Reviews for Pokémon Adventures: Brick Bronze
2b2tEternalLegend chapter 38 . 7/9
Hmmm...I really like the fact that you appreciate my story enough to make a review!

About the description thing:
Early on, the story suffers from some poor writing. This was a consequence of me being a more inexperienced writer. It gets WAY better later in the story, (read Chapter 38 to see what I mean.) and I have often considered 'revamping' the earlier chapters, like making them much longer, improving word choice, and maybe adding some more interesting things. (I did this with Indwelt: Part 1.)

All in all, if you like it so far, then it only gets better, at least in my mind. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read my other story, Pokémon Adventures: Legends of Arceus as well. It is probably my most detailed work, and I like it just as much as Brick Bronze.

And please, please do not post a guest review! I want to be able to PM you if you have any more questions, and not clutter up the review page.

May your cloak be warm and your journey swift!
Anonymous chapter 1 . 7/8
Very cool, although imo there should be more descriptions, like how does the town and people with whom Bronze interact look.
But I didnt expect the writing style and choice of words to be so good for a pokemon fanfic. I mean, I like it so far.
2b2tEternalLegend chapter 1 . 6/16
Wow! That is one long review! I will help to answer your questions:

Cypress wanted to use Yveltal's destructive powers to help create the entrance to the Distortion World. when that failed, he had Jirachi show him how to make two machines, the Metaspacial Extruder and the Metaspacial Intruder, that could make the rift.

I chose not to put in Galar because the Sword and Shield story arc isn't finished when I started writing. As such, characters like Henry Sword and Casey Shield do not exist. (Dev Reveal: The Sword and Shield story arc takes place 50 YEARS after Brick Bronze. The Galar region was eventually developed in that time. Red is now a old fuddy-duddy, haha.)

I did know about the timeline thing. I thought it was too confusing for new readers, so I literally changed the order of events. Instead of taking place over 20 years, the entire saga takes place over roughly 12-13 years. So, Red is in his 20s, not his 30s.

About the name changes, Harry is already a character in-universe, so I named Henry something similar. Gabe is also a GYM LEADER, so I changed the Eclipse Admin's name to Eric to avoid confusion. On the Gym Leaders...well, lets just say I get PHYSICAL PAIN whenever I type to name 'Fissy' or 'Zeek' as a serious character.

On Emrett's powers...they just work. That all. I wanted to have a form of dark magic without calling it 'Anomalous Thaumaturgic Extranormal Hume-Factor Manipulation.' It wasn't supposed to be a factor, other then 'Dark magic bestowed my Hoocifers essence.' (Hoopa Lucifer.) Cypress is a evil bastard, the end. Emrett doesn't have a actual basis, although he will make soem cameos in my written adaptions.

Thanks you so much for a informative, none crappy comment!
(Also, please log in. I would like to be able to message you privately if you have any more questions, instead of cluttering up the reviews page.)
Anonymous chapter 1 . 6/16
Here is my comprehensive review of this story, after reading it thoroughly:

Overall Rating: 8/10 to 9/10.

Strengths: VERY good word choice and tone. Things have consequences, Bronze isn't a Gary Su, sticks to the original style of the Pokémon Special manga. (or Adventures comics.) A good, somewhat downer ending for Ghetsis. (I always hated Colress.) Interesting villains, (mostly Emrett, Henry and Eric are losers.) and a really...interesting ending. (Also, the Bronze Brick NOT being a central part of the story early on was a interesting move, which I think turned out well.)

Weaknesses: Suffers from some poor writing early on, grammar errors, (although they do not make the story unintelligible) the villains plot is REALLY convoluted, (What was he even doing with Yveltal? A alternate method of creating the new world?) Cypress's abilities weren't that overpowered, even though I think it wanted him to be. (Just kill them already!)

Comments: I have read most of the manga, and I have to say it really would be a good ending to the series. Brick Bronze was really popular back in the day, so this being inspired by it and turning out actually good was pretty satisfying. The only other high-quality Brick Bronze story isn't finished, (such a shame) and this one wrapped things up. I can't wait until you finish your written adaptions of the comics!

A few questions:
2: The timeline you listed is incorrect. Heart Gold and Soul Silver, along with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire happen BEFORE Diamond and Pearl, not AFTER. Why did you do this? Considering your in-depth knowledge of the series, you probably know about that.
3: I looked on the wiki, and Henry is actually named Harry, and Eric is named Gabe. Also, the sixth Gym Leader is named Fissy, not Arvin, and the seventh is named Zeek, not Zephan. Why the name change?
4: How do Emrett's powers work, exactly? Does he have any in-universe basis?

That's all, for now. Keep writing!
JReddSSBU chapter 1 . 6/6
Well, this is looking pretty good. I think I got a new story I'm gonna binge read.