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Quinn Taxon chapter 54 . 9/27
Ahhh i have so much to say about that story...
This story is elaborate and entertaining on quite a few levels. A worthy sequel to Adelpha.
I struggled with a few things in the beginning:
1) Where is Lexington in the first 11 chapters?- He is my favorite, is mentioned in the description and then is almost non-existent! And later he's a bloody bitch even with Demona's three "wards"!
2) The description of Adelpha's (Demona's) ordeal through "therapy" was stressful to read - it almost broke her and I was glad when those paragraphs were over.
3) Goliath seems strangely withdrawn. All the characters are always in character but I would have written him more emotional (not like he's almost strangling little Italians out of jealousy but a little more frustrated).
And it wasn't until later chapters that it all fell into place!
1) Lexington is not mentioned much because he feels uncomfortable around her and has not developed coping strategies with her like Broadway and Brooklyn. And later he always seems impatient or cool because he is actually jealous of the wards. Which shows that he may have been much more attached to her as a hatchling or expected more from her (in whatever relationship) than might have been seen from the outside. She was basically not a mother figure but he would probably have been someone who would have accepted something like that too gladly. And then she showers these three "wards" - these strangers from his point of view - with tiny little (but for Demona extremely big) expressions of affection - man, I would be stroppy too.
3) It is an artifice and planned from beginning to end that Goliath's relationship with Demona, his view of her changes. That he ends up standing with her where he does (I don't want to spoil) needed this transformation from the beginning to the end otherwise it would have been too abrupt and forced. So it was somehow ... the natural course of things and also illustrated Adelphas growth over the course of the story.

The psychogram of the Immortal Sorceress was one of the most sophisticated I've ever read and just superb. She needed a story focused entirely on her and deserved to go through this change for the "good" even if it was painful at times. She's still sneaky at the end, occasionally cool and messed up by everything she's been through in a thousand years. She will never become a model gargoyle or a human cuddler. But she has shown understanding, emotional, motherly sides that have shown me a whole new view of the Demona of the TV show. That was wonderful.
And by the way: I LOVE the OC Gargoyles. The ones on Bain Felix with their sophisticated culture but especially the three "wards." The siblings are so informal with each other and the two brothers are SO funny and were the last second rescue for the clan as they "couldn't find the castle" - wonderful. I also love that Linnet chose Lexington. I don't care if he is the gay daisy like in my story or a straight guy. He always deserves all the love!

Overall, I thought the storytelling was great.
It came to a storyline which (to my knowledge so far) is unique. I don't remember any story right now where Mac Beth's son Luach played a major role and where Gruoch's "curse" was REALLY interpreted as a curse on the Gargoyle race. I never gave a damn about Gruoch. Here one sentence of hers has an incredible impact - like a butterfly effect. It's terrifying. But it gives Adelpha the impetus to go on a mission herself. Not to destroy humanity as usual ( gee, what a sentence -..-) but to save the gargoyle race! She is the worst for this job because her actions led to the whole thing, but that's why she is the best and only one who can do it.

My favorite character is the little fey who helps her. He is so "omnipotent" and at the same time so childlike that it is impossible to tell how much of his actions are done out of childishness without knowing the effects and what he does with Fey consciousness, making him Demona's guide and helper. (Personally, I would have found it funnier if Demona had been able to hide the child less, if something strange had slipped out of her more often so that everyone would think she would go completely bonkers now - but the story also has its funny and weird moments) Nothing to change - all good.

This review is again way too long! Ahhhh. But a few more notes:
There are countless strong episodes in the story:
The attack without mentioning what happened - awesome.
Brooklyn's confrontation afterwards- he almost broken. I was all broken up myself.
Demona's scenes with the Fey kid are all gold.
Her whole journey, which was almost a coming of age thing (and that's for a thousand year old- but it is).
Her conversations with Luach- he and she could have been a thing- he is such a sweetie and decent at the same time.
The girl talk about cycles, egg laying and Demona's story- so wonderful.
And at the very end how Adelpha remains with Goliath (I was totally shocked at first but in retrospect it is somehow Demona's gift to Goliath and Elisa- that she offers THAT. And the perspective this offers for the Future Clan- for the first time, in a thousand years, Demona would actually give the gargoyle race something tangible that would strengthen them (aside from the curse-breaking). That gave me goosebumps.
Chefs kiss!
emyy250 chapter 54 . 8/24
Good chapter. So she went into heat? I liked the talk with Goliath and Owen. I don't know what to think about the 'new age' he's predicting yet. I kinda wonder how being Alex's servant will go.
emyy250 chapter 53 . 8/16
Good chapter. Jon is dead. He was too far gone for anything to help. I was right, Alex is the fairy boy. I wonder what the gift was. Xanatos' sacrifice was sudden and unexpected. I'm glad she figured out what the stone was for. I don't know where she's going.
emyy250 chapter 52 . 8/14
Good chapter. I didn't think he would actually kill his siblings. The fight was good. I wonder if Macbeth knows something is going on.
emyy250 chapter 51 . 8/11
Good chapter. I'm happy they got to see the egg. I think it's called candling. I knew Jon might strike soon but this was sooner than I thought. Things are going to heated fast.
emyy250 chapter 50 . 8/7
Good chapter. I liked seeing Blaze and the others working together. Goliath did try to honor the request, but I guess both of them didn't think that they would disobey.
emyy250 chapter 49 . 7/31
Good chapter. I didn't think that she would use it on Jason. I liked the scene with Linnet and Lexington.
emyy250 chapter 48 . 7/28
Good chapter. The story about her time in the rookery was very interesting. I kinda suspected that Elisa would tell Goliath about the request. I don't know if she's going to get Jason to come easily.
emyy250 chapter 47 . 7/24
Good chapter. A lot happened in this chapter. I'm glad they got there in time for Angela. I wonder what Elisa will do.
emyy250 chapter 46 . 7/18
Good chapter. I suppose Cato would place gargoyles over humans. Kinda feel bad for the warrior caught in the middle. I don't know how many people find them, but I don't think it's a lot. Luach probably shouldn't have followed. I think Xanatos will notice the page missing, but he wouldn't be able to do anything about it by then.
emyy250 chapter 45 . 7/14
Good chapter. I don't think that they would like it there even if she joined them. She does deserve some peace though.
Indigo chapter 44 . 7/12
Hmm, I was wondering what was going to happen between Goliath & Demona especially with Elisa being around. Maybe instead of bumping her off, she could receive an incredible job opportunity/promotion that she can't refuse that would take her away from NY.
emyy250 chapter 44 . 7/11
Good chapter. I liked the the scene with "Matt" giving her the orb. I don't want Elisa to be gone from Goliath's personal life, but like if she changes roles, then that's fine.
emyy250 chapter 43 . 7/11
Good chapter. Elisa and Luach's meeting didn't go great. I guess I didn't really think about how it might go. Nice insight into Elisa.
emyy250 chapter 42 . 7/10
Good chapter. The scene in the kitchen was funny. I hope Macbeth and Luach don't bicker about Demona's behavior and past. Goliath really does want her to get better.
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