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Hadeen chapter 69 . 10h
SAO is a cool story. I am enjoying the MC and his party. Struggling with PTSD and survivors guilt is tough and this is a good start.
guest chapter 64 . 6/12
when is the next chapter of this story coming out?
reader0007 chapter 75 . 6/10
so this is what you mean by misunderstanding,Nurarihyon is fooling Tatsuya by overrating and overhyping the cult's power to discouraging Tatsuya's desire for revenge.

i hope the misunderstanding didn't get dragged on for too long and get resolved quickly in the near future. never really fond of a misunderstanding that end up inflicting the feeling of inferiority and make the MC overly underestimate himself.

it is just a recipe for a disaster in the making, in the from of self-angst drama. where the MC is complaining and whining about being so weak,useless,and didn't deserve to live,when in reality they are respectably quite strong and could bitchslap the majority of the characters in the series.

reading a character who think like that is as annoying as hearing a handsome celebrity complaining that his face is ugly,or a person who have 7 digit income per year complaining that they are dirtpoor.
Efail1 chapter 75 . 6/9
Hmm this story kind of just feels off compared to the others. Like two different story ideas are being forced into one rather than being their own thing and it's suffering from trying to make it work.

You started off with the main character being someone that reincarnated into a prominent shinto clan but then you had them willfully never learn anything about the supernatural despite going to a school exclusively part of that clan and having a father that is high up within the faction. I can understand not having a main character who knows the plot of the world he's in but this willful ignorance just makes it feel like you could have just not made him a reincarnated person at all and just made him a normal child and nothing would have changed since he kind of lacks any sort of problem-solving skills or ability to think through situations on his own right now despite supposedly being older before.

Some of his problems are also pretty easy to figure out like 'oh three clones at once and I'm brain dead I'll never do that again!' why not just try one instead of three? Or bring your dog to kill you if you go brain-dead in there to reset you... or have a sword hang over your head that stays there by being tied to your clone so when they poof the sword falls and kills you to reset. There are just so many solutions to the problem that are pretty easy to figure out but rather than figuring out solutions to his problems he kind of just throws fits and stops trying or seeks other people's answers.

The whole Youkai arc also just kind of feels lame? Everything feels forced and like it doesn't actually match up with the rest of the story in order to force conflict. Rather than make it personal or have any sort of meaning or have any stake in things it's kind of just 'haha watch this moron shout about youkai, why am I even here?' forced plot stuff. The mangaku subplot is also just left to the wayside as a sort of automatic power-up process that's kind of just not used beyond some minor plot stuff that hasn't been made relevant yet. What's the point in having it being mangaku rather than a template system if it just hasn't been relevant to anything he's done so far?
aabhijithvc123 chapter 75 . 6/8
can somebody comment the invite link for the discord sever the one shown in the authors note says its invalid or expired
svenijsselsteijn chapter 73 . 6/8
love this story my man
Guest chapter 75 . 6/5
He really got humbled by that old man. He has finally started to realize the power scaling of the world. Hopefully he can train hard enough to make it to the top
Guest chapter 75 . 6/5
nice little test battle with nurarihyon
Guest chapter 75 . 6/5
he should totally make twin shadow assassins

and since his shadow clones have different personalities by default it would still look like twins

to separate his identities from his real one

really sell his diseption or however you spell it

cuz nornal tatsuya doesnt have a twin brother
svenijsselsteijn chapter 75 . 6/6
More of story 10 plz
littleditto chapter 75 . 6/5
Another interesting addition
Cyan-Snake chapter 75 . 6/5
"Do you want to introduce yourself?"
Why the cringe line? Sorry to say this is your worst story of the snippets.
ChulK chapter 75 . 6/5
Thanks for the chapter.
hakuno96 chapter 75 . 6/5
Muy buen capítulo.
Sigo diciendo lo pero está es mi historia favorita, no puedo esperar para poder leer más.
mir19 chapter 75 . 6/5
Do the ' deal with the devil' next. I really want to see the return of lightbringer to heaven
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