Reviews for Future Uncertain
mjaw chapter 1 . 12/13/2003
*giggling to herself*
Very true to character.
VERY well written.
Very funny and yet so extremely sad it wrenches my heart. (haven't actually laid my pretty little blues on S7 yet, ANY of it, though I haven't been able to keep from reading about it on the Internet. Oh, and Spike dying had me crying with anger and disbelief in front of my computer until I calmed down and realized I'm sure there's some point to it... I hopahopahope-a.) ;)
You're good. Really, really, really good. Nice flow, wonderful language, and again - in character. Sometimes - a lotta times - that's so rare. Some writer's seem to think to write a story they can bend the character as they please to fit it. They don't seem to understand that it's the story, and the actual writer who has to bend with extreme flexibility to fit the character. :)
Nicely done.
I like having an example, and here's one that really made me laugh:
That’s what doing a soul does to you – gives you a bloody mortality complex. “The weight of the world is on my shoulders, I have to do something about. Oh, well, I may as well up and die.”
Wonderful. The Spike-humor is so clear. Sarcastic, melancholy, to-the-point and always with a twist. And, of course, always laced with that never faltering eye for the truth. I LOVE this character. Thank you GOD for inspiring Joss! *smirk*
And thank you for being inspired enough to write this down in twenty minutes! Much fun.
A.M.L, Annie.