Reviews for In Your Wildest Dreams
Ironically Challenged chapter 35 . 4h
Yes, Sir Mr. Coeur, Sir! I'll make double sure to ask where the next chapter is on Christmas Day!
Greyfaceofaxe chapter 35 . 4h
As always,good chapter.
Using randomness of dream inception for development of side character is good trick,even if Cardin will never appear in story again.
WwEpsilonwW chapter 35 . 7h
He woke up from a dream to enter a wet dream. Dreamception. Just kidding. Interesting development at the end there, and Cardin's dream was much needed. Great work.
shahriar.ahmet chapter 35 . 10h
Eh, not the biggest fan of the Cardin redemption backstory here tbh. Usually I'm all for it but this one is kinda meh.
HelloEver22 chapter 35 . 12h
Hello again Neo! Lets see what happens now!
Caprice Dhusara chapter 35 . 13h
Hopefully Trivia/Neo is quick to explain, because there's no way she doesn't realize how bad this looks. On a side note, Cardin is going to have feelings, and I'm pretty sure that Jaune has once again failed to actually disguise himself to avoid being recognized after the dream ends.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
daemon452 chapter 35 . 15h
ok that was more emotion that i thought i would get from cardin, and wooooo now we get neo.
Dragon King of the West chapter 35 . 16h
If Cardin's dream was a reflection of his childhood memories then it explains his prejudice towards Faunus. It sucks to see the cycle of hatred get passed down to next generation. People are either unwilling or unable to move on from trauma, that's a fact of life.
Monkey D. Conan chapter 35 . 17h
Jaune’s mental state be like, ‘this is either really good or really bad.’ I believe I called it when I said that Neo would randomly be showing up in Jaune’s bed…just didn’t expect it quite this soon, but the girl clearly knows what she wants. :P Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
PasiveNox chapter 35 . 18h
Great chapter wonderful wonderful also very oooof
evilstatistic19 chapter 35 . 18h
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Reaper7 chapter 35 . 18h
-Professor Arc, but that's just me.
Reaper7 chapter 35 . 18h
Ah, Neo's back. Good. Might be able to help Jaune out a bit. I personally recommend she beat him into shape ala
Phobophobophobia chapter 35 . 18h
No matter what people say about your story writing, we can all at least count on you to do good character work Coeur. It always amazes me how you can take these one-dimensional characters from the show and give us a reason to care about them, keep it up!
Parselmaster chapter 35 . 19h
Neo showing up at the end there is great.
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