Reviews for Bonds of Duty
Nocturnus chapter 3 . 12/20/2003
You have pick up my curiosity, what are they up to?
Goddessnmb1 chapter 3 . 12/20/2003
I really am enjoying this story, although I don't believe you left it like that. I'm assuming that the things which are unclear are meant to be so and will be cleared up by future chapters (in which case, please wrte more!). Lots of interesting little plots here, but, obviously, needs more to get them connected and understood. very nice:)
Slainte chapter 3 . 12/20/2003
Really great story you have here. I'm very interested in what has lead up to this and what the outcome will be. You have done a perfect job keeping them in character. Can't wait for more!
michelline chapter 3 . 12/20/2003
Wow - this is spectacular. So what exactly is up with Hermione? I have a guess, but that's the obvious... Am I right? :) I do admit I'm a bit confused by everything that's happening - especially by the bookstore. Can't wait for more - enquiring minds want to know!
nesscafe chapter 3 . 12/19/2003
Oh my what a facinating story! Why are Snape and Hermione together? Is Hermione sick? I can't wait for the next chapter!
Daintress chapter 3 . 12/19/2003
Alright, I'm dying to know how this all came about. Very original! I guess I'll have to check back to figure out the mystery. Hope you'll take a look at my fics as well.
Tesa1 chapter 3 . 12/19/2003
Brilliant story! Don't get what's going on yet, but I'm liking all the speculation and possible reasons for Hermione and Snape being together. Can't wait to read more. Snape seems like he's being his usual condescending self. Thank goodness you've kept him in character!
ps. who was the wizard in the green robes in Diagon Alley? And why was buying that book such a big deal? Hm... kinky magic sex. LOL. that's a new one!
Anarane Anwamane chapter 3 . 12/19/2003
great story
Drunken Brawler chapter 3 . 12/19/2003
Thank you,
This story is sensational so far, I look forward to the next installment.
Merrily yours,
Drunken Brawler
Random Loves chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
oh my I hope she's okay. Thanks for the update.
HunnySnowBunny chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
I can't WAIT for the next chapter! I want to know more! :O AH! _
This story is not only highly orginal, but also highly entertaining! I can't wait for another chapter! Snape is very much so in character as is Hermione! The scenes are well thought out and intriguing! I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out! _ But I'll try and wait patiently! _
Hugs, kisses, and Snape plushies!
LeoGryffin chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
Fantastic story so far! Can't wait for more :)
fluorescein chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
This story has so much potential. I eagerly wait for more updates and the reason Hermione is with Snape and what her duty and reason is
xxhermionesnapexx chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
interesting story... update soon! :)
Redone chapter 3 . 12/18/2003
Very interesting. Now I'd also like to know the backstory, what this arrangement is all about and why?
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