Reviews for Worth the Fight
QueenGB chapter 47 . 1/29
Forgiveness is devine B/E. Thank you for finishing this story. Life is a hard and complicated road and you did all you could to stay healthy and whole. Thanks for your writing take care if yourself.
QueenGB chapter 45 . 1/29
Drugs definitely mess with the brain. Its funny when people do bad things they blame the person/people they are doing bad things to. That shit cray!
QueenGB chapter 41 . 1/29
He shouldn’t have gotten a lack luster response from the crowd since he was a Premire fighter and got so badly hurt. Everyone loves a good comeback story. But he won! Yay!
QueenGB chapter 40 . 1/29
I don’t blame Edward im scared for him too.
QueenGB chapter 39 . 1/29
Delicious lemonade. Waiting six months to build trust and intimacy they’ve earned it.
QueenGB chapter 38 . 1/29
If Edward fights a Volturi boxer Charlie should demand inspection of the opponent’s gloves and take care of Edward’s water himself from an unopened bottlle ringside. During the weigh-in they do drug testing too. I hope Edward wins.
QueenGB chapter 37 . 1/28
I thought James had made bail and was subsequently talking shit about Emmett being abusive and taking steroids. Hes back in jail? Good. Emmett is going to go through it.
QueenGB chapter 36 . 1/28
If i were Edward i would be afraid to get back into the ring since the commission isn’t penalizing Volturi. It makes since that he put that fancy degree he’s proud of to work and help Bella and Charlie build Bulldog into a global brand.
QueenGB chapter 34 . 1/28
They are some stupid fuckers that in just eight months after this happened to one of their fighters under Caius they have a fighter using brass knuckles. I can’t wait to see what the commission does. The police too. Emmett is probably done boxing. This is bad.
QueenGB chapter 33 . 1/28
While most consider boxing barbaric it is a sport with stringent rules and regs. James would not only be disqualified but hitting Emmett after the bell in the head like that might cost him his license, fines and penalties. Shaddy shit.
QueenGB chapter 31 . 1/28
This is a lovely date so far.
QueenGB chapter 25 . 1/27
That was a good business dinner and I like this fo focused Alice.
QueenGB chapter 24 . 1/27
I like when Charlie isnt so taciturn. Your Charlie is pretty cool.
QueenGB chapter 22 . 1/27
Honestly I was surprised about Bella’s thought’s on Charlie so their chat will be interesting. And dirty fighters going to Volturi makes sense. I bet a show down is coming in the ring. I just hope Edward doesn’t get hurt worse.
QueenGB chapter 21 . 1/27
I don’t read WIPs. I like the full story in case it never gets completed. But i wanted to say you are one of my favorite writers and I am sorry to see from your AN that you were unwell while writing. I hope you are doing well and journeying towards good health.
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