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kwezi chapter 59 . 4/4
dyloccupy chapter 59 . 3/4
so like did the families get to customize the coffins?
ladyqueerfoot chapter 59 . 3/4
* “All things considered, being alive is not so bad
* Theora can't say Ravi Fusain thinks the same, but that's really none of her business any longer.” LMAOOOOOOO the laugh i laughed yeah very fair poor ravi
* make ravi normal challenge level impossible
* tbh what would he even say at this point
* poor guy is so out of it
* right bc there's another hunger games in like 5 months! loller
* that’s… poor guy
* this is so so much
* not even a week
* yeahhhh he will not be fine at all
* bitch RAN off stage
* and it will only get worse :D
* “how do you possibly tell someone the hell they're going through is not yet ending?” us confronting erik a few weeks ago
* hey! d12 is OUR shithole now cmon in monarchia verse we love d12
* things will change thats such a good observation!

* i cant imagine the escort has anything nice to say
* “There was no hope for any of these backwoods abominations they called Twelve’s.” yeah i was right
* ravi just dipped… so true and real of him
* this is so so fast
* it hasn’t even been a week and ravi on tour
* ofc they aren’t invited LOL
* ravi with a coffin is so dreadful this poor guy
* ah and now its time for district nine! this surely will go well!
* ISAURA UR SO STINKUYYYYY let my man ravi cook so what if he wants to leave the kitchen
* not cassia’s too-big-fucking family WAHAHAH this is so Awkward
* aye ravi’s first words on page! and they’re just about as miserable as i expected

* hello old man
* i assume astrid is a d7 mentor?
* poor vesrin avacado has seen too much
* cool astrid is in a mental illness dynasty!
* see even vesrin believes in #tovawins
* nah im happy for u ravioli but sad this is now your wife
* he’s toucjhing his ear pushing back his hair flirtatiously nice work babygirl
* fucking casia devoured w that
* oh well! put him in surgery! classic ravi!
* oh no… d6 time
* ravi really did do that easily weston didnt have a chance he was doomed by the narrative
* the rocks took him!
* for once i am grateful for the ops
* dont worry we cant find him
* yeah this is so so… such an awkward situation
* so many people died! haha fuck

* congrats on not dying sabrina
* would’ve been fucked up to do that in front of ravi
* i love that ur old victors still have games related sadness thats very makes sense these people have to be traumatized forever huh
* ah this is where the snippet is from! fuck!
* poor fucking ravi he is just :standing_man:
* cress is a real one for this!
* they’re just yeeting my man off the stage probably for the best
* poor boy ;-; i just WAHH
* let him have a beach episode LMAO
* im glad this isnt as bad as it could be - kai’s family at least

* hi mommy
* shes like ughhh its so hard being sooo sexy and desired by all
* real of her
* “Catriona could enable them to forget the year-long horror that had been inflicted upon them and the living, permanent reminder of it that moved through the room like a ghost.” ahaha withered
* quite the party indeed
* this is so so awkward
* worst party ever dare i say
* YO YEAH this is true if weston was here they’d be like yay killing almost 300 kids! lets do it again! but now they have to face the consquences aw yeah
* yeahhh things do be changing
* “History is written by the victors, after all.” CRAZY LINE! SO CRAZY!

this was good! i am miserable! an made me sappy. i love you i am glad you wrote this even thru the hardships.

ur the best! i love ravi!
SYOT Verses Discord chapter 55 . 2/19
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Chapter 1

When Ilan killed himself - linds

Chapter 55

ilan's... :withered: momo is an evil genius - erik

Both Ilan and Sloane dying with smiles on their faces ;_; dont talk to me - nell

casia killing sloane. and sloane's smile. gosh that was such a moment tm for casia and i am so excited to see what she does with it - goldie

Amani's POV of Ilan's suicide /3 - epilson

Chapter 56

Amani VS Tova's fight and them killing each other - epilson

Amani going just as ham on tova as tova was on Amani - goldie


Chapter 57

Head in hands. Uhm. Casia. Everything. Vadric’s dying wish being to haunt Weston. Fucking… Ravi.. god - nell

Chapter 59

Weston's POV but also the end and the cliffhanger - epsilon
dyloccupy chapter 58 . 2/6
welcome to the circus xoxo
ladyqueerfoot chapter 58 . 2/5
okay so i typed out a longass thing about the fic as a whole earlier today but i’m gonna talk abt this chapter first ehehe ~

elide: YEAHHH makes sense that she believes she’s about to die LOL if i didn’t know she survived i’d think so too. IS IT? lol. NO PROGRESS SHEESHHH she’s really phoning it in. catriona is so sexy rn. OH nooo ofc wes is who they want yeahhh it is up to her ummm… okay yay she is fine with ravi thank u cat. OH SHIT! they found one!

kosta: this office is trying so hard i feel so bad. HALF A DAY is crazy. yeah at this rate one will die of natural causes. YEAHH he is risen (idk who he is) OHHH ITS RAVI? LETS GO RAVI NATION! WOOO! oh wes too? damn bitch is lost. oh maybe he’s not alive oh no ravi pull thru ravi plsss.

aldon: HIIIII GAYASS! i mean u dont know ur gay yet ahah. poor dude is so worried. is it a boy? is it a girl? NAH ITS RAVI BITCH! ofc he is not doing well poor guy. schrodinger’s ravi lol. cute d12 besties.. OH ITS EIRA’S SSTER OH NOOO this is horrible. YEAHH WHOS IT GONNA BE ! LETS FUCKING GO ITS RAVI! HE IS RISEN! what now yeah thats the million dollar question isn't it. HES COMING HOME WAHOO

cress: omg will we see the boy! her and nico waiting is so so awkward. okay lets inspect the goods. must’ve been hell waiting like that sheesh. YEAH HES ALIVE! pls heal him pls pls pls. i wanna see ravi pls pls pls yeah he’s bad but he will hEAL! i trust him. team d12 is iconic btw i love them. OH SHEESH MY BOY LOOKS LIKE HELL… pls heal him fast i miss him. HE DO BE GOING HOME THO!

WAHHAHAH THAT WAS A GREAT CHAPTER SO TENSE AND ALSO... lol i knew ravi was winning for a year. love u erik.

x x x

here is the part i wrote earlier today

aha, we have arrived at the end of the story (almost) and it is time for me to leave my long ass review that is actually formal because i must pay my due diligence to one of my favorite stories on this website.

i know i said this about to coda and all that and how dreadful it was for me to say goodbye to that gang, but like this dread is 1000x worth because they’re legit all dead. okay its a different dread maybe that’s the better word but yeah, it is quite sad everybody is dead except ravi (yay ravi!) idk maybe it’s something abt you that just makes fics where i have no choice but to be so incredibly attached to them. ur good at what you do like that.

n e wayz… no idea how to format this so i won’t even try, let’s get into it!

i want to start with the man of the hour, mr. ravi fussain first and foremost. i know i said june 2022 that i thought he was gonna win and then u told me i think december 2022 that im right, but like i still loved his arc and him and just ahhh RAVIIII he has so much he needs to recover from and i know his epilogue will hurt like a bitch but i really really am obsessed with this character. he is truly the perfect victor for this fic - an undertaker being the only one to survive a mass slaughtering, fucking genius. and it’s not even just ravi’s profession which is the crazy part. he just… is the embodiment of death and him being granted life is so twisted (lol) yet beautiful and like him slowly becoming more and more infected by death in the arena and losing his sense of humanity… so beautiful! so good! so ravi! i loved his arc with kai and zoya and how kind he was to them and how he’ll now just be remembered as the one who killed them… so cruel and idk i just love how ravi is now known for his choices in the arena and what not and not who he is because he is truly a good person even if he doesn’t believe it. like i could not be more ecstatic that ravi is alive, even if he is not pleased. he’s also probably so lackluster in the eyes of capitolites bc he’s not showy at all and like he’s hardly a spectacle and actually so so miserable. it’s such a fitting end to this helluva games i don’t know how to properly express just how much i love ravi and i will probs ramble more during his epilogue

okay second i will talk about my dearest ilan, because yes he is dear to me even if i call him stinky. i truly coped so hard over him for the past year and a half but even then, his death made me so sad. like him dying is good he needed to die, but just it was so beautifully written and i’m so glad he got to say goodbye to vitali (or hello tbh) and how vitali was like dw i’ll always be in ur head rent free… just so beautiful. he got to go outside and just that moment was so sweet. also amani trying to save him but ilan being like “no you know what its like to want to die, let me do what i want or whatever” ugh so gut wrenching but so great for amani’s character, loved that guy. ilan and amani’s relationship towards the end was sweet but it obviously doesn’t compare to him and sanne! ughhh so beloveds. i knew when sanne died ilan would lose his shit (which he did) and i just ;-; babies they are so important. they so badly needed a friend and they found each other and i just… platonic soulmates. so so important. sanne was so babygirl too, accidentally killed 8 people and killed one on purpose. idk she was iconic i loved her she was so sweet. and just…. ilan really needed such unconditional kindness from somebody that a) is real and b) is not his parent. sanne was so perfect im so glad they found each other. i just love ilan so much and you truly wrote him more perfectly than i ever could’ve imagined. thank you so much for him!

next i will just talk about other characters/groups i really really liked

tova/aranza/mads: okay i mainly liked tova and ranzie but like they were a unit so i will speak about them as if they are one. i love yuri nightmares you were so real for this one momo. like gawd tova killing the fuck out of mads but them both being so touch starved and pathetic that they started sleeping together? and then aranza decided to play tova like a fiddle which was so so iconic and just… i’m sort of in awe of the energy you cultivated in the studio. dyl was absolutely iconic in having his victor be followed up with one of the baddest bitches of all time who’s also destined to die. we all knew it’d happen but god the way it did was so iconic. miserable and painful yeah? but like… so incredibly iconic of her. everything about tova emerging from her relationships with those two was sort of horrific in the best way possible. she was unapologetically a horrible person and that made her the best kinda villain (even if she didn’t realize she was sorta fucked up). like she really was that bitch and she did deserve to get disembowled but like… idk before that she slayed really really hard

sloane/casia: and like i guess robbie too but idk he was a paranoid nerd even tho i liked him at the beginning. sloane and casia killing him was my favorite crestonian moment yay for gay pride. i never would’ve put sloane and casia together in my head but it makes so so so much sense so like ur brain is hella massive for that one. sloane gets another smol to adopt but this time it has to kill her instead of the other way around. so perfect, so full circle. sloane was such a real one consistently and idk i loved watching her open up and be there for casia. because WAHH casia can feel emotions apparently! good for her! i think she was surprised too. like u, i’m usually in the fuck them kids camp when it comes to reading and writing but casia just knocked my socks off dude. she was the coolest and she went down fighting which was just so great and she hella deserved better i agree because she was just so epic and she said the fuck word and i loved her and how you made her grow.

i think i will also talk about kai and zoya because like ravi (loml) aside, they were great. they obvi had a rocky start but like it really is a feat when you get zoya of all people to start giving a fuck. i know i gaslit erik into thinking zoya was gonna win like hours before ravi killed him, but like i was lowkey spitting facts. my guy grew a lot over the corse of the fic and i found myself oddly proud of him? like wow you are almost well adjusted idk him caring about kai just really did something for my heartstrings yanno? and then kai himself was obviously also great. he was such a fighter right up to the end and watching him slowly lose his light was one of the most devastating things to me. he was so so good and pure and i loved watching him and zoya bicker right until the end and yeah there was some points where i wondered if he’d win like earlier on but his death was so fucking horrible and such a good mirror between ravi’s mother and her fuck shit… i just love everything abt these two

wes/jordyn/vadric/levi: putting them in one group feels like a major clusterfuck (which did occur LOL) but they were one group at some point despite how quickly that went to shit. it’s no secret wes sorta always pissed me off but it was less annoying in pregames when this bitch was gearing up for the fight of his life and he said actually its time for a threesome. i loved watching him become a monster and everything with him and vadric and how it got flipped upside down in the end. tbh vadric was just a depressing thing to read the entire goddamn time but like look at them! they are the nightmare now! lowkey would’ve enjoyed watching wes live with that would’ve been soooooooo funny. poor jordyn was just sorta along for the ride and im so proud of her for almost sussing out wes like homegirl was so SO close and then wes just had to wes all over her. happens to the best of us what can i say? levi was a fucking treat. im an unhinged 2m supremacist so ofc i adored him and the way he lost his shit after sander. erryn was a girl boss for that idc. vadric being paranoid and killing him was great too. and then wes… what a funny villain. so fucking delusional and haunted and insane i liked praying on his downfall and oh what a downfall it was. brilliannt choice in final 2

hmm okay rapid fire everyone else (sorry everyone else): hawke it was nice knowing you, pietro i liked you enough, sander u probably didnt deserve that, lilou get fucked ilan supremacy, asha and alia you didn’t deserve that either, clementine u were sorta insane for that but i respect it. milan you were cool as fuck and iconic until nova and range slayed harder. SORRY if i didn’t remember you umm its nothing personal (it may be).

fic as a whole… it slapped! momo words are some of my favorite words on this website but we been knew. not only do you craft these megaliths of stories which is such an achievement, you have a way of getting me to give at least one shit about everyone in the cast (except anyone i might have forgotten pls forgive me) which is a rare talent in a full syot yet you bodied that. the way you write is beautifully introspective but also incredibly easy to read and your combat scenes always slap so hard, you are simply iconic for real for real. you always do a lengthy games but they never feel too lengthy in the long run because you do a great job balancing everybody’s screen time yet there’s truly never a dull moment. even in the no death chapters, people are doing things and progressing their various plotlines and it’s just extremely engaging. i also loved the times where you drawed on parallels from the first round of games, which of course was very prevalent in the finale. ravi having to kill a little girl like eira or rosemary? fucking perfect. it being the d6s alone in the end and vadric feeling like this was something that should’ve happened a year ago bc it was always gonna end like this? iconic. casia finally being alone and expressing fear for the first (and last rip) time in her life? gawd that hurt like a BITCH! if i wasn’t team #raviwins from the beginning, i’d for sure have rooted for casia and i am so sad she is dead. nell kids always pop off so hard christ. AND THEN ONE UNDERTAKER LIVES! ohhh you told me u were gonna make an undertaker lives callback but i forgot you told me that so i was incredibly gagged when i read that LOL fucking icon behavior.

i know this is a while ago but i really loved ur decision to do re-intros instead of going straight to pregames. it was really fun getting to see how everybody was doing (or in ravi’s case, learning he had to cut his own mother down from a noose) before we got to the meat of pregames bc people had already gone down such interesting arcs in the initial games like great updates! really set the tension! and then just YIPEE! more chances to see the kids before they die. OH RANDOM pregames i loved ilan and ravi’s interaction and how ravi said something about how he always feels asleep and then the moment in his pov in the finale where he said he woke up? THAT WAS SO BADASS! wahhhh

subplot! disclaimer, i am writing this all before i read the first epilogue bc i currently have time to write abt this (aka i am in a lecture about sexuality/gender discrimitation and i been knew abt all this) and just really wanna get all the words out while they’re fresh in my head. GAWD i loved everything/still love it. cringefail lesbian pining but they’re making a murder games is so great and just that whole plot line of these gamemakers being fresh out of college (and for the most part, my age or younger), shesshhh that’s such an awkward bounce. they really ummmmm did their jobs so well lol… that email from elide is still sending me i have no idea how they all survived that (considering theora and elide are in fact on aidan’s blog), you hate to see a girl fail winning. i’m excited to learn more abt president catriona too! i loved her interaction with aidan and the whole thing about victors needing help and yeah…. ravi needs help lmao. but also the idea that people are tired of the games after this crazy ass year? that’s so so interesting to me! i am excited to see how things go from here ehehehe

and yeah! yay mvo! i cannot believe you are almost over! this is devastating to me! but we still have two more chapters that i am so so excited for! nobody is ready for the ravi epilogue… not even ravi. love u lots momo thanks for writing such a banger fic xoxo
darthnell chapter 57 . 1/31
God… it’s finally here… the anticipation for this has been insane, truly. Every time I’d think about this ever since the last chap I kept getting chills :sob: Knowing that you’ve had this ending in mind since the Beginning is truly wild and I commend you for that, seriously. Gotta stick to the Vision ! And man, Momo, what a vision you have… ;—; aughhh..

Casia’s pov being first. Terrifying . ;—; (I miss her already..) Y’know what fuck it we’re gonna reread. Yeah… this line.. “People didn't used to matter to her.” The way this changed so much over the course of the story… I care her so much ;-; i know this like was talking about who she’s about to face here, but. Sloane…. ;_; God, she is just. So determined and it Kills me, especially knowing how this ends now aughh.. She’s never wavered in that, and while that might’ve been what secures her downfall in the end, I have so much love and respect for her for it. She wanted to live and she fucking KNEW IT! ;—; Nothing could change that fact (which. Makes her Not living that more painful ;-; ) She felt Ready… ;—; Also don’t blame her at all for being paranoid that Richard wasnt dead, I would be too :sob: GLAD HE IS THOUGH.. bye bitch! Good riddance so true! “After that, it was only moving on, trying to find her purpose—where and who it may be.” Aughhhh ;—; mm yes I remember seeing the Voices thing and concluding it must’ve been Vadric (as Erik thought) who found Wes . And THANK GOD… Wes would’ve snapped Casia in half so hard :sob: they fucking killed Vadric so ..! Anyways. Love her disarming the statues and scoping out everything shes so smart ;-; Setting up an ambush.. clever down till end.. i love that she’s keeping up her OG strat here still ! “Casia has only ever been able to appreciate beauty in the wild.” She’s everything, actually :heart: Auugh man.. she’s so cautious. So attentive. She is doing everything right… and yet.. ;-; ..the fact that embracing her nature and not hesitating is what got her out the first time but gets her killed this time ahhhh ;-; and her thinking about home get me so emo man.. Lackluster is a terrifying word, but even then she decided she still wants it.. it all hurts man ;—; more later in ravis pov :withered:

I loved Vadric’s pov so much here.. like of course they’re terrified of Wes aughh.. love how this circles right back to the very first games ;-; rly good… there really is no way Vadric would’ve ever made it out of this huh ;-; Wes revealing he knows that Vadric killed Levi.. terrifying moment. She knows she’s fucked :sob: Wes is so Unsettling here like god damn… “I wish I had!” HHHHHH… ;_; Vadric saying he’s better than Wes for feeling remorse woof.. no hope of saving their strange friendship, none at all ;-; “But this is a horror standing directly before her, the unseen shadow that always trailed after them down that uneven road, waiting for their broken body to give up. To stop fighting. / The nightmare is real and he's standing right in front of them.” God this bit gives me chills.. From Vadric’s nightmares to Vadric not Having nightmares, to Wes being the nightmare… man. Rly good. And then at the end.. VADRIC being the nightmare.. and vowing to haunt Wes.. kind of obsessed. This is such a brutal death though man.. of course neither of them wanted this. But. It was always meant to happen .. Vadric left his mark though :heart: clawing and scratching like the little gremlin she is ! :D and I’m just. “Vadric won't escape this, but Weston might. And if he does, he'll be haunted for the rest of his life. Vadric knows it. / He'll remember this. He'll remember Vadric. / Let them be the nightmare instead.” OBSESSED. LET THEM BE THE NIGHTMARE INSTEAD… Vadric is truly a legend for doing what Tova couldn’t (being comforted by the fact that they’re dying as a monster/nightmare) :heart:

Ravi…. Ofc he’s the last to arrive to the party, rip. Ahh ofc he doesn’t hear Casia coming.. no one does ! :D pity its too soon in the pov for her hit to kill him /lh xjdjdk. Man, Ravi being so Unprepared while Casia is probably the most prepared one here aside from Wes.. ;-; sometimes it just takes luck, alas. He’s.. so determined not to fight.. and Casia is so opposite aughh ;-; He spends so much time deliberating whether or not he wants to even fight.. i kept going back and forth on how this was gonna play out as i was reading :sob: and it takes him so long to even place her Name . Head in hands. “The thing is, he can't remember her name. He's scrabbling away from her, this mere scrap of a little girl, and he can't remember. All he knows is that she's not Eira. Not Rosemary. None of the girls he would have so gladly saved had he just been given more chances, more time. She's a killer just like he is, more than willing to do what's necessary to return home.” Everything about this paragraph…. I think this was the moment where i started to think.. yeah, shes fucked ;-; it doesn’t take as much as Ravi thinks for him to kill. Not the choice theme :sob: she’s Not giving him a choice but like why should she? Even if Casia knew what we knew about Ravi… yknow tbh i think that would make her attack him even More, knowing that he killed his allies LOL. I dont know what it would’ve taken for her to stand down… ig I’ll just have to dream about it ;-; God she fucks him up so bad though… :D AS SHE SHOULD…. Fucked up face situation yessSSS… i love it when kids leave a Mark ;-; I probably. Did hope a bit here that she would kill him :sob: idk how she would’ve gone against Wes though rip. Also Ravi falling down the stairs.. sorry but i have to chuckle cjdjdjd.. “she's cut overtop the marks Zoya left on his face, turning them into something worse.” :V yeah… You are also about to become something worse, buddy. Hhh Casia yelling at him :sob: just die already.. I can Feel her getting desperate.. bby.. also That being what makes Ravi remember her name.. yknow. Good. He Should. I hope she haunts him too :heart: “She's not Eira. Not Rosemary. He can't save her—he never could. / Maybe he can't save anyone except for himself.” HEAD IN FUCKING HANDS. SHES JUST A DEVIL CHHILD AND SHE WANTED TO LIVE, SUE HER.. aaauuuhhh this. This hurt so bad Momo ;—; Casia falling onto Ravi not unlike a hug is so. Dont do this to me… ;_; “He regrets it the moment he sees the shock in her eyes. / Casia did not expect to die.” Killinng myself. Ravi… as if apologizing will do anything to change this… ;-; “She's not just scared. She's terrified.” I cant do this….. ;_; shes just a girl but shes a monster shes a killer shes just a kid, shes terrified and shes Dying . . . No one ever expected her to get this far (and tbh not even me ;-; ) but this is. As far as she could ever come ;_; FUCK i wanna hug her so bad and make this go away ;-; she would hate it…. But theres no way she got enough hugs in her lifetime, not with the way she turned out and not with only 13 years of living ;_; thats not ENOUGH…. “He's not asleep anymore, not even halfway. He's awake, and he's just as scared as her.” GOD…. Line of all time …

Hi Weston…. God I still can’t believe it’s down to the two of them. “The vision in his left eye is reduced to a thick, red film—the only reason Weston still knows it's there is because he can feel it, off-center and thumping with its own sort of heartbeat.” :D i love when u write nasty shit like this :heart: “There's a knife wedged into the meat of his shoulder, but he doesn't seem concerned with it. Or maybe he's forgotten it's there entirely.” God… Ravi is not fucking okay :skull: HA Wes is big mad that Ravi doesn’t even look like he wants to be there and yknow what? Fair! Wonder if he’d be more happy about fighting Casia.. dont mind me, I’m just thinking longingly of Casia chucking a knife into his other eye :heart: “No matter how many kids die, no matter what Panem does or how many people it needs to bury, the fact doesn't change: one of them gets through this. / One undertaker lives.” I showed this line to my one irl who I was hanging out with yesterday and she made a Noise cjdjdj. Its. Such a Line auhhh… Ravi fucking booking it had me Screeching hhhdhdgd… like Bro :sob: but the Catacombs… fucking of COURSE…. Such a fitting place for one of them to meet their end.. or both of them.. who knows..
"Makes sense you're willing to fight a little girl, but not me.” SO TRUE.. sighs wistfully again as I daydream about Wes getting his ass murked by said little Wes still seems to think winning will be Fun TM for him.. well. Even if he does, I hope he’s so so wrong :heart: “Vadric would fucking hate this, he knows. They hated being down here. Hated when he did this. / It's a good thing they're not here to see it.” :withered: god…. The castle coming down on both of them… the Actual sky peeking through… the gms fucked uppppp…. Schrödinger’s victor… crying at the gall Elide has to EMAIL the president about this.. “hi please help” GIRL THATS YOUR HEAD ON A PLATTER ? Please advise my ass. Be forreal… like did u miss chapter freaking 1 where your coworkers got bullets in their heads for fucking up :sob: man… curious like. What Happened with the arena, like did they set the collapse to happen? Did they.. lose control? I guess. This is what happens when you have a gamemaking team that hasn’t even graduated yet :skull: woof.. did one of them do this on purpose? ….squints…. Looking thru ch1 again.. so the prev gm team worked on the arenas…. Did THEY build the collapse into place? Ouhh. Did Theora trigger it from the inside? Scratching my head so hard… as for the victor. Will the even be able to get ravi or wes out? And which…. My money is still on Ravi i think. But. Well now that its down to 2, Wes is still fairly possible. But also How? How will they retrieve them? And… who will retrieve them? Jdjdjd what if they just fucking leave. Ravi would do it. Bye bitches fr. Ok.. man this was excellent though ;-; love the mystery and all the terror and twists and turns I went through while reading this chap ;-;

Also I have to say it, thank you so much for writing Casia :heart: I know I said it already, but I’m so happy with how you wrote her and the arc you gave her. I truly enjoyed reading her so much and seeing how she interacted with all the characters from Lilou to Robbie to Sloane (and Richard djdjdj) and Ravi in the end.. ;—; I love how she went from this intense cold blooded kid to finding someone who she learned to care about even when neither expected it.. someone to be inspired by and to make proud.. Sloane would be so proud of you Casia, maybe you didn’t make it but you gave it everything you had and I couldn’t be more proud either ;-; :heart: I loved seeing how Sloane’s influence rubbed off on her even while she stayed true to herself to the end and never gave up fighting. And the dichotomy of being the youngest kid and one of the most cutthroat killers of the whole bunch - we got to see both of those facets side by side and it was truly excellent ;_; I’m gonna miss this little creature so much :sob: I’m so glad you enjoyed writing her Momo and just. Thank you for giving her such a fantastic and nuanced and heart wrenching story :heart:

I’m so excited to see how the rest of the story turns out with Wes and Ravi.. I hope we get at least one more Ravi pov bc I wanna know what he was thinking when he led Wes down into the catacombs. I think I’m in the camp of “the collapse was caused on purpose” so I’m rly :eyes: to see how that turns out too :0 also I’ve read some parts of gus recently and ideally I will make some time to finish the rest soon and pick out some mvo bits from it KDKDDK.. super excited also for your next story, and also I feel like i should say. Huge congrats to getting these kiddos to the end of the arena ! I know this has been so long in the making and it’s rly exciting to see your evil plans coming to light LOL. I will always support evil Momo plans!
dyloccupy chapter 57 . 1/30
alright divas, let’s get to diggin’
ladyqueerfoot chapter 57 . 1/30
ITS MVOVER! ITS FINALLY MVOVER! why do i sound excited im not im sad its ending but im excited for the carnage ehehe

* well casia probs u should know
* oh shit! where’s she gonna be! where’s she gonna be!
* “Headless or not, it wasn't meant to exist to begin with.” crazy sentence out of context
* lol just some random room
* at least it’s a nice room
* she’s where wes is
* shes what was heard
* that took me way too long to realize sorry
* my ass was like oh two throne rooms cool!
* right yeah u do have a life
* probs would be fun to return to it and not die

* “They've never felt such terror before.” THATS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING
* bye you just said that
* weston’s power lowkey
* vadric is so fucked LOL
* no shit they’re scared of wes
* everytime he speaks i sigh so loudly
* weston is such a yapper he’s so comic book villain in the best way
* the nightmares are real sorry buddy
* again vadric is so fucked
* god all these descriptions of wes are legit horrendous this is so great actually
* wes like hey babygirl i wanna see u beg
* you dont deserve this buddy
* but still what a bad bounce
* “They don't want to. They've never wanted to. All the worst things happen when they close their eyes.” OHH GREAT TIE BACK tHATS GREATTTT
* “Let them be the nightmare instead.” OHH U COOKED HERE
* DAMNNNNN rip vadric

* “Live or die, what he's supposed to do, whatever it is… just let it happen soon. There's only so much longer he can go on like this.” mood tbh
* ravi wants to take a nap sooooo bad thats what he’s fighting for, a nap that may or may not be permanent
* ROCKS? is that an erik reference
* oh theres only one girl its clearly CASIA
* will ravi kill a little girl in the ultimate tbt moment of all time? stay tuned for more!
* i love casia she is lowkey insane and it is great
* “You don’t have to” Ravi says to the most unreasonable person here. Like even Wes would get a bit chatty but Casia? Nah
* “Except what sort of choice is she giving him?” OH SHIT
* ravi hates kids with cancer, disabled kids, and just kids in general confirmed?
* casia is trying so hard she’s actually so incredibly real for this
* the most babygirl
* is she actually gonna kill him holy shit
* legend behavior but id be sad
* “"Why do you keep fucking doing this?" a voice says. "Just let it finish!”” i love when casia curses
* “Can he still be good if he goes through with something awful?” I LOVE GOOD BAD DILEMMAS IN DEATH MATCHES
* also i miss kai
* “Maybe he can't save anyone except for himself.” OH NO
* ravi wins? is thats whats about to happen
* unless… wes
* or not
* casia is going so hard in the paint right now
* sloane would be so so proud wow
* she tried so so hard
* sorry doesnt help LOL ravi
* tbh casia we didnt expect u to die either
* jesus christ this is so scary
* so it is him and weston
* bye of course it is
* the two funeral bitches
* “He's not good. Kai was wrong. Ravi wishes he could have proved him wrong, but—“ NOOOOOOO WTF
* ravi killed someone like rosemary and eria this is sinking in

* why do i feel kind of sick LOL
* crazy that vadric partially blinded him
* this is so crazy
* the thing is tho, i just have no idea how the fuck wes would die
* like they’re both worn thru but ravi is sad and weston is angry
* hnggg
* do neither win?
* because idk how ravi would here
* but weston winning doesnt seem right
* unless they both win?
* YAPPING AGAIN! not surprised
* now watch it be none or both
* or at least dont get killed before wes
* bye not the big finale a year in the making happening in the dark
* probably being a whore LOL
* tbh i support ravi
* im just like cmon go and pounce him
* yes is so insane its so funny
* maybe wes gets hit by a rock and thats how this all ends
* a victor who didnt even kill his last opponent
* this is all crazy
* also sheesh casia did a number on him
* “Weston wonders if he sounds the same.” oh thats haunting
* oh holy shit
* ravi just dipped
* did he just win? wtf

* ummmm okay so no shit vadric and casia died
* crazy that the falling rocks fucked up the sound ummm
* makes sense tho
* THIS IS SOO… they’re lost too

this is… DAMN U MOMO

geologyisms chapter 56 . 1/26
geologyisms chapter 55 . 1/26
after much mental illness, i am finally here for my pre-finale essay. i have many thoughts.

firstly: thank you so much for writing ravi so incredibly for this entire fic. it has been my utmost pleasure to read your fantastic work, and though it has made me frequently incredibly miserable, the arc youve set him on has been so so good. i love everything youve done with him and i am honoured that he is a member of your finale. no matter if he lives or dies next chapter, i will be grateful for his depiction and i trust that whatever ending you decide to give him is the right one. ravi has become so deeply important to me over these last two years and i am so glad you love him as much as i do, enough to keep him alive until the end. of course, any opinions about story choices are just silly little opinions. i know that i will be wrong about almost all of this, and thats a great thing because i want to be horrified and surprised and sickened etc etc etc. you get the gist.

whilst this review will be mainly focussed on the finalists, it would feel wrong not to mention some of my favourite characters who have tragically passed in order for my son to get this far. condolences to kai and zoya firsty, not only because they were ravi's allies, but because i genuinely adored them since their intro. the energy they brought to the fic was incredible and watching kai slowly waste away until he was put down was truly miserable! the way they haunted ravi in his last pov... god. i miss them. take me back... i miss when they were alive... and of course, i adored tova. sometimes a sympathetic villain must die without redemption; tova was so close to greatness, but her shortsighted quest for revenge proved that she was never truly going to change. her death was perfectly visceral and brutal, just like her. my most beloved monster :heart:. aranza was also a fave, and the way she basically made sure that tova would never be anything other than that monster was magical. her influence. girlbossing from beyond the grave. i also really enjoyed robbie and his delulu nature, and his alliance with sloane and casia was always such a riot. my favourite intro chapter other than d12 and d5 was also probably d2, so pressing f to respect levi and sander. yes i still remember sander. knowing your district partner before the games is simply something i will never tire of, and their dynamic and the way it shifted and how sander also haunted levi deeply was truly enjoyable. idk i just really like hauntings i guess!

onto the finale: i will do a little analysis of the situation alongside predictions & finalist thots. judging from what vadric said to wes and the fact that they and wes were together when they first encounted the unopenable door, i think the person who is already there is vadric. it would make sense for the d6s to have the first confrontation of the finale, since they have History and the way their relationship has changed is truly compelling. i really think one of them is going to kill the other... but im not sure who will kill who first. vadric seems to be eerily calm about the situation whereas wes has began losing his shit. i think that paranoia wes feels about them will defo be a factor in which of them lives; whether his reaction is fear or anger and an immediate attack is up in the air. i think weston being scared would be fun since hes been so blase and arrogant this entire fic; like (i think) goldie said, those who rise the highest have the longest to fall. in many ways hes been a similar sort of force in the story to tova, though since betraying his allies hes just sort of been wandering about. i would not be surprised if vadric and casia teamed up to take him down - casia has proven in this last chapter that she has the power and drive to take down a foe much larger than she is with richard. but that could also be an end to her arc - the next time she tries to vanquish a similar foe she gets in over her head and pays for it with her life. im honestly just riffing as i write and thinking about it, it feels like a viable option. casia arrives and tries to help take down wes, does major damage but is gravely injured herself, and vadric finishes the job. this goes to say i think weston has the least viable chance at victory based on vibes alone. there is a scenario where as one of the main drivers of conflict in the games, where tova failed in living up to her expectations of herself (and those of the capitol, since she was predicted to win), weston succeeds. but its still not likely in my mind. weston has never been especially compelling to me; his depth came a little too late, but that's no slight on you as a writer. it made sense for his character, but it just sucks that i wasn't a fan of him early on. he has entertained me enough in games and i think he has been prolific enough to earn his space here, and whilst i think he is a more likely victor pick than vadric, contextually in this situation i just don't see him sweeping the other three to be a particularly likely or compelling turn of events.

that brings us to the topic of what next. i obviously believe ravi will be late to the party since he and vadric split up and i think vadric is already at the finale location. this would put him in an interesting spot, especially if the two remaining tributes are casia and vadric and theyre both injured. in a victor ravi scenario it would even parallel his own finale, where he had a standoff with pietro and rosemary as they tensely stood around and talked until one of them made the first move. the question then becomes: who strikes first? it also becomes this: after weston dies, does vadric still care to live? they havent expressed any desire to win. no real drive or motivation. and back at home would just be almost too depressing, considering their mother killed herself (thats what happened. right.) i just think that where their arc began with killing an ally way back in the first fucking games of this fic, it should end with killing the ally they made because of that. i just think there will be at least a FEW full circle moments. i have enjoyed vadric a lot, and wish we had the opportunity to get more answers about them and their life, but they just sort of seem to be resigned to death after killing levi out of paranoia. killing weston out of hate and personal reasons - an actual choice to kill rather than it being an almost involuntary reaction - would be a very thrilling end to their arc.

now, the victor choice, as the choice seems to be for p much everyone, is whether it will be casia or ravi. whilst i almost feel guilty for having to argue my own characters case i will do it anyway. but i will argue for casia first.

casia has always been a fave of mine, but i dont think anyone thought shed get this far. i am so glad that she has though because she is fantastic, and i think that the great thing about having a young victor like her is that as she grows and matures and can reflect on what happened, she would have the most fascinating insights that nobody else in the finale would, just by nature of their age. the thought of an adult casia has me insanely emo. there is just endless opportunity for the direction she heads in after victory; for this reason, she feels almost more like the "traditional" syot pick, where its more about her personal arc and her own potential as whilst she of course can be worked into a capitol narrative, the idea that a thirteen year old girl is the "best of the best" would probably be a little embarassing. but they could also spin it as her having the greatest potential and reprisenting how children can overcome the worst odds and slay the game yeah send us more kids to put in the orphan crushing machine so they can be more like casia braddock!

this was floated by goldie, but it would also be deeply depressing for ravi to have his final opponent be a little girl. i am sure that rosemary and eira still deeply haunt him, and he does not know casia well enough to be able to tell that she isn't like them, especially if he gets injured and is acting a bit delulu. at the same time momo you are right in that casia is nothing like rosemary or eira and she IS in fact the devil. ALSO... they parallel each other in that they both sort of killed one of their parents (shh i know ravi didnt directly kill his mother and casia just killed her mothers ex-husband but it is Similar Enough.) she has so much to go back to at home as well. family who she cared so much about that she killed a man to protect them in her own strange, twisted way. of course im sure you picked your victor before you wrote gus, but casia and aidan together sort of makes me want to be sick. like she is the same age as cassara and they have that similar bold attitude and quiet resentment... seeing what his sister could have become if she was in the games instead of him through casia would be deeply distressing and compelling.

and, well. ravi. him winning would be the ultimate hopeful tragedy - because whilst a casia victory provides a new dawn, a future that she is focussed on rather than the incomprehensible number of deaths to a 13 year old, ravi is different. it is about the night that is being left behind. he would be so deeply conflicted by his desire to survive that led him to this point, followed by almost 300 ghosts who died so that he could live. that does something to a person, yknow? and he is the kind of person who would reflect on that a Lot. and i think also since he wants to find a reason to live, he would probably, like... try to keep himself busy? not fall in on himself, and just... have a life of his own. there is no redemption in death, and you can only show that you are remorseful for what youve done if you are alive to act on it. he would finally be allowed to grow into something more than, something better than his mother. i think when i read gus i had some thoughts about how ravi and aidan would interact but i forgot them i think it would just be really funny and mentally ill theyd just stand and stare at one another

i think those thoughts abt what either of them would be like as victors is enough for the essay tbh. i dont want to make any exact predictions because the jump from the final 4 to the final 2 is already a massive assumption. you were indeed very vague about the situation outside of aidans immediate relevant awareness, but the vibe really felt like someone won. like things are very scuffed and toned down and grounded and gritty (in stark contrast to the theme of the arena... huh) in gus because someone won and the games continued. which honestly is far more tragic than there not being a victor, imo.

anyway. hope u enjoyed my thoughts. thank you for writing this story, and i eagerly as well as anxiously await the finale.

erik xoxo
darthnell chapter 56 . 1/19
Okay. Just. From the get go, we are all aware that this chapter was absolutely insane. Ok. Cool. Glad we nailed that down !

Ravi - forreal I am coming out of this chapter with Ravi as my main victor predic. We start out with an immediate parallel to his time in the D12 arena… like HELLO. Ravi why did you go down there. Do you miss it. I fully thought for a hot minute he was gonna kill Vadric there too. Like sure, hes reviled at the thought, but that hasnt stopped him before haha! But yeah the most poignant thing to me is Ravi fully acknowledging, Hey, I don’t want to die. Big step for him! Congrats! (That’s also smthn that kinda makes him a stronger victor pick than Casia in my head, bc like. She’s always had that.. Now she’s on her Own again and more determined than ever… i digress. Ill get there). Ravi. Um. Yeah the part about him hesitating w exposing his mom.. Like i thought that was gonna turn into him not hesitating to kill Vadric LOL but ngl its better that I was wrong… Now Vadric can get killed by the real nightmare! (Wes btw). Also uhh the bit about Ravi being Tired TM… incredible callback to the morning before launch pov that either he or ilan had idr who but i remember that line/motif… yeah ;_; He can sleep after he faces what’s coming…!

Casia - THIS POV WAS SO INSNAE YEAHHHH ! Also like. So nerve wracking bc i kept thinking she was gonna get got by richy, esp like the more confident she was getting but SHE DIDNT ! :DDDDD but yeah like. WHAT A STRONG START…. THE AMOUNT OF TIMES SHES CONSIDERED GIVING UP ARE ZERO, BABEYYYYY! Her deciding to fight Richard instead of keep running… she simply refused to give up! Also. Thank you for letting them see the sun one last time ;—; really important… aughh the fact that she is wishing she wasnt alone anymore… for Once… ;—; she is just a little THING. “Be bolder. More unabashedly brave. Look death in the face and smile.” Gonna be her next chap fr :skull: i think i would cry though… ok. Ill get to theories in a sec.. “She’d like that knife back.” DAMN RIGHT SHE WOULD! Im fucking obsessed with the way she backtalks him too like. The sloane influence is THERE! Everything about their arc is so important to me ;—; like even back w the hits with robbie too everything was so Tense and ive enjoyed reading it all so much ;-; AND SHE FUCKING YEETED THE HEAD CKDKDKDKD… she killed that thang so hard! Shes right sloane would be proud ;—; IM PROUD TOO WAAAH ;_; I still was terrified that he’d pop back up and murk her somehow but. Lets be real im always terrified :sob: Now lets talk about why I don’t think shell win JDDJDKDJ— ok i admit part of this is me not trying to be too hopeful or jinx it. But also, and ive prolly mentioned it before.. as we know, she’s never considered giving up ! She’s been so determined this whole time and esp now that she’s taken care of richy, there might be a little more confidence in her little mind than warranted. Considering one of the opponents is WESTON. Aughh head in hands… idk i just get the vibes that shes gonna get got in the end, but also I’m hoping she does find a reason to do it with a smile on her face ;—; …probably not super likely but alas dkxkdkd

Tova - ok just when I thought the casia pov was insane, this one quite literally went for the gut KDKSKSKSS.. dig two graves, innit… yeah as you know this one rly got me queasy JDDKKD so major props for that ! It doesn’t happen often ! (I think it was the description of tova seeing her own intestines that did it. You called them “purpled and pulsating”. That was rly special.) God this was such a perfect culmination of both of their arcs, like I had a feeling Amani wouldn’t make it to the end end after Ilan dying Like That and the whole idea of Amani failing to protect him (augghhh) (also side note: the birds eating ilans corpse? Rude! What a detail..) but like the whole thing from Amanis pov the prev chap about still choosing to fight. Knowing the confrontation with Tova was impending. Idk im just obsessed with the fact that like. I think he knew he was going down with this so he was determined to drag her down with him and he DID…. Them both tumbling off the cliff - being Literally dragged down - and then haha. Dragging tovas intestines out of her body… good shit. Like he had nothing to lose, and Tova was so blinded by her rage… it was just really good and fun. And then this being from Tova’s pov so her realizing shes dying and that all Setting In . She got her vengeance but she’s dying so it ultimately doesn’t matter… god its so miserable but so excellently done… the way her thoughts spiraled into the whole idea of her being a monster and not worth saving and then fucking dying with that thought in her head, good God. Aranza is laughing so hard, I know it :withered: but yeah. Really fun. Really great dying moments and realizations and actions from both of them. I didnt know Amani had it in him to Fucking Do That but I’m obsessed that he did and with how this turned out… also side note, 0 careers in the finale, damn!

Wes - help he is so comically evil at this point… he’s soooo overconfident it makes me wanna watch his shit get kicked in LOL. I do think hes gonna be absolutely flabbergasted to see Vadric again but in a way that will make him laugh and think damn ofc that cockroach is alive :skull: “It all comes down to so much death, doesn't it? Weston isn't resigned to it, however. / He's almost glad for it. Comforted. No matter how much death surrounds him, he always lives.” Really excellent set of lines btw. Words that make me at st the screen and go OHHHH… also its funny that both the undertakers are here for the finale.. also FINALE WAAUGH… THRONE ROOM… i think it was Maggie who said smthn about Wes dying while hes sitting on that throne and. Yea i could see it. Thinking about the victor then dragging his body off of the throne and then taking it.. would be neat and cool… but yeah throne room is SO fitting… the old king is dead, long live the king! Or queen. Or monarch. Whomever. Aughhh im so Excited ! Also “hardly-there scuff of someone's foot over the roughly-laid stone.” Ik theyre all gonna end up there at some point but. Terrified that its casia there alone w wes right now yoink …

Ok Thoughts Time: Its such an insane lineup weve got here, I love this.. I am personally rooting for a three person team up against Wes :D idk if any of the others would be able to take him down on their own yk.. but idk if vadric would be like. Willing to do so. Idk i have No idea how that reunion is gonna go from their perspective ngl. Casia, i feel like is gonna be very willing to fight, maybe to her detriment aughh.. ravi seems like not the type to strike first. But yeah like Overall in terms of the characters. I think Ravi’s gonna come out of this with the W. He’s finally realized that he doesnt, in fact, want to die, even if living is gonna be harder. Living would almost be too easy for Casia and Wes (though physicality aside, I feel like Casia has a better chance at winning than Wes..? From a meta pov fjdkdk). I just would be very surprised if Wes ends up succeeding at this, idk man :sob: hes had it too good here for too long…. And Vadric winning would just be so so depressing i think. I dont think she would do great with victory esp since they have 0 support systems at home… idk. Ravi winning was a bit until it Wasnt LMAOO… Whatever happens though, I’m excited to read it ! :D I know this finale is gonna be gnarly as Fuck…cant wait to see how these guys are gonna fuck each other up :sob: :nellhype:
dyloccupy chapter 56 . 1/19
would someone ripping out my intestines cure my IBS?
sock-feet-and-stirring-sand chapter 56 . 1/18
Killing z’s character near the end, as I should.

GG Amani, my best boy. Genuinely such a treat to read him and watch him grow and thanks for letting me work with you to give MVO the whole fun “no one goes home” intro! it was lots of fun as all the tributes can attest️

rip tova too you were so hot
EpsilonChix chapter 56 . 1/18
Well yeah, the Amani VS Tova fight was to be expected, especially after the Seven's deaths. For a second, I almost thought one of them was going to get out of there alive (before reading the chapter I was banking on an Amani win partly) but it's super fitting thematically that they literally kill each other.

Apart from that this top 4 is really cool and really logical when you think about it. Excited to see the finale, but not so excited to see the Sixes reunion. And otherwise atp I'm not really sure who's winning, or what will even happen (apart from the emotional damage made to me)

Great chapter as always, until next time !
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