Reviews for Veins of Ichor
The-Sweater-Sloth chapter 2 . 5/5
Omg the Gods the line “the bastard did always have a flair for the dramatic” is literally me and ahhh I love them all!
Wondy-SW chapter 1 . 5/3
I just... Am amazed. This is so good and now I can't wait to get to know all of the other Gods and to see what kind of conflicts may come out of this sacrifice.
niktmare chapter 2 . 5/3
Okay, I promised myself I won't be screaming too much, BUT THIS CHAPTER? EXCUSE ME? AM I DEAD, BECAUSE THIS IS HEAVEN? :hearteyes:

It's official – Caidil is now my favourite. You've played into all the tropes that I'm obsessed with and I don't think I'll ever get over it.
The fact that he's a god of time and death, and he has visions of the future is just chef's kiss. I love my seer boys very much, and I cannot get over the drama of foreseeing the future and the darkness that lurks within it. The fact that he not only saw the end of the gods and the awful sacrifice they needed to make to stop it, but on top of that Evin was his friend; that's just :chefskiss: :sobs: And the thoughts on how there was nothing left of him but an echo in the earth and anunnaki's blood – I'll just turn into a sobbing mess at this point.
I can so clearly feel how tired he is, how his powers left such a visible mark on him – you are truly a master of writing, I'm in awe. Every emotion is so bright and clear, I love!
And the melancholy. The pining. I love unrequited love stories, and this one is so amazingly tragic. I cannot help but wonder for how long Caidil loved Nieba, how much of a burden it must've been to hold a secret of Evin's death, to be the one to break it to Nieba, to take the full blame for what had to happen.
It's just – my seer boys. I'm unhealthily attached already. :sobs:

And Nieba – her anger, her grief, they're so potent even after 200 years. The fact that she was the one to actually kill Evin makes the whole situation so much more tragic, my god, you really did that. :sob: I love it, I love how it ties so twistedly into the goddess of creation and life theme, how *she* had to be the one to spill Evin's blood. Such a smart idea, I bow to you, my queen!

Now Itri and Zilar – their dynamic is so interesting already! A bastard with love for dramatic entrances, and a girl with her head in the clouds – just perfect. They're each other's opposites and it works; and the fact that all the gods know they're a duo only adds to it.
Their non-verbal communication is also perfect and I cannot wait to see more of them in the future. Definitely caught my attention :eyes:

Daddy Ixtilaf continues to be daddy, I see him and I am watching him very closely. I need to see if he truly thrives in his duties :shakingeyes:

And the ending! You tease, now I won't be able to sleep until I know what Caidil saw. :sob:

Now, some lovely quotes from my lovely boy:
"But a pair of dove-white wings appeared behind Ixtilaf, the faintest flutter of wind against feather announcing her arrival, and his breath caught in his throat." – The amount of pining, I am not ready for this.

"Did she know he softened his words slightly for her? Did she know he took a chisel to his throat to try and pry off the marble thorns that made his words sound barbed?" – :sobs: this is so soft, I can't

"Only Nieba stared at him with that awful look on her face. That anger he hadn't seen since the day they had sacrificed Evîn. She had never stopped holding it against him." – these two will kill me, I already know this and I cannot wait to see my heart break. It's just incredible, how she hates him for sealing Evin's fate, for taking away her love. Do I hope one day she'll try and see things from Caidil's perspective? That it wasn't his choice? Yes, but also I want all the ugly. Ugh, I just want all the pining, and also to see my boy Caidil happy, I feel so conflicted D:

This chapter was absolutely STUNNING, you're a poet, and I cannot wait to see more of your breathtaking prose! :heart:
fata orphei chapter 2 . 5/3
MAAAAAAAAM i am already in love with all of the gods omfg. This whole chapter was so beautiful ! SO my thoughts on dynamics: Caidil loves Nieba, but Nieba never forgave him for the death of Evîn, as such that love Caidil has is a nightmare for him because she basically hates him. Then Itri and Zilar are close in some manner of way, could be a close friendship could be more ehehehehe. I also love Taniyn just flying in as a dragon and then was she naked ? LOL icon. you did a WONDERFUL JOB HOESIS this chapter was immaculate and i am very excited to submit hehehehe
leahrnd chapter 2 . 5/3
oh my god i’m already obsessed with the gods and their dynamics like? caidil truly has my heart now bc not only am i a sucker for the “hates everyone but her” trope, but also the added spiciness of the fact that he sentenced her lover to death? omg it’s so good! also i loved itri and zilar as well, i’m getting major power couple vibes, which i’m so here for. i think caidil, nieba, and taniyn are my favorites so far, but i’m also so intrigued by all of them, so i definitely can’t wait to know more about them!

the world-building is phenomenal and i’m so obsessed with it. the writing is so gorgeous and so vivid, i can picture everything so clearly in my mind, like the scenes and the characters, all of it. part of me wonders if evin isn’t as dead as he seems, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking bc i’m in love with dev patel lmao. also, that ending? so mysterious…i’m very curious as to why the first sacrifice needed to be a god but this next one is anunnaki? my working theory is that it’s something to do with evin’s blood that created them, but idk…

definitely obsessed with this fic now, if i wasn’t already before, and i cannot wait for more of it!
tyozzie123 chapter 2 . 5/3
YOOOO? THEY'RE ALL SO COOL! Oh my god I'm gonna love all of them. Gosh your descriptions are so good! I drank this chapter up so fast omfg. Great job!

Oh okay tea so Caidil is in love with Evin's girlfriend *eye emoji* I seeeees interesting. Ah so he can see a prophecy, but I still wonder why only one 'half god' is needed when a full god was needed before. Rather interesting...I can't wait to see if it's explained further next chapter!

Ah! Ok so Taniyn loves to seduce humans huh? So theoretically she's up for grabs for anunnaki affection. Hehe yess I love her. Golden dagger aimed right at the heart.

And Zilar! I love him oh my I have such a thing for somewhat egotistical guys okay sue me *crying emoji* But he seems really interesting, and his dynamic with Itri seems like it could be interesting to explore more. I can't tell if I'm getting lovers or more of a sibling bond...interesting!

Anyway again great job! I'm sure I'll reread it again later and catch something even better next time lol
L.C. Carraway chapter 1 . 5/2
TTSW THIS IS AMAZING. You know how excited I am for this. This first chapter is the perfect introduction - truly, you’re killing it. It’s such a different world from the books, but I don’t feel confused at all. You put so much time into world building that its effortless to step into as a reader.

I adore Nieba. My heart breaks for her. I also love that while she’s clearly a sympathetic god, you can still see how important her duty as a god is to her. I mean, she killed the one she loved. You write her so beautifully. I mean, the whole chapter is beautifully written. It has such poetic imagery, and it truly is just amazing.

I cannot wait to learn more about Evin and why he “had” to die and the gods part in it. I am also so excited for the Anunnaki. This is such a creative and original idea, and I am so hype to see where you take this. You are magic, this is magic, I’m obsessed.
Altomi chapter 1 . 4/27
OK now that was a way to start a story! Such beautiful prose describing the aftermath of such a brutal sacrifice. I can't wait to see where you take this especially considering all the world building you have on the site, this story looks like it is going to be a wild ride!
niktmare chapter 1 . 4/27

I have no idea how you managed to create such a strong atmosphere in such a short chapter, I am truly blown away. Your writing is so vivid, your metaphors always stunning, this is pure poetry and I'll reread this at least a thousand times. I wish I could peek into your mind, because I'm sure it is just as beautiful :crying:

Nieba is truly the perfect character to introduce the story with, she feels so strongly that I cannot help but feel for her. She seems so pure and loving, such a protector, I am already in love with her and will die for her. (Also, she gives me strong Ina vibes and you know how much I love my queen Ina :heart:)

Ixtilaf is also very interesting and I love how you made him so soft in the presence of Nieba's grief. I adore when gods of seemingly negative things like wrath can show a whole range of emotions, and are soft around their loved ones. He's already a complicated character, and I can't wait to find out more about him!

And Evin. Our beautiful sacrifice. I hope we'll learn more about his relationship with Nieba, and I'm eyeing it very strongly, because I just know it'll rip my heart to shreds. And of course you killed the soft boy, I am not even surprised anymore :crying:

I could quote this whole chapter line by line, it was so good, but I'm too lazy, so I'll just mention my favourite parts!
"His blood soaked the soles of her feet as she stepped through the leaking carnage" - what a perfect way to start a chapter! It's so vivid and simple, yet violent, a reader just can't help but get immersed into the story right away. I'm already in love and I dread what's yet to come.

"Life and death. Death and life. Always one. Always coexisting in her chest. Chambers echoing each other." - I just love this whole part. Chambers echoing each other, what a smart, interesting way to put it.

"Something about her voice was fragile, a feather falling down from the heavens, a piece of thread unravelling until it snapped." BEAUTIFUL. JUST BEAUTIFUL.

"His hand was firm on her shoulder, and when he stepped in beside her, Nieba saw the shadows curling around his arms, wisps of reverse-starlight braiding through the air like wind." - Once again I am blown away at how beautiful your metaphors are. This is such a vivid picture, so ethereal, I love!

"They had sat side-by-side along one of the stone walls, a waterfall sprinkling down below their feet, looking like a rainfall of crushed diamonds" - I am repeating myself at this point, but a rainfall of crushed diamonds? Such a beautiful picture, I can see that so clearly, and I absolutely love how you use gold, gems and stars to enhance the ethereal, otherworldly feel of the story. Absolutely gorgeous!

"and those who are gold will avenge me…" - I got actual chills when I read that, such a powerful line, you're truly a master, pls share some of your talent :pleadingface:

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us! This story will kill me, then bring me back to life, only to kill me again, I swear! D:
Can't wait to see what else you planned for us! :eyes:
The-Sweater-Sloth chapter 1 . 4/27
Ooh this sounds really good! The descriptions were excellent and it really captivated me! Can’t see what you do with the story!
tyozzie123 chapter 1 . 4/27
OMG THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I am so ready for this and the imagery is amazing! I hope to submit!
fata orphei chapter 1 . 4/27
SARAAAAAAA THIS DESERVES ALL THE HYPE IVE BEEN SO EXCITED FOR IT AND YOU NEVER FAIL TO DISAPPOINT ughhhhh so beautiful so wonderful. your language is poetry and this idea is SO UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL i am at a loss for words. i love nieba's internal turmoil when it comes to evîn and i cANNOT WAIT to read more