Reviews for Two Minds, One Wand
Guest chapter 77 . 5/11
He posted chap 90 on his pae tron just yesterday, just not uploading here for some reason. Probably cause ao3 or whatever took his story down from there
caparthian7 chapter 77 . 5/11
Waiting for the update, hope u dont have a writer's block or something
ctrex chapter 77 . 5/9
Been a couple months. Glad to find this.

While i think this was one of the better chapters, i can’t help but feel that’s its doing the same - hint of progress. I do like Pansy’s inclusion.

Nice that Harry left a lasting impression on past Voldy. Wonder what’ll change to canon… doesn’t seem like much. Cool to think that bella’s a sleeper agent. Harry getting narcissa in the past can be fun.

Tracey does not seem reeducated… at all. Her mark could prove effective though.

Wonder what Lily is gonna do, change their keeper to whom? Peter? Harry? I like that she deduced Harry’s upbringing.
Guest chapter 77 . 4/24
If Harry got Voldemorts' memories, then he would not have any inclination to have sex he would instead be driven to insanity.
Guest chapter 60 . 4/18
This fic started out pretty simple and hot, now it just feels sad and depressing
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 77 . 4/20
Help keeping things on track from unexpected places.
saransk chapter 77 . 4/19
Hey, will You update story today?
Wika0304 chapter 77 . 4/8
Please update, I love it
Siegrain09 chapter 77 . 4/8
please update i love
this story
Phazer12 chapter 77 . 4/4 many things being changed and fixed through the past life, Helena being sent away, horcrux being all strewn about, Bella being so crazy, Why Peter became secret keeper, how were the longbottom breached
Phazer12 chapter 76 . 4/4
I think it should be high time Harry looks into Ginny...he has got his suspicions rising with the dueling but looks like he's got no time
hinny2023 chapter 71 . 4/2
Stoic Harry Ruthless VolemortJokey/juvenile flirting. "poke her ribsnudged her shoulderpinched her bottom"? make it make sense.

Story has so much going for it but authors kinks are...well killing the immersion as well as the characters.

We almost had a good harry x harem story.
hinny2023 chapter 69 . 4/2
skimmed through the portrait sequence. author wants go drag every new additon out for as long as he can.

Weird as it is this HarryMort feels OOC. He would be way more ruthless with Bellatrix/Sofia for example but maybe im nitpicking.

Jut feels like this fic is running out of steam as most of them do.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/31
Update please.. very much invested in this fic
Travis99 chapter 77 . 4/1
Twins, yes
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