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Guest chapter 24 . 7/14
I'm absolutely enthralled with this fic, can't wait for the next chapter. I feel I have to applaud you for writing nearly 400K words in a year, absolutely mad that you've written a game of thrones length fic in such a short time. The quality of the writing is where it's at though, you're descriptions are great and every little chip away that Night City takes from Naruto's psyche makes the story feel believable. Can't wait for Adam Smasher to be trounced by this Naruto, and I'd personally love to see more of the Edge Runner gang.
AvatarNo7 chapter 24 . 7/7
I loved your fanfic and I would like you to continue updating it.
vmage2 chapter 24 . 6/24
Just found and binged this. It's a great story.
vmage2 chapter 15 . 6/23
Rouge should be Rogue.
vmage2 chapter 5 . 6/21
Malstrom ganggoon should be Maelstrom Gangoon.
shadylizzard chapter 24 . 6/2
damn my man julian got lucky, jopefully je lives long enough to see more of this dommy mommy.
netinhoo910icapui chapter 24 . 6/2
epsilon306 chapter 24 . 6/1
author you should add kurama and sasuke to the story
mamex chapter 1 . 5/31
After reading some of the comments from this story I thought it would be reasonable to give my review. Honestly, this story is very different from how it began to how it is right now, and theres nothing wrong about it, I personally like different, because it gives me a feeling of change and it also gives off an expectation of events changing to have the story end some other type of way. Everytime I would finish a story or game I liked, i would catch myself changing some things around in my head to make the story end a different way. And with this story I see it alot, and I love it because it keeps me interested and makes me wanna wait for more. After reading some of other peoples reviews about this story I would totally understand why people find this story a bit confusing due to the events being a little out of place or just in general confused on some characters. For example, naruto being a little out of character from his real self, instead of the happy and optimistic naruto we have the avengful dark naruto. But honestly we shouldnt expect much out of that since he is living in night city, where good souls is a rare find. Another example is the random add ins of side characters, honestly if it was up to me writing this story i would have side characters get a bigger role in the story or have them play a bigger role of changing the main characters, but that is just a suggestion. Having naruto being the over powered main character is a talk other reviews have, and well i totally get where they come from, and let us not forget kurama. When we have those things set on the table yes its a bit confusing. But for some reason it gives me morgan blackhand vibes, the guy only has a cybernetic arm also military experience and is adam smashers rival who in difference has his whole body converted to almost being a robot. But it might just be my lack of information about morgan and his abilities. This story has its goods and bads like any other story, and your doing a good job with the efforts of giving us a chapter every once in a while. I would just like to say to take it easy on yourself, i feel like your rushing a bit just to finish a chapter which really affects how the story might come out. Dont take our reviews as an insult or us making you feel like we don’t appreciate your efforts, i really do appreciate this story and i wouldnt like it to end so fast and weird because you felt the need to rush. Take all the time you need to change or do whatever you need to do
Porrochimaru chapter 24 . 5/30
I have to completely second Rainsferes review. Everything they said are the feelings ive been getting. I love a lot of things in this story amd a lot of ideas ... i like the dynamics and how naruto protects and connects people...but everything they said explains very well my frustrations. I get it is your story and your version of naruto.
But from the moment you made naruto rampage with the nine tails it made very little sense to me. He is post war naruto. Original naruto s super wise compared to this version of him. He isnt as dark and vindictive as this. He wouldnt lose his shit to that extent and he was already bonded with kurama. Why is it like that never happened?
Wayyyyy too many flashbacks and jumps in time. Even if you left everything as it was it would be so much better if it was cronological please change this it also confuses me a lot.
And then we dont need so many points of view and irrelevant characters popping up left and right. Try to focus more on the main character and characters of the story. So many new characters makes it confusing too.
The whole chase of i cant even remember his name (the onr who caused the car accident) was so confusing long and unnecessary. Also i dont think the reaction of misty vik jackie and david was realistic towards that carnage.

I like a lot of things in this story but the last few chapters do feel very confusing and messy and at this point since naruto even started dating cami i feel he is so out of character. He had never even been with a girl but was treated as though he had tons of experience. Also the baby thing... idk...
Another thing. He only remembers small funny or silly anecdotes about narutoverse and his world. Why doesnt he care about the fact that he basically left the entire elemental nations trapped in tsukuyomi? (At least i think this is how it happens in naruto...) From what i remember (sorry if im wrong cause i read the other chapters ages ago) he got sent to night city battling sasuke right? Why doesnt he care about that? Or any of his loved ones being devoured by a tree? He just acts like it didnt happen or he didnt chase sasuke across the earth the whole time before the war. But he comes here and becomes a different person, vindictive vengeful to lowlife criminals but forgave nagato after he destroyed konoha, forgave obito despite everything... not saying he should have just hilighting that from quite early on he just doesnt seem like Naruto aside from abilities. I kept reading to see where its going and i know it cant change now or it wont make sense. So ive semi accepted an ooc naruto but i think the structure needs more chronological order, less focus on too many povs of unnecessary characters and i dont like naruto talking to his own dark side though i can see it as a mental exhaustion hallucination. It just doesnt make sense that someone able to do sage mode and tap into nature energy and be called benefactor by a monk and change villains minds and fight relentlessly for sasuke to come back from vengeance does all these dark sadistic actions.

Sorry if this comes off as mean or dismissive of your efforts. There are a lot of good things or i wouldnt read. But i would like it if it was simplified and chronological and if you could gradually bring naruto a little bit more in character somehow. I understand if you dont wish to but i currently find this fic too confusing and like i dont really see the direction.
Also i dont understand how this is act 2. It seems very much a continuation of the same stuff with no change or timeskip or something that separates the two acts. Like i would expect act one ti have sime sort of conclusion. I guess maybe its early in act 2 or i dont know how these things are structured.
Asgamlin chapter 1 . 5/28
"Peeking underneath his hand, he sweatdropped."
Yeah, instantly dropped this. You are writing a book, not storyboarding an anime. This fits about as well in a written format as a semi fits in a drain pipe. Consider using descriptive actions like, "he sighed" or "he looked around sheepishly". Use these to convey embarrassment or frustration instead of something that only fits as a visual shorthand to convey emotions.
Shadow chapter 24 . 5/28
Absolutely loved it! Happy to see your back, was starting to worry this would end up a dead fic. Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work and please update soon!
LaEmporoar chapter 24 . 5/28
Awesome Chap as always! Cant wait for more progression though, considering how many flashbacks you packed into this thing, lol. Its like you're competing with Demon Slayer or something. Cant wait for next update! Hope Gloria will finally wake up soon
Blue-flamed-ninetails chapter 24 . 5/28
RAAAAGH! AWESOME CHAPTER! Was waiting for this one to drop! Naruto going off the deep end for a short bit is intense. you wrote it really well! cant wait to see what the next chapter has in store. thanks for your hard work!
Rainsfere chapter 24 . 5/27
Yeah I'm absolutely not a fan of this chapter and if I'm being honest I haven't enjoyed the last few chapters.

This chapter feels like a mess. It felt directionless and scrambled together as opposed to well composed. We start in the present, which I was happy about because I really want this story to move forward at a reasonable pace, but then we hit a way too long flashback with different POV's. We get Naruto, Regina, Thrax, Stout, Angelica etc. What are we doing here? This entire flashback felt like being tossed in a whirlwind. Reading it was both tedious and dizzying because you kept switching up POV's so often.

And if that weren't enough we get two more flashbacks as opposed to staying in the present and moving forward. Flashbacks can work but not like this and it seems to me that you are becoming reliant on them to fill gaps or explain a characters actions or thought processes which, for me, means you have some fundamental flaws going on with your writing.

Then there's Naruto himself. He really feels OOC to me. Yeah his powers are there and he's obviously much more powerful than the rest because of said powers but that's as close to Naruto that I feel is being portrayed accurately. Everything else? Not so much. This Naruto drinks, curses way too often, has done or is doing drugs if my memory serves me correctly, angsty etc. I understand this is Night City and Night City can wreak havoc on a normal human being but Naruto is not a normal human being. He's already been through the ringer several times before his arrival in Night City.

He went through a tough childhood, Jiraya died, Hiruzen died, he's dealt with the loss of friends, he arrived to Konoha being flattened by Pain and other examples. My point is, if none of that could break him or shake his will then I highly doubt Night City ever could. Yes what happened to Camilla was tragic but this is nothing new to Naruto. Sure he loved her, but he loved Jiraya too and he didn't go apeshit like he did for him like he did for Camilla. The baby doesn't count because he didn't know about it at the time, which I saw as completely pointless because the consequences had already been doled out. So what was the point of that? Naruto is a symbol of will, perseverance, overcoming the toughest obstacles, unflinching hope and change. Naruto deals out the change but not in this story. He's not changing Night City, Night City is changing him and that is the biggest indictment on this story that I can give. This just doesn't feel like Naruto to me, but someone else inserted into him.

This isn't to say this story has been all bad. The idea of the mega building in San Domingo being more or less a haven for those living there is something that I like especially since Naruto lives there. That's a positive change. Preventing war breaking out between 6th Street and the Valentino's is also in line with something he would do. But lately this story feels like it's on a treadmill. We're moving but not we're not getting anywhere and this story feels like it's been drowned in anger, angst and sex.

I enjoyed this story in early stages but now not so much if at all. I just don't understand the direction of the story and especially this Naruto. So I'm out. Happy writing to you.
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