Reviews for Burning Bright
Angel from the Sea chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
I know you wrote this a while ago, but I was just searching for a fic that used this poem of Blake's and I found your fic. It was beautiful. You have me wishing I had someone like that whom I could turn strings attached. I love the tone, and everything about it. Perhaps you are some great author today, nine years later. But I hope you have not stopped writing. Never do.
EsScaper chapter 1 . 12/1/2004
I absolutely love this fanfic! It is SO beautifully written and filled with emotion! Your use of the poetry was perfectly used within the many others that use poems or songs in their stories cause more of a distraction. Your poem adds to the story instead of distracting from the story. Also, your use of a "threesome" was tasteful and beautiful. I don't want to go into how others could have treated such a possibility.


baby chaos chapter 1 . 11/30/2004
wow this story is totally amazing. i can tell that you're a very good writer, both from the amount of stories you have here, the way you talk about your stories in your bio, and from how well this one is written. i was also pretty happy to see that the harry potter pairings that you listed as ur favs were most of mine, which is pretty cool. i heard about this story through jean claude...something...(cant totally remember the name. its long) b/c she (he?) put you in her (his?) profile. maybe you could check out my story, flight of a raven, and give me a few pointers? its definetely not as good as this one, but im having trouble with editing and stuff. once again, i really love this story.
Chibikat the Canuck chapter 1 . 11/24/2003

That was so, *so* good. Honestly. I needed that; as you well know, the Harry Potter fandom (and the Ranma fandom...and the X-Men fandom...and the - you get it) is just reft with bad, bad fanfiction, even if the intentions are all the best.

However, wonderfully, this was an exception. The narrative was beautiful, and went right along with the poem; the way you described Sirius' feelings were dead on - not overdone, and certainly not skimpy. Just right. The words you used managed to aptly paint a picture of where he was, what everything looked like, and how he interacted with everything around him without going into needless rambling.

God. The emotions you portrayed through Sirius were Really, there was something raw and beautiful. His feeling of rejection, despite the fact he willingly gave James up to Lily was handled extremely well, as were all of his feelings once Lily approached him after his nightmare.

A less skilled writer could have horribly skewered the three-way angle, but you managed to make it all seem very...right. Poor Sirius; I could practically feel his loneliness as he cried onto Lily, after she saw his scars. ;_; It was just lovely.

That, and you had two hot men kissing, to sort of branch off from the poetic nature of your fic. XD Yum.

*coughs* Anyway, getting back on track. It ended very bittersweet with Remus - how his gentle nature reminded him of Lily, but his physicality and presence reminded him of James. It was almost heartbreaking because it was so sweet, really. XD;

The only gripe I could possibly ever have with this is that I think it ended a bit too quickly. I could've done with more from Remus and Sirius, but that's probably just because I wanted to see more hot-man-on-hot-man action. Ah well. ;

Anyway, overall, you did an absolutely wonderful job on this. Please keep writing.

Oh, by the way, I'm a friend of Kara's. XD;; She said I'd like your HP slashy fics, so away I went to read them. I thank her for the recommendation, and I thank you for the brilliant writing.

Saturn's Hikari chapter 1 . 11/1/2003
Hi! I like this. in a weird way it fits. I don't know how, but this fic does.

I'm just wondering but how do you fell about Peter P. i don't think you mentioned him in your fic, nor in any of the others I've read so far. Do you think he was a scemeing pitiful rat through out his Hogwarts years, some of those years or was he a misunderstood character?

If you wrote a fic, dealing with the Mauraders every dsay Hogwarts life, would peter spend the whole fic in the Hospital wing/detention, be a creep that James,REmus and Sirius barely tolarate or part of the team.

Sorry. I sound alot like my English Teacher with all those questions- just wondering.


-Saturn's Hikari
LadyBush chapter 1 . 7/4/2003
I love it- although I did wonder at first how many pairings could be in one short story! The thing was it was so beautifully written and the poem (strangely enough) fitted perfectly. Yes, a wonderful story. Thank you, LadyBushxx