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FairyLetters chapter 25 . 8/2/2016
...I don't know what else to say than that you are the one of the best writers around! I admire you for your writing, though I find KB interactions bit too sappy and cliché. I find the lines bit too dramatic, kurama's mind words "my deity" and "my peony" are just too...ugh...not like him and bit too poetic. But I guess I skip such parts most the time because they turn me off and annoy me. Sorry but that doesn't mean I'm any good with romance and writing, I'm nowhere near your skill level, I'm just saying this from a reader's perspective. I love you so much for writing this good KB fanfictions, honestly I'm a HB fan and HM interactions are...well, not bad. I guess I can tolerate them and admit they are cute. Now, a little confession from my end...I think I don't mind Ren/Botan scenes...he's not that bad in my eyes, I like dark characters and I believe they'd make a great coupling if given a chance but since that's impossible since the story has already ended with K/B then...I'll end my fantasies now. I love this story and I know you aren't about to read my review because...I just know it.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/4/2016
OK, I love the 7th chapter, but can you please correct Mukuro's name , you keep callining he Muruko, it is driving me nuts
YYH Newbie chapter 39 . 11/19/2015
Man what a story! The epilogue was very sweet. Is Mukoro going to be Hiei's love interest in "they all fall"? Sorry if I botched that story's name.
Vegas 91 chapter 39 . 11/9/2015
Annnndddd finished! Long story, but a great one! All in all this was a great read. I do think that not every question was answered by the end. I get why tho, you were burned out. The final battle was epic! The closing scene was sweet. im so glad you are still writing for this fandom! Now on to your latest update!
YYHNewbie chapter 28 . 10/29/2015
The banter in this chapter was very entertaining, you do such a great job of keeping the characters true to their personalities from the show. Overall this story is great! I can't wait to read what happens with Ren and his goons. Ren is an interesting antagonist, you fleshed him out better then the show did with some of its villains. Super excited to finish this story and to read your next update to "If anyone falls"!
YYHNewbie chapter 15 . 10/14/2015
Hello! I really love your story and how you incorporated a believeable K and B love plot into it! You but a lot of work into your storytelling and it shows! Now, on to reading and reviewing your latest update and then continued reading of this story!
Animercom chapter 39 . 9/26/2015
This story was filled with interesting ideas that kept the readers captivated. I also particularly liked that you have both the Reikai elders and Ren and the others chasing after Kurama and Botan for different reasons, as well as Koenma's own personal dislike for Kurama's and Botan's relationship as well. I just wish that all of the factors could have occurred more at the same time, instead of having one factor at more prominent at a time. The idea that Ren and his followers are descendants from all three Realms (or at least just Ren and his brother) is really very unique and interesting, especially their back story. I also liked that because Ren liked Botan and Ailia lusted after Kurama made their plans for revenge against the pair even more personal. Also, I love the idea of a spiritual bond between Kurama and Botan. When two people are in love, each feels the other's sadness as their own and rejoice in making the other happy. The bond is a perfect personification of this. And I'm glad that the story didn't just focus on Kurama and Botan, but it included Hiei, Yusuke, Keiko, and the others (Poor Kuwabara gets a squirrel down his shirt just because he tried to confess to Yukina XD). Something that struck me was the bluntness of Hiei's confession of his feelings to Mukuro and the total lack of fanfare. Seems like a very Hiei thing to me. :)

39 long chapters makes for a very long story that stalled in it's progression with the storyline. Whenever Kurama or Botan learned a little bit about the past or about Ren, it was a little while until they learned something else and the story progressed or had action/fighting scenes. The multiple dreams in the beginning were a bit repetitive. Searching for a book on laws isn't the most exciting thing, necessarily. I'm happy that you finished the story despite how rough personal matters seemed to be for you. Thank you for writing this!
YuiLee chapter 17 . 9/19/2015
Nice chapter! I'll be very honest though that I don't ship Hiei with Muruko. I like Hiei; but, Muruko... Hmmm... Neither hate nor like... She's a cool character, however, for some reason my heart never got attached to her... so, yeah... Anyhow, this was well written. I see they stay within their original character, so great!
Hiei would have to get some heart advise from Kurama this time around. Hahaha.
It would be truly odd if Kurama wasn't getting attention from girls in his University, given that he is quite a handsome man... However, these thoughts coming from Kurama, himself, is funny for me... Aren't we getting so vain, Kurama? Lolz!
Awww, it was sweet of Kurama to just give up on the game to meet Botan... Botan is more important than anything else for him .. That's sooo sweeet!
YuiLee chapter 16 . 9/13/2015
I could understand Kurama's disappointment upon Botan's leaving without a word. Yeah, there were less KB interaction here but since Kurama's thoughts were filled with nothing but her most beloved Botan and likewise.. it felt less the absence of KB interaction...
Torandai's love story somewhat remind me of Yusuke and Keiko's relationship. As Keiko, just like his old lover, grows old and die.
It is still vague to me how's Torandai past or how is he actually involved with that law that has been implemented through Reikai that forbids relationship from Reikai to another world. I have a feeling that Torandai is a good person that eventually he will be or he is on KB's side.
Yoh, I'm interested in his character... somewhat remind me of my favourite character in Shaman King. :-) Oh, and he's physical attributes is similar with Akira.. could they be the same person?
Ayame is such a lovely character. I really love her being too supportive with Botan. How brilliant she is to cover up Botan's absence by telling Koenma that the latter has PMS. I could exactly picture out how frightened Koenma might have been learning Botan's having PMS. I, myself, could be a dragon too during those periods. Lolz!
And Ailia returns... arghh... I hope Kurama would not let his guard down this time. I'll be extremely upset...
It would be nice if Botan could also sit sometime next to Kurama and pretend as a student. I think that would be perfect and cute.
YuiLee chapter 15 . 9/13/2015
I love how a good friend and honest Ayame can be. Sharing what she knew about Reikai history and bravely stating her opinion as how she opposes Koenma, her master and the guy she admires too.
Things are getting more interesting about that law. I can't wait to see what's with it and what Koenma had been hiding from Botan.
Poor couple, having to go through so much pain... especially Kurama. :-(
Eh, someone's spying Botan from Reikai... could it be someone assigned by Koenma?
Another excellent chapter! ;-)
YuiLee chapter 14 . 9/13/2015
I think it's funny how Hiei sometimes talk like a mother to Kurama. lolz!
That little moment between Yusuke and Keiko is damn sweet. _
And Kuwabara's jealousy was really funny
This chapter is good. The drama was lighter than the previous ones. .
YuiLee chapter 13 . 9/13/2015
Sometimes... I just felt siding to Youko's opinion.. I mean, he certainly got a point, right? Like when he whispered to him that he could actually just end Reikai life that threatens Botan's. Apparently to me, he appears wiser in terms of love (just less the fact he is too possessive) compare to his other half.
Never really like Ailia. Or, I never like a girl that threatens KB's relationship. I hope nothing more happens between her and Kurama. I don't think I can take it if that evil girl plans something more than kiss to Kurama.
I love Hiei and his wisdom. Preach, Hiei, Preach! lolz! But, seriously Hiei is correct when he told Kurama that there is no good to brood on the past events. And what I love from Hiei's statements the most is when he told Kurama that he rules in Reikai should not stop him from loving Botan. Hiei sounded more experienced with love; a love guru. hahaha.
Awwww, and Yusuke is too sweet, trying to help them out.
YuiLee chapter 12 . 9/13/2015
Their moment is cute! funny how, of all Botan would notice and would be looking at Kurama... she chose to stare at his butt. aren't we getting a bit pervy, Botan? lolz!
Your wonderful description of the setting had perfectly helped me creates the image of the place. This is your strength in your story that never cease to amaze me, so, keep it up! ;-)
As much as I wanted to have KB special private moments in that park, the idea of them reuniting with their friends and Botan having girl moments with Keiko and Yukina is not bad at all.
I had fun with Kuwabara and Hiei's interaction especially the former accusing the latter liking Yukina (his twin sister).. lolz! poor Kuwabara...
I could feel Botan's pain from witnessing that. I would want to strangle Ailia for her. hahaha! Poor Kurama was a victim also. But if I would be honest, I'm quite disappointed of him. The Kurama I know is too smart to be deceived by something like this. If he was able to only realise before the impostor had kissed her then I wouldn't feel a bit upset to him. I'm happy they reconcile at the end and Botan was rational about what had happened.
The latter part of this chapter is heavily dramatic. T_T
YuiLee chapter 11 . 9/13/2015
Hi! I'm glad to be back and continuing to read this wonderful story of yours! :D Honestly, to me, this is the most intriguing story amongst your works.
About this chapter, it was indeed worth of my time reading this. I felt some intensity between Koenma and Kurama's confrontation. Here, the lord of Reikai world again warning him about their (KB) forbidden relationship. I'm sorry, I think I've mentioned this in my previous comments that it bothers me that Koenma was portrayed as a boss who annoyingly manipulates even Botan's personal affair and somehow was becoming a bit out of character to me (or perhaps, this is what it seems to appear to me). I understand he just wanted to protect his favourite ferry girl; however, I'm still sad how he was like an antagonist in KB's romance. Or, could be that was just me being a little subjective since I also love Koenma and I just don't like him being portrayed too much as a boss that intervenes Botan's love life. Was he also that type of boss in manga? I never read the manga so maybe I am ignorant of his real character.
As Koenma mentioned about Botan's family, that brings me back of wanting to know her back story since the animé never had one.
I'm really excited how you had plot the Reikai History and Botan's back story, and I wonder if Tahomen and the other villains would be somehow related to Botan.
Awww, Kurama wasn't even aware of their first kiss. Hahaha! Silly, Botan. And Kurama secretly wishing that he should at least have known it was cute!
Now, the idea of Kurama parting from Botan saddens me...
DarkinocensDLT chapter 9 . 8/28/2015
The participation of the characters is so much fun. But like all good sweet when you just have the feeling I ate a lot, I need more, but that is not the case, have created a sweet drama hopefully not tragic, because if not, please let me know, you know I'm upset as it is that two people who want to have to go through so much pain? And your antagonistan not help.

I love your first fic is so~ *w*

I know there later reward but I really feel bad, poor Kurama and Botan are well screwed in this fic. excuse the analogy of sweets was hungry.
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