Reviews for Sonic and the Sword
zeldastep chapter 28 . 4/15/2012
This is kinda old but i really like it cuz its the first sonic and zelda x-over ive read! gonna go read the sequal next
FuryNinja chapter 4 . 12/27/2006
Theres was a error when you said link said said just leting you kno but great chapter!
Harpy Link chapter 1 . 6/26/2005
O. !That was great!I love Sonic Zelda crossovers!

Only someone would write a Sonic Zelda and Rayman crossover.;; I'm goen off topic,Link as Maria's decendent cool!I always thought they were alot alike.

This work deserves an award!*Gices you Sonic plushie*.

Jortalus chapter 1 . 10/25/2003
I am sorry I sorta went off on you m(), forgive me? I just don't like being told stuff that I know already. no problem, I forgive you, and hope you fogive me...
m chapter 27 . 10/25/2003
geez, sorry, ok?

I didn't read his profile. I just wrote about what i saw. Sorry.
Warrior of Virtue chapter 29 . 10/25/2003
Nice! Start writing that sequel imediatly!
bitbyboth chapter 29 . 10/25/2003
Kewl! I can't wait for the sequel! I love your story!Continue your writing and I hope you can get the sequel up soon!
Dragonkiller chapter 29 . 10/25/2003
I wouldn't worry about the space time continuim if I were them. I would worry about the sequel. SEQUEL, WAHOO!
Hitokiri Annikai chapter 28 . 10/14/2003
uh um i guess it was pretty good. It is just that it is early and I have nothing clever to say. I just wanna know what happened to shade.
bitbyboth chapter 28 . 10/13/2003
OH...interesting!I like this story I want it to end and yet...I don't ;_; so many thoughts. This is such a good quality story you have to continue soon!-
Warrior of Virtue chapter 28 . 10/12/2003
It is great.
Dragonkiller chapter 28 . 10/12/2003
I have to say, this is a story that would be cool to have a sequel, but doesn't need one. Do it anyway.
Thorn Elemental chapter 27 . 10/7/2003
I'm all caught up now! stupid homework...
Hitokiri Annikai chapter 27 . 10/7/2003
Do it agian and this time with more feeling... What the hell am I saying. Pretty good but I think it I starting to sound like a yoai.

P.S. I just said that to piss you off. So are you angry?
Dragonkiller chapter 27 . 10/7/2003
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