantastic chapter! I love when there are other characters but I also adore when your chapter is Remus Harry and Sirius centred. I like going deep into their characters so thanks for that!
I really love their family dynamic! Sirius the morning is always so cute! Sirius stays for Harry's session so relevant and interesting to show him that he is not less important.
I laugh and really enjoy Remus turning into Healer Lupin with his husband that was so cute.
Remus and Sirius wanted to know more about him and Ginny so fun and realistic. Poor Remus to restrain himself!
I really adore the end of the DA, Neville, and especially Luna was so cute! And Luna is so right! It is so true that he looks like Remus, it is so cute! I agreed with you when you made harry hesitate about his future, and not really want to be an Auror. It has always seemed strange to me that Harry wanted to become an Auror. He disliked celebrity and had enough after fighting Voldy. But I think he became an Auror, because of James and Sirius, and a bit because of Ron. So in your story, it will be more logical that he won't be an Auror. I love reading about Harry as a teacher, I think it sounds really good with his personality. And as he couldn't really enjoy his Hogwarts year as a student, he could enjoy them later. So yeah I'm for Harry as a teacher or something about!
About the subject of your chapter and that Harry stay a teenager. That was a very very very good idea! Because it is the truth, fighting his brain doesn't stop him to grow up! I think it was hard to write about because a teenager is so complicated! About teenage years, I always remember my psychology teacher who said that a teenager is someone who wants to manage his life alone, but needs help from adults and doesn't want to admit this need to his parents and even to himself. So it is really a period of being lost. So congrats to you for not being lost in your chapter. You did really well!
Moreover, the contrast between the beginning of your chapter and his end is really interesting, and show us how a teenage boy can evolve in a short period;
You're completely right about him showing his teenage tendencies are a good thing! It shows that Harry is more than his fight with self-harm.
I really enjoy this chapter that shows us a Harry more fighting, for now against his fathers but it may be the being of a greater fight against his brain. BTW, you did very well with him being angry with his dads but accepting the help giving. That was great to see Harry succeed to compartmentalize! I would love to see more of Harry being aggressive or at his breaking point. It will be very logical for him to fight more because every teenager finds it complicated to have parents behind their backs, and for him, it is all day!
Concerning peter, yeah I don't really care about him, and if he doesn't exist that's good!
Concerning Draco, it will be so good to see him work with Remus or see him more with Severus. I really think you can develop his mind too. Because as you wrote in the last chapter, he has to relearn everything. And that's hard! Moreover, he is angry and disappointed with the person he was before. In te the last chapter he was even a bit derogatory about himself, and you can go deeper in that I think. Anyway, I would love that. I understand if you don't want to develop him too much in the story, to not lose your readers. It is as you want. And anyway you can write to him in an OS. I would really love the one about a conversation between Sev and Him that you mention in your story! I really love your OS BTW, I le you a review, I don't know if you saw it!
To conclude this, yes I really really always like your last sentences, and this one is so perfect, it is the description of life! And Remus saying that is so close to his personality so true, so cute, so perfect!
LunePrimus chapter 23 . 3/22/2022
That was just so amazing! I really love love love this one! It is one, if not, my favourite chapter your fanfic!
You did really great with this chapter! Harry who feels the urge for "no" reasons, was so genuine, the addiction is here! So thanks for that!
Harry reaching out to Sev was so cute and perfect! I really enjoyed reading Sev in this Chapter with Dray Harry and Remus.
Harry and Draco were so adorable! Thank you for that! You did really well with not making them best friends too soon, but yeah discussing together and making a "truce". Well done!
I really loved that Remus was a lot in this and with Harry just a perfect moment to read! Art therapy is such a good idea for you to write here and for Remus to help Harry!
Sirius was also so cute and with Minnie, there can't be more cuteness!
I really enjoy that you make her Harry's grandmother but also Remus' and Sirius' mom. I would love a lost Sirius or lost Remus asking advice to her as a son do this to his mom!
BTW the flashback was great, a good idea to bring fun in a complicated chapter. It is why your story is so amazing because it is equilibrated between fun and complicated moments, as life is!
It allows us to see young Sirius and Remus, James alive and Peter. I don't know what you make of Peter, but I don't really care about him ;)!
Drago wanted to become a healer is so perfect, I like him as a doctor, and it is the best job ever! (I'm totally impartial!), and no I think teacher is the most beautiful job in the world, the one we need the most! (My mom is one, I really am biased!) I would love to see him learn with Pomfrey and why not with Remy it will be so cute to see because Remus will teach him a lot and help him heal too! That would be incredible!
Severus seeing through Harry was so Slytherin it was perfect! and calling Remus was the best thing to do! Harry giving his poison to Dray was just so nice and so Hary!
You did really go with Harry and Remus, it is hard to write to a teenager because they are so complicated ! You succeed to write an embarrassed Harry, but a crying Harry! Kudos for that! I like how you keep Remus to be hesitating between father or healer and actually doing both! Minerva being fun and stern at the same time, that was really her character, and how a mom would act so perfect!
Board games are a very good idea too, and that is so a Remus one!
I keep looking forward to reading the rest of your story, each time with a new wish!
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