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Debbie Hicks chapter 31 . 1/4
32. Chapter 32. Then used my powers was emerging too late my voice took on a tone of a Vulcan woman slowly was not human as the dawn of our days from as all tomorrows from the time of the beginning so shall be to you my husband I Consecrate as all that who Am I was in fact Born with Teenaged Ocampan ears was shell shaped used my powers to mind meld had regal slanted eyebrows Alice what is she Vulcan suffered a Mating drive the Pon 'Farr happens every seven years not sleeping or eating she's what Telepathic by psionic touch psychically her daughter is with him is her mated husband oh my god she's is what bonded by Marriage First deal with Victoria then settle peacefully my husband gasp her blood is what Gaean forest Green oh my god had a daughter is what Bene Gesserit was in fact not from the planet Earth but from the planet Vulcan was ordered to breed on him was in fact his concubine then suddenly used the Voice a Resonating order by echoing was dressed in these clothes long hair was rare in Vulcan women in a clip two with hair pins was a mess it was from Starman TV Series was a Syrannite following Surak Greetings Admiral my fingers were in a Vulcan hand salute so he followerd was so calm by nature what is she survived to adulthood is from her parents her mother looked like T'Les of her Adult Ocampan ears are shell-shaped and pointed had her firmer slanted eyebrows her father a human mated with an adult Vulcan female had a daughter so she books in her twenties who is he my husband oh no martrioed wearing rings are wedding well congratulations first contact started then a slap sorry sir how very formal madam how tall is she 5.6 meters then it came never was human Nessie was telling I Found a most Amazing with a fossil rock of all Mother yes daughter herself looked at 7 was 6 months old her hair long in a Bun with a braid hand cropped bangs dressed like a Vulcan girl of their Younger female name Everyone will call me T'Lar her name is T'Selis he is cosplaying Edward was embarrassed what he wore from Star Trek: Enterprise was in fact posing from the 22nd century in his best hair grew by a machine had it styled but rearranged he wore points was with fixed but waxen eyebrows he was very nervous in these regal but formal Vulcan robes of Red was the color of their world was so cold hands folded in a serene way name Surak gasp he is cosplaying the Cullens did best friends and young ones had kids Greetings we need to find her and them before she is dangerous we will help you nuked freely both sliced so them best friends then it came too late to the rest/ aliens/Vulcans/the both three then good guilty of crimes tore in pieces then lost from here hordes drained of blood then cursed to live forever brought the had kids freaks are forbidden are nuked beheaded from here not humans at all what not human she looks from the planet Vulcan then it came us/them adapted healed by recovery healed more sequencing recovered she is what not from our planet then it came adapting to Immortality was in fact with burned blood was a fully ti,me sworn Vulcan priestess newly-ordained by God the both rings fused was in fact pure so her them my priesthood both good lord man they did to us we hunted animals so us/them myself held a ritual Native American dagger who vow to slay them in my path in fact was a right line daughter was a Murderess like T'Theliah had a killing gift bred true to the selective breeding program from Paul's novel Spock's World was from Star Trek it was sharp who swear in the name of the gods/goddesses vowing to guard my home world suddenly holographic nuclear atomic bombs glowing but suddenly began roaring Momma Mia Sir! it was his best friend yes cool Sis oh ,my word what is that crashing sounds from the giant screen from a special Strom oh no its war pardon what from here like on our planet she kills animals by deaden their sources by force good god man she is very lethal with a weapon then it came too soon nuked freely fled with as all of from around the world's supernatural beings good departed nuked freely blew hordes drained last of more monstrous with Ours with them it happened never aged again twice too late Nessie looked older by now then who look young again then too late never was alive then nuked was gone see this Victoria/others two are ripped apart die their screams was heard hordes of them then with our own/theirs blew up with as all of them /few/remains from around the world's/aliens/Vulcans covens/packs good what a murderess breed like her nuked kills both but hordes ripped loose bitten both to last ones/final ones nuked without memories vanished aboard with deported things good without parents nuked freely good trapped in Cloak Blown up good with them as all of more than as all of them monstrously displaced are with them what merging with it nuked freely forged as better station are split a race of their own vanished good lost with ten nuked from here aboard good what from as all of it Hawaii as all of them did the ceremonial with more monstrously exodus from here never return to Earth from here use Parents are slaves good wiped the rest but followed aboard will find a planet to thrive nuked freely but latest but finalist ones fled bring them as all of them good they vanished in exile suddenly hang on folks decloaking now see crap what are these alien symbols are these it's Vulcan yes then we escaped from Earth hold on to your seats it's the gravity guess we are going to Mars you Moron Not Mars it's my planet Momma Mia cool hang on team but broken the glass we are going to meet them what is that Venus oh my glorious beautiful world theme Starcom huh she was too young but too little at 7 ears old of age Darla poked
the small child was curious who had long black hair with bangs wore a bow brown eyes' more than were curious Pretty world hang on folks going to be Martians then it came landing it whirled winds from Caleb and Hannah's quarters suddenly more as all of it by as all of it went too late losing few but more as all of them their own virginity from each other her moans was head he was in estrus in heat he felt her need then bodies and words more moaning then as all of it then suddenly too late Strom grumbling he's breeding on her oh no then he resumed then her loud pleasurable sounds echoing hardest with them nuked was in fact more too late sharper in the morning marked her as his woman then told him privately in time kids born so they as all of them too late but fled freely left from here but these vanished fled Freely to the planet Vulcan from here it nuked was a starship by now it was faster by now then blew freely warp speed was real now 2023-2388 by now fastest then it crashed forged a land rover by now rumbling by now onto the planet Vulcan our newest planet it was changed but humans were teenagers deported more monstrously as all of with pack teenagers to be adopted but it came too late never was returning there.
Guest chapter 30 . 12/17/2022
Great story progress and I like the relationship between everyone involved
leggylover03 chapter 30 . 12/17/2022
Enjoyable chapter. I do hope you update again soon
BriSha01 chapter 29 . 12/4/2022
No, yo tan poco
Depende de ti...
EdibleArt chapter 29 . 12/3/2022
I no longer receive notifications for stories I subscribe to including this one. Love that you keep us updated and hope that you will post a new chapter soon!
mommyof3boys chapter 29 . 12/3/2022
Check your settings. I noticed it too and now ff automatically sets email notifications to no after 6 months
Moonlight Howlin chapter 29 . 12/3/2022
If you go to your account, near the bottom, there's a button that has to be switched " on" for you to receive messages. I wondered the same thing first, until I noticed that.
It automatically turns off every 90 dans...
BriSha01 chapter 28 . 12/2/2022
Sigo pensando que Bella se lo puso demasiado fácil a Edwart
leggylover03 chapter 28 . 11/30/2022
good chapter! can't wait for Rosalie to see her
leggylover03 chapter 27 . 11/21/2022
Get well soon and may your dreams be filled with the next chapter
leggylover03 chapter 26 . 11/11/2022
I hope they move back in soon
leggylover03 chapter 25 . 11/5/2022
Good chapter! Why would Bella return to the reservation if Edward is back? Update soon please
Elizabeth chapter 24 . 10/31/2022
I love this chapter so so much! Great job writing it! I’m curious is this the only book you’ve published or are their more, I would love to see more of your writing in any format or topic.
leggylover03 chapter 24 . 10/30/2022
Great chapter!
leggylover03 chapter 23 . 10/25/2022
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I must have the next chapter!
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