Reviews for The Trickster and the Grand Order
Luckenhaft chapter 89 . 6/14
And thus Ritsu qualified for the Pretende- Faker Class. Shirou and Archer would be proud.

I a
NewMystery356 chapter 49 . 6/2
Hm. I wonder how-powerful that ray gun truly is…
NewMystery356 chapter 47 . 6/1
Well, at least Nero had clothes on. But yeah, if Caesar and Leoidas aren’t “trying”, then something smells rotten in the city of Denmark.
NewMystery356 chapter 46 . 6/1
I AM curious whose Palace they’ll infiltrate in this Singularity. That and what it looks like; I’m guessing the Roman capital.
NewMystery356 chapter 45 . 5/31
Well, at least Ren didn’t flash her the goods~ Also, I wonder if Ren will get 2 Grails this time, or 1 Grail/Treasure and one Incarnated Servant.
NewMystery356 chapter 44 . 5/31
Nero and Morgana having the same VA and it being brought up is a nice touch~ As for Nero appearing in the bath, I wonder if this’ll be ANOTHER historical figure he’ll suck face with~
NewMystery356 chapter 43 . 5/31
You know, I never really DID think about just WHERE the Phantom Thieves stashed all their “stuff”, so I love the meta-commentary. As for the “Nero’s a girl” comment, yeah, I guess that’s shock the uninitiated~
Also, eager to see Ren pull out a [Zeus] or a [Hecatonkieres]~
Slackboy101 chapter 14 . 5/31
I am wondering if Strikers happened not going to lie
Slackboy101 chapter 12 . 5/31
Bro I know your pain... Although P3 Reloaded existing will help me want to play P3
Slackboy101 chapter 5 . 5/31
Okay, one, thanks for helping me find a way to save Olga for my story. Creative and Fitting for Persona, two. This is getting good and three... Ren's Probably going to have a non-existent Pelvis at the end of this
NewMystery356 chapter 42 . 5/31
More drama, it seems. Wonder what-all Loki will get up to, and if anyone will bring up Sleipnir…
NewMystery356 chapter 41 . 5/30
Okay, so people from P5 CAN manifest as Heroic Spirits… Loki/Akechi is certainly interesting~ This of course opens up a whole other can of worms…
NewMystery356 chapter 40 . 5/30
I wonder if Joan and Jeanne will be roommates~ As for Orobas…~
NewMystery356 chapter 38 . 5/30
I did NOT expect Ritsuka to be a Phangirl. Wonder how hard she’ll “sploosh” when she finds out~
Oh, okay, so IMMEDIATELY~
Also, Elizabeth is adorable. Hope she can go fishing for real.
NewMystery356 chapter 37 . 5/30
Deus Ex Maria, anyone~?
I wonder what the Servants’ reactions were to the TWO false gods he smacked down.
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