Reviews for Mors Vincit Omnia
BeeMoo15 chapter 10 . 6/23
I’m so sorry for the later review! I disappeared for a while, and am trying to catch back up-

But anyway: I love how you wrote Clem here! She was just as delusional and broken and unstable as I had hoped. The way she killed her allies, the little sprinkles of her home life, everything was done wonderfully. I especially love how you tied her and Farasha!

Speaking of Farasha, she is certainly very interesting. Her running away at the last moment with Clem was well done, and her interactions with her previous two allies were engaging to read. I’m very interested, and cannot wait to learn more about her.
dyloccupy chapter 17 . 6/12
love getting reintroduced to these traumatized kids!

aranza deserves all the dresses and candies ever. point blank.

that is all! can’t wait to see what other shenanigans have been going on!
Remus98 chapter 11 . 6/11
District Two!

I’ve already shared a lot of my thoughts on this chapter in our DMs, back when I first read it. For the purpose of this review, however, I will try to condense those excited ramblings into something coherent. Let’s see if I succeed.

Sander: My baby. I remember being fully enraptured by his arc back in… November ?! (holy shit it’s been a while)… but I have to say that the journey was just as thrilling the second time around. Every section kept me on the edge of my seat both times. The fights, the deaths, the betrayals. And BITCH, this was the betrayal of betrayals. I know you like to say it’s my fault, that you and Levi’s submitter just went along with my idea, but I’m going to blame you at least a little bit. I don’t remember things hurting as much in the form as it does in your prose. Anyway. We got some fun little nuggets out of it — cute baby scar, some angsty tattoos, and a messed up friendship. Thank you for taking my creation and doing him the justice he deserves. I cannot think of better hands in which to have placed such a delicate crybaby.

Levi: the boy I love as much as I hate. It would be impossible not to have immense affection for him, considering how much he’s meant for Sander, but a part of me can’t help but resent him for what he did. Look, I get it. He’s an impressionable teen, he’s in a stressed situation and he’s being told that he’s going to be stabbed in the back from a “reliable” source (I'm not bitter at all, not one bit). It’s not his fault that Erryn is convincing okay. Still, I am a biased father, and if you slight my kid, I will never let you off the hook. Never might be an exaggeration, but I probably won’t be able to trust him fully, and I hope Sander doesn’t either. For things to go full circle though, they have to continue some sort of relationship in the pre-games, and I’m curious to see what approach you will end up taking with that. Very curious :eyes:

There’s so many things that could be said, but I think I got all the major beats.

Love this, love them. Perfection.
Remus98 chapter 10 . 6/10
District Eleven!

Farasha: I ended up liking her way more than I expected I would. I’m not sure if my surprise stems from an instinct to not get attached to younger tributes (seeing as they are surefire bloodbaths in many a SYOT), or because of opinions I’ve seen in passing on Discord, but Asha is very appealing to me. Not in the sense that I always agree with her decisions, but in the sense that I can clearly see where she’s coming from. I can empathize with not feeling good enough for people, and could perhaps see her void of emotions as a defense mechanism? It makes sense to me — turning off one’s emotions means that you can’t be hurt by other’s disappointment. Her pets back home shows that she does indeed have capacity to love, whether that’s other humans or not. Let's be honest though, anyone who was forced to put up with Ixora-and-Poppy for days on end would eventually lose faith in humanity. Come on now. A bit shady of me perhaps, but am I wrong? I think not.

Clementine: another fascinating character, but for very different reasons than Asha. I don’t know if I would call her entitled per se, but Clem definitely has some issues concerning anger, and she likes to take that anger out on others. It seems to me like that becomes an issue every time she thinks someone is not “on her side,” which I see becoming a problem in the pre-games. Attracting allies will be difficult if nobody’s allowed to have differing opinion on anything. That’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s the vibe I was getting a lot of the time. And I certainly don’t see Asha wanting to keep her company after how Clem treated her at the end. It’s going to be interesting to see how things proceed for her either way. Though she’s far from my favorite, I’m actually very excited to see Clem’s antics in an out of arena setting.

A very… explosive… pairing, let’s say. I’m all :eyes:

My boy's up next! Can't wait :D
Remus98 chapter 9 . 6/10
District Eight!

Milan: he’s rather clever, isn’t he? I was thoroughly impressed by his creativity throughout the chapter, from the escalator trap to the elevator modifications. Huge credits goes out to Dorian as well, of course, who showed just as much ingenuity as Milan. They made such a good team, finding ways to get rid of the competition without having to spill a lot of blood themselves. It’s kinda sad that Dorian got killed before the finale considering how much work he put in, especially seeing as him and Milan would be a huge threat if they worked together in the final games, but can you really blame Aranza for making use of an opportunity that literally ran into her? No. No, I think not. Even without Dorian, I am very excited to see how Milan manages to make use of the arena when he goes back in. He’s a stand-out for sure!

Aranza: what an absolute queen. As impressed as I was by Milan’s creations, I might be even more impressed by how perfectly Aranza’s wishes came to fruition. I’m not quite sure how she did it, because there were a lot of hurdles on the way, but the games somehow ended on a note that felt very much in line with her plans. Perhaps not her initial plan, with Venecia exposing her true intent halfway through the games, but a plan nonetheless. She reminds me a little bit of Jordyn in that since. She’s also someone who started off using manipulation to advance, but managed to find success in her own merits towards the end. Also super fun to see Aranza team up with Milan for the finale, as that might be a taste of what we’ll get later on if they end up allying. Overall a very solid duo who I am looking forward to seeing more of soon!

A very fun arena, this one. I enjoyed that their outfits consisted of dresses and slacks - that was an awesome twist (pun intended) I did not see coming! The mall setting was utilized in an amazing fashion (pun intended again) as well!

Until next time!
goldie031 chapter 13 . 6/9
OK hi momo im so sorry ive been so behind on this fic and its not gonna get better with camp but i think it will work ok if i do one review now for intros and then do some sort of big pregame retrospective when i get home from the summer. But I want to give you thoughts on the kids bc it's such a good cast even if there r not many.

I think d8 might be one of my favorites overall. i really like Milan; I think it's so neat when you have a kid that plays in some way into the meta aspects of an SYOT. He just played the games so cleverly even if it was somewhat cruel, which i can't imagine what that will do to his psyche but it was hella fun to watch. i think Aranza was fun in another way - it was kinda neat to see her scramble when none of her plans worked and i love how her ally just saw through her but Aranza managed to pick up. I think there's a lot of neat similarities between the two of them, actually, in terms of their ambition and how their minds work. i can't wait to see them in the arena i think its gonna be really freaking neat.

D11 is definitely one of the calmer districts, and i dont have super strong feelings about either of them but i do like them well enough. i think it's always interesting to deal with the fallout of a crumbling alliance so it's very fitting that the two of them landed together. can't say i think either will do well in the long run but they'll sure to be interesting in the end. also linds farasha is gonta but harsher.

oooh i was waiting for a pair of kids where they'd be working together and sander and levi did not disappoint. the way you depicted their ebb and flow here was so neat, and erryn's role in the whole thing was just chef's kiss. it was just such a great setup - and putting rem's kid in the arena with wolves was also great. I'm very curious to see what happens to them in the next stretch because either they have a chance of making up or the gulf is just gonna grow bigger.

now this is a pair. is this the first district where neither really had allies? it might be. robbie is an interesting one - i liked his backstory and the way he comes to grapple with it in the arena. and hawke... god this just doesnt feel like a joe kid somehow. he's so *harsh* and *jaded* and *fascinating.* i love the name hawke for a pilot i think that's super fitting and i think it's so neat that this is how a gun came into play. and also just... ack this arena was creepy. id say these two also are more neutrals than likes for me but im excited to see more of them :eyes:

and finally d5! i have to say. as i was reading the first section or 2 of zoya i was like "idk he doesnt seem quite as dumb as everyone says he is" and then he pushed enna and then he exploded the reactor and yeah he's not so smart at all. i do think he'll be fun and i kinda doubt he's gonna die in the bb but past that idk we'll have to see. meanwhile KAI MY GOSH I LOVE HIS CONCEPT SO MUCH. the thought of someone who everyone was writing off suddenly coming out with all that he had left was so good, and the cancer reveal midway through the chapter was perfect. (side note i do hate that i just used that phrase but idek what else to say) god i am so excited to see kai in the games because i have a feeling this is not going to be an easy death by any means. i dont think youre gonna cure him but i feel like kai has fight in him - and man did he get lucky that d5's games were in december.

all in all i really adored these intros i know it was a lot of writing but they did such a great job of capturing and showing off the kids. i feel like i know them better than most casts ever - and what i think also makes this such a good call is that like, the kids that enter the second games are not the second ones that enter the first games, yanno? so its nice to see how they get from point a to point b rather than just focusing on their point a. i am so excited to see what happens in this fic as we go forward through the pregames! truly wonderful work.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 16 . 6/3
this chapter where nobody had sex was great
ladyqueerfoot chapter 14 . 5/31
i didn't lie im here again!

we are back with lesbianism, thank god - missed these crazy girlies

elide said you can't sit with us and then theora said okay but i will still take notes anyways like a whore. i'm curious as to why elide suddenly changed her mind and wants theora on the team. well, other than because she's a raging lesbian, that is.

i am glad my girlie theora will be in the control room tho. ig its gotta be all hands on deck for the final games tee hee. i'm sure yeah elide is tired its been a long long year for her.

curious where you're going to go with these two, i sorta adore them.

good shit, see ya friday
Alice Kingsleigh chapter 13 . 5/28
Hi it’s me, Z

I have a friendly request. Under no circumstances let Zoya win. Thanks.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/28
I'm that very asshole Linds, thank you very much
Zoya for Victor btw
ladyqueerfoot chapter 13 . 5/27
what a great fucking way to end the first games

these boys are fuking insane, i adore him.

ida, ur rude for kai's concept btw... what the fuck. he is so fucked, but at least he won't have cancer when he's dead? maybe the radiation killed his old cancer and replaced it with new cancer. him and zeph were fucking precious, so that was rude too. honestly? this whole thing was unfair

ZOYA WHAT THE FUCK! god just what... he is so fucking stupid. he said time to go swimming oh no it didnt work i guess i'll nuke the entire arena. as dumb as he is, its lowkey impossible not to love zoya tho because ur voice for him was just so fucking funny. i have no choice but to adore this idiot, who like kai, is very much fucked.

alright done with the first games momo u popped off and gave us such a fun foundation for the rest of this fic, like look at us, already obsessed with the entire fucking cast? fucking wild of u.

because this is ur 69th review, i won't review the next one until somebody else drops a review first because i dont wanna be the asshole that ruins the magic number.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 12 . 5/27
hawke is fucking psychotic but at least he's sexy. the way he's just so survival oriented and cutthroat without taking any unceccesary risks is incredibly sexy to me, and he for sure has the potential to go far in the main games. im curious if he'll go solo again. like it def worked the first time but i feel like the main games will have a few large alliances so it'd be sensical if he picked up an ally, maybe casia?

robbie, i feel really bad for. he's delusional asf, but the fact it all stems from his need for a family is just heartbreaking. i sincerely home he finds like a found family in the second games, even if it'll break my heart
ladyqueerfoot chapter 11 . 5/27
doing a brief catchup moment ig!

i really did adore these two and their relationship before erryn said fuck you and made everything to to shit. honestly? she's the real victor here. like yeah she died, but these two will never be the same thanks to her so claps to her.

i miss when levi and sander were friends lol. they could've taken over the second games together as kings but alas. i really did enjoy both of them, while sander appeared softer at first, he's clearly able to go batshit when he needs to, so i will be waiting for more of that. levi is a chaotic rat bastard, but like that's always fun so i adore him too
ladyqueerfoot chapter 15 . 5/27
fuck you what the fuck is ur problem

SO MEAN TO RAVI! SO SO SO MEAN TO RAVI! god i adore that kid but u were very mean :(

AND MEAN TO VADRIC... at least they have therapy and weston, but at what cost. they deserve sm better im sad

sloane also deserves better my glorious wife who i love so much! her and talos fam makes me very sad she as a whole makes me very sad i want her to be happy that won't happen i adore her

admittedly i skimmed over parts amani's pov because it was upsetting me, but good lord he too is so sad i feel bad for him thinking everything is his fault

i'd say im excited for the next chapter but im not x
sock-feet-and-stirring-sand chapter 14 . 5/26
A lovely way to close out the first section of this fic, with interesting implications for the story ahead. As always, I'm here for the gays and the gays only. Ty for your twistedfanservice.

Loved the blog, especially the statistics section!

See you mañana for our intros :):)
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