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masqueraver chapter 7 . 4/23/2007
I was going to read a couple more chapters and do a joint review, but this chapter was too juicy to pass up!

What is this thing with Snape? I'm sure you got plenty of reviews at the time you posted this chapter all asking the same question, but I couldn't resist.

So, the glasses were...pushed? With magic? At first I thought Kreacher, but then, no, that couldn't be it because you hadn't mentioned it. This give me something to chew on trying to figure it out.

The end of the chapter wasn't really a cliff hanger, but it did leave me on the edge of my seat. You sure do know how to engage an audience.

swaggerofthedagger - - - -

PS: I found a small typo that isn't really important, but I know that I would want somebody to tell me if I had a typo.

"Dumbledore pretend not to have heard him." I think you ment to say "Dumbledore pretendED not to have heard him."
masqueraver chapter 6 . 4/23/2007
Alright, this is my review for chapters 3-6. Stuff will probably not be in order.

These were really good chapters

Okay, you've probably heard this before, but James was a Chaser, not a Seeker. I'm not complaining, just letting you know that's not canon. I understand how that was necessary to set up that uncatchable thing on Snape. I can't help but wonder if that's going to have further effect on the story, or if that was just something to illustrate the rivalry between James and Snape.

Hmm...the House of Fun was a really good idea though I wish you could have written something more elaborating on what happened.

A muggle helicopter, um, found it. I LOL'd.

So Harry's related to the Weasley's? Woohoo for him! I find it a little hard to believe that anyone would have overlooked that little detail, but I'm sure there's a point to that, so I'll just wait and see what happens. The rest of those family tree things are interesting! It seems quite the thing to find in the attic of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. Oh, and was that 'coffin' really a coffin? Eww! But again, I would expect to find something like that in their attic., what's the purpose in dragging Vernon and Percy to Grimmauld Place? I guess to tell them of Harry's new relations, but both of them there? Oh well, I'll read to see what happens.

All-in-all, a great couple of chapters chalked fulled of plot points, or what I guess are plotpoints.

swaggerofthedagger - - - -
masqueraver chapter 2 . 4/22/2007
I can see after my last review that my complaints about what Harry was calling Lupin had no foundation, as he's now calling him Remus. All is right with the world. I have to say that I like the second chapter more than the first, for three reasons. One, I can now tell there's a plot to the story. Two, we're learning more about Snape. Three, that weird thing with Sirius. What was that by the way? I trust I'll found I when I keep reading. Good chapter.

swaggerofthedagger -
masqueraver chapter 1 . 4/22/2007
You have a new reader now! Is it a little illogical to review this chapter especially since you have much more written after this, and a sequel? Oh well.

So, at the beginning of the chapter I was a little skeptical as to the greatness of this story that I've heard so much about. I think it was that Harry kept calling Lupin just 'Lupin'. I guess that's because I'm just used to Harry being characterized as a bit more familiar with the man, enough to call him Remus. However, you are the author and it works for you. I decided that it really didn't take away from the chapter, it was an added quirk.

I did read on and by the end of the chapter, I decided that it was just a beginning, and I don't like beginnings of anything, so I shouldn't be biased against a whole story just because I didn't like the first chapter. Like I said, I've heard many recommendations for this story, and with 1396 reviews, I figured, hey, there must be something to those recommendations.

I already love the way you're characterizing Snape.

"I do apologise," said Snape coldly. "Next time I buy a house, I'll have to visit all the surrounding houses to check whether they listen with paper cups at the walls, just in case an over-emotional teenage boy is in my house."

That is Snape to a T, snarky as all get-out. I'm saving that to my favorite quotes.

Well, I'm going to read the next chapter now.

Your New Reader,


PS: I think, despite that I think the first chapter is a bit dull (nothing against your story, that's just a personal thing of mine that I have with everything I read), that I have a new series to add to my Favorite Stories list. Plus, I need something to read for the End of Course exams at school, and this looks very promising from only one page in.
Snake of Medusa chapter 49 . 4/10/2007
Oh my Gawd, this story is amazing! There are so many scenes that really touched me, this is definetily going into my fav stories list!

BTW, any chance of Draco becoming Moody's apprentice? Heh, the image of Draco bellowing out "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" is going to brighten up the rest of my day. _

Two thumbs and a hot potato!
mikomi bansiki chapter 2 . 4/9/2007
rye bread! bwa ha ha! that was great! i'm going to copy all of the rest of this series onto my computer to enjoy later. thanks!
Tyred chapter 49 . 3/9/2007
Dear Author,

Atta girl! _ I have to say, reading your story has been a pleasure from start to finish- nay, not a pleasure- a PRIVILEGE. Excellent flow, excellent diction, excellent storyline, excellent characterization- repetition for emphasis if you will...

I found your story to be one of the best here on and will gladly continue reading! Keep up the fabulous work!


Kirinin chapter 23 . 1/25/2007
Again, more or less marking my place with a review! Uhm... it's still very good. I have noticed many different stories where Malfoy's family is related to veela, but none where that was considered to be any detriment to their family name. It's good that you've done so; every advantage needs a mirror-image disadvantage to balance it out.

I have to say, though, that "Peeves's face fell instantly. He had never looked so shocked in his life" is an odd turn of phrase in regards to a dead guy, but that's a small, nitpicky thing...

hemotem chapter 49 . 1/24/2007
Great Story I am hopefull there will be a seqel )
Sangemaru chapter 11 . 1/20/2007
A piece of paper with 'apple' on it :) Mwahahaha.
net chapter 49 . 1/6/2007
That was amazing! One of the best Harry Potter fanfics I've read.

The chapter were the fight Blaise and his group and when Ron suggested eating Neville had me doubled over laughing in my chair :)

When I started reading the Siege of Hogwarts chapters I couldn't stop, they were so well written. I actually thought that Snape had turned on Harry there for a second, nice touch.

I'm so glad you wrote this.
Kirinin chapter 19 . 1/6/2007
Stopping reading now, and more or less marking my place with a review.

So far, the only thing I haven't thoroughly enjoyed about this story was the reconciliation between Draco and Harry. Don't get me wrong, I really like them as friends, and I think it fits. It's just that it seemed a bit sudden, here, as if each boy was just waiting for the other to give over.

I like the mystery you're building here with Severus's clumsiness (or bad luck, or whatever else you'd like to call it), the bond between Snape and Harry, Alrister and his disappearance, the two women light and dark (nice, a touch of the legendary, there) and Harry's missing timeframe.


Kirinin chapter 12 . 1/6/2007
I just don't trust Alrister, and it's not just because he's the new teacher of the year... even though he's not Defense, his charm seems a bit much...

...and I have definitely, totally read this story before, likely a very, very long time ago, as it's all more or less deja vous at this point.

I feel horrid about Draco Malfoy, and hope someone stands up for him soon... and the bit with the Hufflepuffs slamming the Slytherins was deliciously unexpected and wondrous. I am reminded of the thing I've seen on House Pride: 'Hufflepuff doesn't mean pushover.' Go Ernie! ;)

Kirinin chapter 11 . 1/6/2007
You have a remarkable grasp of the absurd. The apple was brilliant. And from a third party (Snape) it certainly does sound like something Harry made up on the spot...

I'm intrigued by this new teacher and the new study of Pure Arts. ;)

Kirinin chapter 8 . 1/6/2007
I adored the bit with the potato... and also the whole heart-spoon line. That's pretty much going to go down in Alan Rickman history, isn't it...?

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