Reviews for Harry Potter and the Ritual of Love's Memory
RaiDaniels chapter 72 . 19h
nice chapter
Mewpagano chapter 72 . 22h
Excelent chapter i really like Neville too
GinnyPotter6891 chapter 72 . 2/23
It was very interesting to read your idea of everything Harry learned from his Gryffindor year mates as I'd never thought about what they offered him (besides Ron and Hermione, that is). I've read other fanfics where Padma became a healer, but Parvati's interests usually gravitated to was refreshing. Harry's and Neville's mischief with the steps (great idea to have them change into a slide and platform!) made me grin, though I was pretty sure they'd end up getting into trouble. I can't say that everything about Harry's visit at Longbottom Manor was enjoyable, but thanks to Madam Marchbanks' and Harry's efforts, Neville was able to get his Gran to see him in his own right rather than in comparison to his parents. Kudos to you for that! Hopefully the change in Augusta will be permanent.
I really did enjoy this chapter; there's still a grin on my face as I think about all the details. Thanks for making it a bit longer (that comment I left before wasn't a complaint-well, not much of one). I'm looking forward to next chapter, the sparring between Albus and Kingsley and the new ways you'll surprise us when you take us where canon never went. Have a great week!
DarkRavie chapter 72 . 2/23
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
Lucy Elizabeth Dawson chapter 72 . 2/23
Woohoo go Neville!
scrappy8 chapter 72 . 2/23
great chapter nice talk with Neville and Harry
Quill will 1981 chapter 72 . 2/23
Hi. Amazing chapter. Really loved boys having fun while sliding.
But the ending was great. The last line particularly is true.
Thanks for the update.
sherryola chapter 71 . 2/19
i really liked seeing Kingsley push back on Dumbledore. It's good to see somebody who doesn't think Dumbledore is always right and good and perfect. I'm not a fan of canon Dumbledore but like him so far in your story. I'm just naturally uncomfortable with leaders who are followed to the point of nobody questioning their actions or motives, which was how canon "good guys" behaved about Dumbledore. I've read in a few fics, where Sirius, as the surviving male in the black family could access the vault belong to Bellatrix and take the cup. i wonder ...
RaiDaniels chapter 71 . 2/19
keep going!
scrappy8 chapter 71 . 2/16
great chapter
suzana.a.portal chapter 71 . 2/18
Oi, sou um brasileiro encantado com sua história e ansio por mais, li os 71 capítulos em 4 dias e espero continuar acompanhando. Harry e Ginny para mim é Ron e Hermione são os melhores casais, mas eu amei a maneira como você incluiu mais e trouxe uma personalidade única para os outros e eu realmente quero ver Hermione e Ron juntos. Esta linha com Harry com um apoio mais próximo, com Ginny, definitivamente será muito mais bem-sucedida e eu amo cada mudança. Grande abraço e espero ansiosamente mais capítulos!
Hereforhinny chapter 71 . 2/16
Hey Dobby, is there any where in Hogwarts you don't see plotted on this map?

I know you mentioned it may not be in the same place as canon, but I figure Harry's canon logic and understand of Voldemort's mind still makes Hogwarts a likely contender
GinnyPotter6891 chapter 71 . 2/16
It's good to see Harry (with some input from Ginny) try to help assuage Hermione's grief a bit. I'm glad Ron found gainful employment to ease his own discomfort at the difference in the financial standing between him and Harry, even though he thinks about it more often than Harry does. And I'm delighted that Charlie is transferring to the Welsh dragon sanctuary. Dare I hope Charlie becomes involved in animal husbandry in the depths of the Gringotts caverns? Perhaps he and Bill can work together.
Nothing has been said about a search of the Room of Requirement. not really surprising since 'Dumbledore's Army' didn't have to use it for their meetings and Harry hasn't yet had to hide the Half Blood Prince's diary there (and knowing you, he won't need the RoR anyway). The meeting between the six Horcrux hunters ended appropriately since no one really had a clear idea what they wanted to do, except for Dumbledore. Now Harry, his nerves a bit less fraught, will be able to ruminate which idea he prefers. I do enjoy the sparring between Kingsley and Dumbledore; Kingsley is not as easily persuaded as McGonagall was in canon (or maybe steamrolled is a better description).
My only complaint about the chapter is that it seemed a bit short. I did enjoy every word of it and look forward to Chapter 72 next week! Hope your week goes well!
DarkRavie chapter 71 . 2/16
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
Mewpagano chapter 71 . 2/16
Oh god this gonna be goooood too much pression
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