Reviews for DFusion Zero One: Burizalor Saga revised
fett chapter 34 . 8/30/2003
It was neat to see that Burizalor has finally reached 100%. It was also nice to see that the 4 holy beast have finally been released.
fett chapter 33 . 8/29/2003
It was great to finally see Omega X make his first appearance.
Anthony1 chapter 33 . 8/29/2003
At long last, after waiting what seemed like forever, the moment where Tai and Agumon fusion evolve together has arrived. Now it looks like only a matter of time till Omega X takes down Burizalor.
Alan Wilkinson chapter 33 . 8/29/2003
Wow. So Omega X is here at last. Considering how angry they were, I'm surprised Agumon didn't dark evolve...

And Coral MUST be dense if she can't figure out who Zeomon is.
fett chapter 32 . 8/28/2003
I was beginning to think Wargreymon wasn't going to fire the Life Bomb in this chapter. I can't wait to see the emergance of Omega X in the next chapter.
DarkWarrior chapter 30 . 8/28/2003
This doesn't look good for Tai and WarGreymon!
Anthony1 chapter 32 . 8/28/2003
Thanks to their friends, WarGreymon and Tai were able to finshed the Life Bomb and send it at Burizalor. But something tells me that this adventure is far from over.
Alan Wilkinson chapter 32 . 8/28/2003
Considering Ryo's immortal, I wouldn't count him out just yet...
fett chapter 31 . 8/27/2003
This was a good chapter althought it was a bit obvious that you did a copy and paste. There are numerous references to Gennia teaching Wargreymon. This kinda causes a contradiction. One minute you're told that Gennia was teaching Wargreymon and the next you're told it was X. Other than this it's still a good story.
Alan Wilkinson chapter 31 . 8/27/2003
Sorry I haven't been keeping up on reviews lately. Great stuff though.

Somehow I don't think the Life Bomb is gonna do much good...
fett chapter 30 . 8/26/2003
The fight between Burizalor and Wargreymon just keeps getting better and better with each chapter.
Anthony1 chapter 31 . 8/26/2003
This was great. Two awesome chapters for the prize of one. The battle between WarGreymon and Burizalor got more intense with each chapter. But things might change for the hero's favor when WarGreymon and Tai are able to complete the Life Bomb.

Also, the party that you mention before and after each chapter is fun to read. It should only get more entertaining as time goes on.
DarkWarrior chapter 29 . 8/26/2003
The fights between WarGreymon and Burizalor is cool!
nicktigerstar chapter 29 . 8/24/2003
I would like to say that this great so far. Plus I would like to suggest that you invite the Teen Titans i.e. Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg.
DarkWarrior chapter 27 . 8/24/2003
Very good, man!
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