Reviews for Cosmic Wars Omega: The Multiversal War across the Infinite Frontier
Piccolo Sky chapter 15 . 1h
I forgot to mention this last chapter, but I also appreciate the trope subversion with how Astra handles controlled allies. Beat them up and worry about "de-brainwashing" them later. :P

I would say Astra's little move was rather useful, and could prove to be a game changer if it gets even stronger, but now I'm not sure if it's going to be a one-shot deal. If so, blech.

Dang... "Mahito". Every time I read his name, I think "Mojito". And then I imagine an anthropomorphic alcoholic beverage attacking and...anyway, forget all that. So Mike's going to take him on more or less solo, eh? Should be interesting.

If I was Mojo I'd be scurrying out of there as fast as I could...or teleporting, whatever he does. Pretty sure that bomb is kind of an "even if you win, you lose" type deal.

There is one other danger aside from all that's been going on that they've been neglecting, but...I'll wait and see if it surfaces before calling it out.

See you next chapter.
Dragon King of the West chapter 20 . 2/7
I was initially suspicious of Raven Beak when he was introduced in the story but I didn't expect this plot twist! Yozora is another interesting element to this chapter, I wasn't familiar with him and had to look him up but the mystery surrounding him intrigues me. He claims to have met Doug, proved that he knows about Astra and Mike's identities, he is aware of the Multiverse and knows Sieg. He knows a lot of stuff that are secrets and or unknown to the public. I am not sure where his allegiance lies to boot.
Piccolo Sky chapter 14 . 2/6
"This got a lot more prickly all of the sudden!" I'm surprised Astra didn't slug Law for that pun.

And well well on Astra... All this talk about people needing to not rely on heroes to save them and there she jumps right in...

I couldn't help but laugh at Mr. Megalomaniac. Thought he was such hot stuff when I can't even count how many folks in this story make him look like a bug.

See you next chapter.
Piccolo Sky chapter 13 . 2/4
Hey, hey, hey...the role of shadowy puppet master has already been taken for this arc. Get on your side of the street, lady.

Out of the two principles, Mike has been the one getting put through the wringer so far in accordance with his beliefs. Everywhere he goes he seems to get a tongue lashing from Astra related to it. By comparison, thus far, she's gotten off pretty easy with her own lifestyle.

But in the last couple chapters I'm starting to see a turn from that. Sure, Astra may be the biggest and strongest of the group, but lately the best she's been able to do most of the time is draw the brunt of the enemy to just focus on her and keep her from doing anything. If she'd work with the others rather than leave everyone to do their own thing, she'd be more effective as they'd let her bring her power to bear.

Of course, she has yet to get a REAL challenge to her own lifestyle, but I'm assuming that'll be along eventually.

See you next chapter.
Piccolo Sky chapter 12 . 2/3
Heh, I picture Mike stepping out in the middle and saying: "Alright...if you all want to kill each other, that's just cool. We'll leave you to it. But can we just get one of those nifty crowns before we go?"

Seriously, though, they should cut their losses. Dohalim looks like a JRPG ruler who wants peace. He might as well have "corpse" tattooed on his forehead for how this is going to go, and they already got enough people who want their heads.

See you next chapter.
Piccolo Sky chapter 11 . 2/2
Well now, Mike's still full of surprises it seems. (I almost thought for a moment he was going to pull one of those classic paradoxes to get the obsolete AI to blow itself up from trying to process, but this works too.)

One piece down...not sure how many more they need before they can go Multiverse cruising but it's a start.

See you next chapter.,
Piccolo Sky chapter 10 . 2/1
Ah, back to more "normal" adventuring, for lack of a better adjective. :)

So old Tron Bonne (honestly, for years I mispronounced that as 'tron bon') has something important she stole? I wonder what...

Although it is a good thing Tanjiro got an upgrade on his sword because, uh, frankly I think all a guy at his power would be able to do against the bigger bads is make them hurt themselves laughing. :/

James is back...or, James in some form. Now what exactly he has in mind for Mike is the big question...

See you next chapter.
Piccolo Sky chapter 9 . 1/31
"Behold...the Dimensionator!" Sorry, I got some Doofenschmirtz vibes from that one.

I admit, mechs that ride horse mechs sound kind of cool. :P

Well, normally I would say that all the protagonists are just wasting their time. Sieg already said if they spent a millennium rallying entire universes to their side it still wouldn't be enough, and as he hasn't been bluffing about anything else thus far there's no reason to think otherwise. But...considering the fact that there is literally no point to surrendering as that will only be a worse outcome than dying trying, might as well all die trying, eh?

Although, heh, on that note, it seems Sieg's subordinates haven't quite grasped the "unsustainability problem with his business plan". Sieg doesn't really have any interest in making sure "the winners get their due". For all his speeches, they distill to very little. He's just another bully; the only thing he's interested in is being able to turn every universe into his personal schoolyard so he can beat everyone up for his amusement. If his plan succeeds, he'll eventually burn through "all the losers" That or he'll start to feel chagrin that some people are "immune" to him. Either way, he'll eventually start torturing and killing them too. He wouldn't have gone to all the lengths of purposely destroying every universe, including countless ones he never even knew about, just to let a few hundred guys be "untouchable" around him.

Doug is, by and large, the same. He too wants the ability to be able to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants for his own amusement. His only difference is he can't abide even pretending to rely on subordinates for a time. That's why even if they share the same views they'll never be on the same page. Doug would never be able to stomach "working for anyone", and Sieg would never be able to tolerate someone he couldn't torture whenever he wanted.

In other words, a pair of "big bullies".

There is one thing about Sieg that kind of strikes me, and it actually came from the previous chapter. This "version of Ben" appeared to actually have some small admiration for Brad. totally illogical for Sieg. If he really was Ben at one point, then he would hate Brad even more furiously than the original Ben would; because he's the only one who ever made him feel totally helpless and small. That's a feeling that Sieg would never abide...or forgive, for that matter. So...I won't rule out that Brad's going to make yet another appearance in this story.

See you next chapter.
Piccolo Sky chapter 8 . 1/30
Oh boy... The extras in this one really suffered from a lack of intelligence. "What do we do when the enemy tanks all of our strongest attacks and kills one of us with ease?" "...Keep attacking him and hope for different results!" "YEAH!" Of course, they had that one opponent that was eating 'brains', more or less, so that would kind of explain the lack of strategy...

So...a pause to go over the Rogue's Gallery as it stands. I'll ignore the toadies from before, as they don't even seem to be in the same league...

Let's start with this Carmen. Out of the bunch, she's the least impressive. It's not like we haven't had weapons that can cut space and time until now. Still, she could inflict instant death if she pulled out her move first things first-namely before an opponent was aware she could even do it.

Gingrich, on the other hand, is effectively invincible. Even physical moves have "energy" behind them, after all, so it's not possible to hurt him. Even if you could, you wouldn't be able to escape the fight without taking the equivalent of severe brain damage and loss of abilities that would have to be relearned.

Next up is 'Mary'. Very strong, but...that's really all. No special gimmicks or anything. The real thing that stood out was that I'm not sure she and Sieg are entirely on the "same page". When in private, she didn't really sound like she cares that much for a universal system, even if it benefits her. She just wants to kill everyone/everything...

And then there's Sieg. Let's see... Infinite power. Completely invincible. Can change absolutely anything about whatever universe he's in with no effort, meaning he can inflict instant death on anyone without even lifting a finger.

Plus, technically, he's already triumphed. Sure, he mentioned "taking some time" and wanting to track down this "Multiversal Alliance"...but time no longer exists in the Prime Universe because he just destroyed it. So everything now happens at the same instant. So, realistically, he would immediately proceed to instantly destroy whoever these people are and the story would be over. (Heck, if time really doesn't exist, he's ALREADY destroyed them.) And all the rest of the universes would be destroyed in the same instant and... The End.

Not really sure why there's any more chapters after this one...

Anyway, the only realistic way to even fight Sieg now is to become a sixth-dimensional being as well, which is nothing but bad news all over it. We've already seen how miserable, nihilistic, and hopeless everything becomes when you become greater than "gods"...whether you call yourself a good guy or a bad guy. This level of power will lead to nothing but a "Multiverse of Misery" even if Sieg and Mary are destroyed.

But seeing as the one who calls himself "God" in this story (though, from now on, I'll call him "Devil") only wants to sit back and enjoy the show as his own creations are slaughtered for his entertainment, no one in Tales exists other than to suffer eternally already.

See you next chapter.
Dragon King of the West chapter 19 . 1/16
Mike and Tyson managed to establish a truce which is a positive outcome. Tyson's skepticism about the Multiverse was logical since the majority of the Prime Universe has no idea that the Multiverse exists. Let's hope that Mike and Tyson can convince the latter's older brother. However who knows what other dangers are on this scourged world?
mary.okeeffe.16 chapter 1 . 1/2
Krypton, that's Superman's birth planet.
Dragon King of the West chapter 18 . 12/29/2022
It is an indicator of how bad things have gotten in the Prime Universe when idealism is dead. The unity maintained by the Bethel Kingdom is long gone as it's everyone for themselves. Most people don't want to admit how life in the Prime Universe is torment as they desperately cling on the the past. Wakanda is good example of the desperation affecting the Prime Universe. They made a deal with the devil so that they can survive.
Dragon King of the West chapter 17 . 12/13/2022
Great chapter! Looks like things are escalating further as expected. As tyrannical and malicious as Sentry/Knull was, he was part of the fragile balance of power between the Nahobino. Now that he is past tense, the other Nahobino are racing to takeover as much of the Poseidal Clan territory as possible and this development would spark more trouble.

Looks like Muzan caught the eye of IV&C and they see potential in him but can he be trusted to follow their orders? As prudent as he is, Muzan is still arrogant and he doesn't know that Higgs is stringing him along. Though the latter would be more subtle if he realizes that IV&C is shadowing Muzan. Honestly the real obstacle to the hero's plan is Homelander because Sieg took control of him and designated him as caretaker of the Prime Universe in his absence. IV&C is using Muzan as contingency as t hey want to ensure the loose ends in the Prime Universe is taken care of.
Dragon King of the West chapter 16 . 11/24/2022
Knull is finally defeated but at a steep cost. There was a couple of surprises in this chapter such as Astra's Mazoku form and Muzan's revelation about the origin of the Nahobino's power. With the Poseidal Clan in shambles with Knull's death, it's only a matter of time before the other Clans start to notice and an outbreak of a war to absorb the Poseidal Clan's territory to happen. Now only Omni-Man and Homelander are left to topple and the hidden threat of Muzan still lurks.
Dragon King of the West chapter 15 . 10/29/2022
This was exciting chapter, the heroes have made their plan to stop Sentry and it looked like Astra had Sentry on the ropes but then the reveal of his alternate personality Knull complicated matters. Not to mention that Mike has to deal with Mahito who is fulfilling Muzan's orders, something that will not bode well for the Universe. Not to mention Mojo is trying to stop their allies as well. Though what is Billy Butcher planning by having a WMD delivered to Sentry's Palace?
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