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Jade Summers chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
This chapter is so good I can't type. Seriously, my E-mail took seven tries before it was spelled right, and I'm having so many errors it's annoying. lol. Anyway-THe worst is happening, They're falling for each other! *Gasp* Didn't know that was gonna happen! lol, it's very articulate though. A delicate subject, so to pull off this story with a professionals flair, and I love it. Yay for Catholics, and good luck on the next chapter!

Always Sleepless in my Seattle-Jade Summers

P.S Look at all those words that mean nothing. I'm so good, I could be a
lmnop chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
I am loving every word. my house was just robbed (for the second time in three years) and the day has been terrible. the minute i saw you had updated made everything a little more bearable. i love all your fics, keep on writing! I do hope Penelope comes back into play. i really liked her. keep up the great work!

FemmeDraconis chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
Oh, it's just getting more and more complicated. I have no idea what the two of them will do. I'm coming up with the most ridiculous scenarios, though. (One of of them included Ginny hijacking the ship and somehow maneuvering it back to England. Please don't ask). But I really don't know what they'll do...

Ginny's boss will have a fit if she's spent all that time in Spain and comes back without Draco. And I really don't see Draco going back willfully unless he's got something up his sleeve. Ah, the agony!

But I'm glad the chapter ended on a happy note. You got my heartstrings tugging (wink). Nice job.
Faded Memories chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
:o. Bah. I want them together.

I sincerely hope that Draco decides to go to England, and Ginny, at the last moment, decides to help him escape(?). That would be a wonderful happy ending- full of good and fluffy stuff. :)

And I've been wondering, do you know what chapter your going to finish this story? And after that, would there be an epilogue? (Or am I just getting ahead of myself?)

Anywho, I'm glad you updated and I'll be looking foward to your future chapters. (:
aimashita chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
Yes I'm so obsessed with your fics! I'll start stalking you if you don't update soon too XD

Loved the end of this chappy too ;) Update when you can!
SweetestBliss chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
Oh, yay you updated! _ ahh the d/gness great stuff! hehe anyways, great chapter! Draco's falling for her! and vice-versa! hehe, yep love the chapter, keep up the good work!
MoonKoi chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
Draco, I didn't know he had it in him to do such a romantic date like this. Oh, how I wish I was Ginny. Heck I would never return to England, I would stay in Spain with Draco forever.

Man, I am nervous. I don't want Draco to go. Every time I think of Draco and England; I have a pretty little image of grey bars and Draco behind them. Then there is his aunt who I don't trust. I have one word to say


Charming Visions chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
I love your story, sorry I haven't reviewed before. But is Ginny asking Draco to return to England with her because of her job or something else? Tricky tricky. Anyway, update again soon.
abbibrodie chapter 15 . 6/1/2005
Well it's about effing time! Honestly! Lol, j/k. Sort of...

Anyhoo: Love the chapter, keep updating under pain of death and being poked with large, pointy sticks! I love your writing and the plot of this is fab, also the picture of Draco in my head reclining on a sofa with a copy of 'Witches Cosmopoliton' (sp?) makes me giggle. Keep going, or the mob will be on your tail!

Gizmogirl chapter 14 . 5/29/2005
MoonKoi chapter 14 . 5/21/2005
I like the chapter. If I was Ginny/Draco I will be careful if I don't want to fall in love even though it would be useless.

Draco's aunt, I don't like what is going on around the "supposly" friends of Draco. Something is up and if I was Draco I would be coming up with a safe plan in case one of them pull a fast one or the aunt.

Amywat pls update.
Preppygirl chapter 14 . 5/9/2005
Lovely story, can't wait for you to update. This is a very original story (or if there are more like it, I haven't read them) and I can't wait to see how it will turn out.
whatdoihavetodo chapter 14 . 5/8/2005
Great story!

~ whatdoihavetodo
Caz-10-5 chapter 14 . 5/6/2005
Have you read 'Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination' by Helen Fielding? This fic rolls me along in the same way that it does and Ginny does remind me of Olivia. It's one of my favourite books, so that's definitely a compliment. I'm enjoying this fic, so please do update soon. Now I must do some work...
mari chapter 14 . 5/4/2005
hey! great, great, GREAT story! hope you do continue.. i'd really like to see how this would end.. and i agree that draco is so good-looking! woot! you made him even more good-looking! haha.. you know what i'm thinking now? it would be really good if i could kill bellatrix, narcissa, blaise and pansy! so that ginny and draco would be alone with each other and not have anyone bugging them! aarggh.. but then again, if they died, there would be no story.. hay.. just have to put up with them.. hehe.. (: hope you could update soon.. or whenever you can.. just please don't abandon this! ah.. i'd feel just really terrible if you do.. how could you abandon such a great story? so don't even think bout it.. hehe..
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