Vero Diaz chapter 47 . 10/21/2023
I hope you’re doing better and hopefully can continue this story
Guest chapter 47 . 8/3/2023
Love this story, what a beautiful chapter. ️
Margaret Redmon chapter 47 . 7/30/2023
I loved this chapter and would loved to have seen Lucas face when Nathan told him Elizabeth was alive anf that they wrre married. That would have been so exciting. So happy for Elizabeth to have some feeling in her feet. I'm really anxious for them to all get home
Great writing!

I could visualize zl
Karen Martin chapter 47 . 7/30/2023
BOY! Nathan revealing his wedding band was the BEST! Lucas lunging for Nathan like an animal and then yelling his name over and over. LOL! YEAH for Elizabeth getting the feeling back in her legs! Good things you!
Eilie Hunter chapter 47 . 7/30/2023
This was such a difficult story to read, yet I am grateful for the joy and hope in recent chapters.
There was just desserts for LB and I loved that Nathan revealed Elizabeth is living and is his wife.
Not surprised at LB’s hatred but everyone saw his true colors, including his attorney!
Wiggling toes was a delightful addition, by the way.
Guest chapter 47 . 7/30/2023
Chapter 47 was great. Thank you. It is obvious that you and I equally dislike Lucas!
SaSeLi777 chapter 47 . 7/30/2023
I love how Lucas lost it. It just seems more natural to his ‘real’ personality and not the fake ‘patience’ that he used to manipulate others.
Donna Barr Krolewski chapter 46 . 7/27/2023
I was so happy to see a new chapter of this story…it’s one of my favourites. I had to go back and reread a few chapters to bring myself up to date and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. It’s good that they are finally able to start heading home and I’m excited forNathan’s new position. I hope your health continues to improve…one day at a time! ️
Ann Power-Wolfe chapter 46 . 7/26/2023
Take care of yourself first and foremost, we will wait for chapters and will happily read them when they arrive! God bless!
Karen Martin chapter 46 . 7/25/2023
I'm so excited they are heading home! I'm so glad you included Charlotte in this story. Being a grandma for 2 years now, I love that Allie and Jack have a grandma with them, and that Charlotte and Tom are a big part of their lives now. YEAH for the Inspector job!
Karen Martin chapter 45 . 7/23/2023
I am so grateful you had them discuss what they felt the day they hugged after the transfer. SO glad you made it clear that Elizabeth was NOT thinking at all about Jack then! I despise how the show lied to us on that!
dpmancill chapter 46 . 7/24/2023
So thankful you're feeling better and I'm still very vested in this story. Continue to take care of yourself and please keep writing.
Guest chapter 46 . 7/23/2023
I don't remember who Charlotte is.
Eilie Hunter chapter 46 . 7/23/2023
So happy to see this update posted.
Thanks for allowing Nathan to be recognized and promoted and for Gabriel to join him in Hope Valley.
Glad Elizabeth is healing and finding comfort in Nathan’s caring arms.
Looking forward to LB learning some truths, including about his mother and Hargreaves’ capture.
Lets get the darkness exposed!
Guest chapter 46 . 7/23/2023
Absolutely beautiful ️
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