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123ABIR123 chapter 1 . 9/22
This is really good, really looking forward to future chapters.
ObserverRen chapter 1 . 8/8
I would like to see more of it
NightSoro2 chapter 1 . 6/1
Here is a Reddit link that talks about albinism from Accelerator, r/toarumajutsunoindex/comments/sfcqc9/is_accelerator_a_natural_born_albino/
Fana4tiik chapter 1 . 5/31
In the "lazy" scenario, Subaru and Rem are not as happy as you say. They are happy, but Subaru and Rem have remorse that gnaws at them for eternity, precisely because they know that they have abandoned and betrayed everyone, including Ram and Emilia. Subaru also knows that this is the second time he wants to run away and has lost the little self-esteem he had left. Moreover, it changed him, making him much weaker and coward. What Rem wanted to avoid at all costs in the main route, because she felt that by agreeing to run away with him, she would lose the Subaru she loved, because it would do her no good in the long run and it would also be very selfish of her. It is important to understand that a route based on sin cannot offer a really healthy conclusion. Laziness is the hedonist's road.
NightSoro chapter 1 . 6/1
This is a good chapter, but I see that you are making the same mistake as with your fiction on "Fate", so I will tell you, be more concise. You really have to stop scattering yourself in sometimes superfluous reactions! Reactions is cool, especially when they are credible, which often leaves something to be desired in reaction fictions, but as your publishing pace is already excruciatingly slow and it can be very demotivating to see that your story doesn't advance. It would be better to avoid making more reactions than necessary, especially on subjects that are sometimes out of context... I know that the introduction is important, but there are still ways to take some shortcuts without making the story bland. You often repeat yourself with several different characters. Several times you write a sometimes "whole" page of reaction, just for a tiny passage of the story, often uninteresting. (Example: Once inside he immediately moved to the refrigerated section and began to sift through the drinks in the store, zeroing in on his p of coffee cans. As his fingers went and touched the individual cans, looking for the section of the store and collecting the ones he paper bag). Did you see the number of reactions just for coffee?

Out of "26,211" words. It took you more than half the chapter to show Accelerator and all this for a passage that lasts only 1 minute and 11 seconds! 1 quarter of the chapter for that! I know it's his entrance scene, but it's not like you do this rarely, just for the important moments. No, even on your "Fate" story, you make some small passage unnecessarily long and it makes you drift on other topic that takes a ton of reactions. Please, be reasonable... If 1 minute of episode takes 5,828 words, you would need 139,872 words to finish 1 episode of 24 minutes on a character. Can you imagine? That's a little more than 5 chapters of 26,111 words as you just did! How many chapters would be needed to finish a story and in how much time, considering that it takes you months to update? We'll never see the end and you'll get tired of your story like with "Fate"... As a result, everyone is wasting a lot of time reading something that will be left unfinished... You really have to change that, I say that for you, but also for the readers who follow you. If you would write a lot more, then it's possible, but you won't do it, so it's useless to persist with this way of doing things that is counterproductive for everyone...

Someone else is doing a reaction fiction similar to yours, but based on the Accelerator anime. I won't hide from you that it's a bit sloppy at some points and that on the other hand, it lacks a bit of reaction. But he already finished the first episode, even though he used half of his chapter for his long introduction like you did and that his chapter seems to be only a little longer than yours, (although it's 25,510 words for some mysterious reason.) His introduction was a bit shorter "fortunately" and the reactions less numerous and more targeted, not quite the just middle I like, but at least we can see the end of the tunnel. You, you used almost 6 thousand words, just for a scene of 1 minute, 11 seconds... One doesn't do enough and the other one does way too much, one rushes things a little bit and reduces the quality, but the other one has a big problem with rhythm. Please, make an effort, otherwise you'll stop before the story has really started and we'll have to reread to not get lost, which would be exhausting considering the length of the chapters.

I also have a good idea for you, "if you want to use it". You could make Touma like Accelerator, another version of Subaru, but much more like him in many ways, and then connect him to the Accelerator universe for reasons you could invent. Touma's powers make him anyway a kind of irregularity, an extraterrestrial, a bit like Subaru in his friends' world. Why? Because it would allow you to make a second story afterwards (if you wish), based on Touma-Subaru's point of view. But also because I know that your goal is to make Subaru-Accelerator great because of his power in front of the spectators, so it's a good bet that you would avoid to stage the two fights where he is humiliated by Touma, right? Since he is supposed to be the most powerful of the Espers, the number 1, even if there is more dangerous than him. But don't forget that these two fights are very important for Accelerator, because Touma has a good influence on him, he makes him better, so it allows him to make his character evolve. (I invite you to read the relationship between Accelerator and Touma on the Fandom.) Because before becoming very good friends, Accelerator was jealous of Touma and was enraged just by the sight of him, but it is also said that he pursues Touma, not wanting to feel inferior to him, because he secretly admires him for his heroic personality and for the fact that unlike him, Touma always manages to save what is dear to him and this despite the fact that he possesses innumerable abilities that make him infinitely superior to Touma on the physical and diversified level. (Compare this to Reinhard and Subaru). Touma will even ask Accelerator for help, because even though his power makes him the counter-natural of almost everyone, since almost no one can deflect him, Accelerator still has very practical and powerful abilities that Touma can only dream of having. However, even though Accelerator eventually gains confidence in his strength against Touma, he has long wanted to be a hero like him, until he finally realizes that they can never really be completely alike, but Touma has changed him a lot anyway. Which is very interesting, especially if Touma is an alternative version of himself. Because it would save appearances, since Accelerator would not be beaten by another Esper, but by an alternative version of himself, with totally different abilities and mentality. Then, this would allow the cast to examine two different Subarus and see what development their unnatural relationship can bring and finally, because Touma has many points in common with Subaru. We would see Accelerator evolve in the right direction, not thanks to an unknown person, but another version of himself, who looks more like the hero of the theater and who would succeed in kicking his ass just because of an abused ability and this despite his purely human physical abilities. But when we know that Subaru even manages to impose his will on Reinhard, thanks to his intelligence and his own abused ability, it makes sense.

Yes, it would be justified to be beaten by him, because Touma is not a real Esper, he is unclassifiable as this passage indicates, (Kamijou Touma, as mentioned by Kumokawa Seria, does not classify as a Gemstone esper as due to his powers being unrelated to AIM; it is believed that Imagine Breaker is beyond the current understanding of Academy City researchers). Not to mention that it would be very coherent, because the parallels don't stop there, all like Subaru, Touma's power was given to him by superior entities that all have their own will (consciousness), like Satella and Envy who manage Subaru's power. And in addition to being a real hero who is physically weak and can't do much, he too possesses a gift that in spite of it's simplicity, is sufficiently unrivalled to allow him to do what would be impossible for any other person, like Subaru. One has a temporal power that prevents anyone from killing him permanently if he doesn't want to and is able to change the destiny as many times as the strength/willingness of its user allows, all by resurrecting people who are already dead and this without creating an alternative universe, (which the Pleiades tower confirms). And the other one has a negation power that can basically cancel temporarily or sometimes permanently the effects of all the abilities supernatural by touching them, which includes of course, Espers powers, magical attacks, magical physical reinforcements, divine blessings, authorities, any kind of immortality that is not natural, any form of possession or mental manipulation and maybe even Subaru's ability, if he touches him before his death. So he can literally get a chance to kill anyone, who is supposed to be invincible, except in some exceptional cases against divine and angelic opponents where his only power of negation is not enough to win without awakening his latent powers. Because yes, there is a big difference between Touma and Subaru in terms of ability, Touma does not have only one power that defies the laws of the universe and logic, but 3 ! The first one is his power of negation, but this one also acts as a seal to repress an even bigger power that appears when his arm is decapitated, several huge multicolored dragons faithful to Touma. As for the third, it is a power still unknown. It is invisible, hostile, unpredictable, can regenerate his arm and exceed the power of the gods. But you can learn more about the fandom of the series. Note also that Touma's power has the side effect of cancelling luck and divine miracles involuntarily, which goes well with Subaru who is misfortune incarnate. Moreover the goddess Othinus could easily be like Beatrice or Satella in this other world, but much more dangerous than her, she spent an eternity with Touma.
Dylandidi10 chapter 1 . 6/1
What absurd hypocrisy on Anastasia's part. She calls people selfish, but she is the most obnoxious about it. The only thing she will do is manipulate Subaru as she has done before to try to use her knowledge. She is not the kind of person who knows how to resist temptations, his altruism is impure.

Priscilla is not a compatible soul with Subaru either. She did not stop criticizing him. It is clear that if Subaru joined her camp, she would not accept him as he is. She would do everything to make him what she wants him to be. The simple fact of having such a legend in her camp, is only a way to flatter her absurd egocentrism. Since she doesn't really love him and says she doesn't want to take advantage of his abilities, but even if that were true, her ego would prevent her from admitting it. She believes that she can simply treat him as an object that is rightfully hers. But she forgets that her luck is ineffective against Subaru, because he is misfortune incarnate. If Priscilla's power is to order her whims to the world, then Subaru's power is to break the destinies the world creates if they don't suit her. She can only fear him, especially after seeing her do the impossible so many times and influence the world exponentially with her actions alone. He managed to impose his will even to Reinhard in the IF of the pride and can influence all the royal selection, so how could she not fear him, she who fled in this same IF where Emilia became queen? All here is covetousness...

In a case as in the other one, the two would only bring new types of problem to Subaru and would make him really unhappy, what he is not in the camp of Emilia in spite of his traumas. How could they compare themselves to the others, Subaru did not stop despising them. Not only they hurt him in a way more hideous and perfidious than all the others, but on top of that, Subaru has a very bad opinion of them in general, especially when they criticize Emilia who is in his eyes a living angel. The only candidates he really appreciates and values are Felt and Crusch. Crusch is also the only candidate he could have "potentially" loved romantically towards the end, with Emilia and Rem's consent. But Anastasia and Priscilla are the worst choices for him and both will try to reshape him to their liking. At least as they are now... Moreover, they tend to ignore Subaru's will, they believe that material goods or security will succeed to satisfy him, while all he asks for is love and the only love he wants is in Emilia's camp. For that, he died so many times and underwent all kinds of traumas by persevering, but you believe that he will simply accept to ruin all his efforts to the only profit of the weakness, of the hedonism and to choose to give up his happiness and his close relations, whereas he already feels guilty to have betrayed once the confidence of Emilia? No, of course not, he'll just be angry that people want to selfishly take him away from his new home, without regard for his own feelings, his will or those of the people he chose to protect. Remember that Subaru was not happy in his world, even if he did not have to die there. It is the camp of Emilia which changed all for him. That's why he said he never fought so much.

Moreover, the camp of Emilia is not especially incompetent. All the other camps proved their own incompetence in other field, it is always the intervention of Subaru which changes the final result. No one can really protect him, because he is the opposite of Priscilla, bad luck incarnate. Without him, Reinhard would never have defeated Regulus, even Anastasia in arc 6 had to be saved by him. In arc 7, far from his camp, he suffers even more, no matter who accompanies him, so it is clear that Subaru brings misfortune on him before anything else. One cannot either put the fault on Emilia to have become the target of a cult which assimilates her wrongly to the witch of the envy or to the whole world to despise her for crimes which she did not commit. Even Satella is not responsible for most of the things she is accused of and is very different from the witch of envy. there are several clues that it proves it, even the other witches' own words. As if Envy was only the consciousness of the genes of envy with which Satella was not compatible and that this consciousness was only a copy of Satella's spirit but corrupted by the sin of envy, as when Louis thought he was Subaru after having forgotten everything, stolen his body and copied his spirit. In the end he was not Subaru, so he never managed to accomplish a tenth of what Subaru accomplished himself and made decisions that were fundamentally different from him, much more cowardly, precisely because the nature of Louis' soul stood out, a soul that never generated the spirit (personality) of Subaru. Envy is therefore "probably" only a kind of parasite over which Satella does not have total control and from which she must be saved. A soulless parasite that has surely copied Satella's feelings and personality, before corrupting them with his reduced intellect and his natural evil. But their intentions are opposite, Envy just wants to keep Subaru alive at all costs to possess him, without caring about his will, his feelings are impure. While Satella is the one who really loves him and who gave him the return through death to allow him to save those who are dear to him. In an "IF" she even lets him die, because that is what he wants. Subaru indicated twice that he was going to save her, even at the edge of death, when Envie stopped saying "I love you" and Satella, in tears because of Subaru's suicide, seemed to have taken control thanks to this shock. Not to mention her supposed past with Subaru and the extremely strong feelings he has for her. The thesis of the reincarnation is not excluded. But let us pass... The camp of Emilia and Priscilla are the most powerful according to the author, therefore Subaru would not be better elsewhere. Certainly, he would not have to face any more Emilia's enemies and to face Roswaal's shenanigans, but he would suffer in another way.

People also tend to blame Subaru's entourage, but most of them are not responsible for Subaru's deaths, most of the time they are only indirectly, unconsciously and Subaru never held them responsible. Rem is a special case, since she didn't know Subaru when she killed him and equated him with a cult linked to her past, targeting the only family she had left. Who could foresee all that was going to happen in arc 4 for example, except Roswaal. But whether it's in the 5, the 6 or the 7 and even the IF, Subaru proves that it is indeed a magnet for problems. To survive, he would need Reinhard as a bodyguard, everywhere he goes permanently, which would be unbearable... Not to mention that it's not even 100% guaranteed if we take the example of arc 1 where he was disemboweled in front of Reinhard's eyes, arc 5 and the IF of the pride where Felt died.

Nobody asked Subaru to do what he did either, he acknowledged his wrongs, forgave those who deserved it in his eyes and clearly confessed on Emilia's lap that the main reason he was fighting so hard was that he wanted to continue to be able to live with those he loved, but how could he fulfill his own wish if he didn't save them? People think that Subaru is doing this out of pure altruism, but that is not entirely true. When he was willing to sacrifice himself entirely to give them a future, it was out of desperation, so as not to make all his efforts useless, but he also wanted to take his place. When you save the life of a loved one, for example, are you really doing it for their sake or is it because you don't want to live without them? Human beings are by nature selfish, very few of them know how to act with pure altruism, without ulterior motives. Subaru made it clear that he would not give up his feelings for Rem, almost as if he was willing to become unfaithful for his own sake. After rejecting her for Emilia, he made a promise to Rem, which he wasn't even sure he could keep. Subaru also tried to instill in Emilia a sense of gratitude for saving him, even though she had not asked for his help in the first place and had even rejected him. He apologized for trying to impose his feelings, but still shamelessly tried to impose Rem on Emilia right after declaring himself to her, regardless of her opinion, despite hypocritically proclaiming in the past that he was faithful to her, wanted to be her knight, and told her mother that he could never share Emilia and Rem with another man. Besides, it is not for nothing that Subaru felt so disgusted with himself in the light novel, for having made such a greedy and lascivious request to Emilia who was at that time still too innocent and ignorant to understand correctly the concept of romantic love. So it is clear that even Subaru knows that he is not just a nice martyr, he also acts for himself, sometimes even selfishly. In short, Subaru could have run away and chosen safety, but he chose to take the responsibility of supporting Emilia in the section by becoming her knight, despite all that it implied, but it made him happy. So he is more responsible for his situation than the others. He saved Ram and Rem out of principle and goodness, but nothing forced him to do so. Just as he also saved other people "outside the Emilia camp"... After, don't think that Subaru would die to save each person, in certain loops, he was ready to continue in spite of certain sacrifices. To die is not a harmless act after all, it is the experience that everyone dreads to live one day, we cannot ask him to live it several times to save everyone. It's unnatural enough as it is, if Subaru can save more people by dying to save his loved ones, that's fine, but he won't die just to save strangers. Otherwise this act has no symbolism.

Subaru will leave any camp, if he is taken there without his knowledge. He will certainly commit suicide too.
Vrex123458 chapter 1 . 5/30
Can you make the re zero cast react to a silent voice with Subaru replacing shoya
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
Update Watching Him Become a Hero of Justice
ChrisRedfields chapter 1 . 5/25
There is no better tool than an absolute temporal power that does not create an alternate universe, as the Pleiades tower indicated. Subaru succeeded in subjecting Reinhard to his will in an IF. But Reinhard may be more powerful than Accelerator, but both are unable to protect what they hold dear. But with a temporal power, you can always save someone who is already dead. So imagine combining such a power with an absolute cancellation powe, like Touma's which nullifies even luck and attracts misfortune, lmao. A reaction from Priscilla to this would have been fun. Even Reinhard or Satella could be killed. Satella might not be able to give Subaru a better power either, she is sealed I remind you and Reinhard couldn't even offer a power to anyone. Not to mention that Subaru's power is far superior to Ai's.
freeforall546 chapter 1 . 5/25
cant wait for more!
Uchiha jin chapter 1 . 5/15
can you please create a story where Subaru is madara please can you create a story where Subaru is madra please
Ka chapter 1 . 5/12
Dude... We need chapter 2 ASAP.
HeiHeiTurtal chapter 1 . 5/11
Chapter 2 Please! (ノヮ)ノ*:・゚
Kartoffelpotato chapter 1 . 5/5
chapter 2
alexbracco51 chapter 1 . 5/2
part 2
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