Reviews for Great Grand-Uncle Schimmelhorn's Toolbox
treviondrown chapter 47 . 5h
Guest chapter 47 . 4/11
thanks for this chapter, the Amy is most pleased im sure
ElyseSyrova chapter 47 . 4/12
Yay! the return of Papa, Taylor, and all the madness of Beneath!
c-wolf chapter 47 . 4/12
Suddenly picturing uber and leet somehow creating a machine that could create armor and weapons for ravens. all of a sudden the amy has an armed avian patrol force
Storiesdr chapter 47 . 4/12

Pity whoever threatens "The Amy" because the Flock won't!

Good chapter! Thank you for updating.
alex.prevett chapter 47 . 4/11
Yes, ravens do love to tell stories. All hail The Amy. Thanks for the chapter.
Syphon01 chapter 33 . 4/11
You know Pi you really should do a spinoff story of the Antics of Edgar Dallon Poe and his ravens of doom.
he is my favourite character in this story
TigerCat chapter 47 . 4/11
Amy, the Murderer.
LancsKid chapter 47 . 4/11
“This just in the slaughterhouse have been found dead, reports indicate a murder murdered them… or a lot of crows which is a murder that killed them, some of the crows exhibit parahuman like ability that are being called paracrow by experts in capes.” Cue a zebra (siberian) crow strutting past in the background of the shot.
Mitochondria chapter 47 . 4/11
This just in, a flock of ParaRavens just took down Lung. For those who do not know, last month every raven in Brockton Bay triggered when The Amy was attacked by a group of Empire 88 thugs.
Greyff chapter 47 . 4/11
A nonhuman perspective, and well done at that.
I expect some of the experiments with Underneath and Hyperspace will yield some interesting results and questions. If the brain tumors are sufficiently alike in size/shape, will it be possible to swap them out? If the Pollentia and Gemma are active, would it be possible to just cut the blood supply to those parts of the brain (very fine control to target just those capillaries) but might be something Taylor could manage.
If nothing else, just a restriction in blood flow without cutting it off entirely might cause significant delays or restrictions on their power.
Greyff chapter 46 . 4/11
She is not only The Amy she is Their Amy. Should anyone attack her the flock will respond.
TheLastGarou chapter 47 . 4/11
Ravens and crows are ABSOLUTELY smart enough that this isn't much of a stretch. I love it. _
shugokage chapter 47 . 4/11
Great job on this hilarious chapter!
Guest chapter 47 . 4/10
Glorious, simply glorious. All hail The Amy!
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