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ultima-owner chapter 57 . 4h
that leaf is hell on the tongue.

Jason is foolish to drink a 'power in a can' like it's a shot at the bar.
Grimnosh chapter 57 . 6h
Take all the time you need Newb. Life is more important after all.

Well we see Hookwolf taking a beating and losing Victor and more importantly Othala.

Stormfront is laying low to avoid their incoming beating while Purity's faction has lost Rune.

And the Merchants have lost the vials they had to four thieves... which begs the question of what will they do with their new powers? Go hero? Independent? Villain? Time (and Newb) will tell. Plus thanks for the Mikey vibes at the end.
Redburndragon chapter 57 . 9h
Leaf style ghost chili that’s one way to take someone out of a fight would be real distracting too
Well I guess good old cauldron did not appreciate turning the vials into unstable gas good on them stupid idiot trying to play god with vials from people actually playing god and kinda failing
CatFruit chapter 57 . 13h
3 baseline human capes with c-teir powers: "Fuck you little girl that punched the radiation out of Behemoth!"

Kitsune: "That's strong words for someone in waterbording distance."
thehorsemanofpestilence chapter 57 . 17h
I am also on shiro's server watch gen chat for horsemanofpestilence(autistic) thats me also yes I do legitimately have autism
Nullblaster chapter 57 . 19h
It is pretty dumb to try shit with Kitsu around.

Like seriously, are these morons suicidal?
Kaykaykaykayan chapter 57 . 20h
Omg, i can't stop imagining Kitsu with a pageboy hat its just so... ARGHHHG! She's shooo cute

Btw this girl KNOWS how to be scary lol

that "none" at the end hurts lol
dancingleaf chapter 57 . 22h
Damn, I am sorry to hear about your week. First if all though, NEVER feel bad for putting life first. There is absolutely NOTHING to apologize for.

It sounds like the shit just keeps rolling down hill. sorry to hear about your dog. I hate dealing with vets/pounds/animal 'authority'. They are ALL absolutely arrogant self-righteous cold hearted bastards.

Be very careful when dealing with them, fuckers play VERY dirty and often get away with that shit. I don't know why but people tend to believe them over blunt proof. Hell just look at the shit peta gets away with and still people praise them and kiss their ass.
T4ndoris chapter 56 . 23h
Damn the firebreather flashback was ominous, hope he isn't a simurgh bomb cuz that would suck a lot. TFTC!
cassnova5424 chapter 56 . 2/28
Thx for the credit and the info drop on purple bananas, weird AF and i love it.

Also envious of kitsu's fantasy forest room, sounds awesome.

Really going to enjoy the nazis getting their teeth kicked in.

Question for Neil
I got nothin, have a nice life *Shrug*
Cookie Sharter chapter 7 . 2/28
nah, this is some next level bullshit, the fact that you already stated she robs drug dens and shit, but cannot afford to pay someone to shut the fuck up about who lives in one of their apartment complexes to avoid the cliche of "old ass bitch going to school because quirky shit" is retarded
Eaglehuntsman chapter 3 . 2/27
Will there be frequent time skips soon. Would rather not read about a 6 year old for too long.
Redburndragon chapter 56 . 2/26
Well if they weren’t ready to go on a war path they sure are now
dancingleaf chapter 56 . 2/25
The enchanted forest ferry and her room is such an amazing image. It reminds me of Pandora at night from (JC)Avatar. I wish there were places like that IRL, sadly we have insanely restrictive rules and regs against modifications to living things. I mean its for a mostly good cause as MANY movies have shown but still sad.

Nice to see Crystal actually acknowledging the issues and trying to build the relationship beyond just being physical.

if none of the others announced the split to the public then what Stormfront did would look really badly for everyone who was a part of the Empire. Even if they tell people they had split up before that it would still stick to them.

SO if Kitsu doesn't have those hearing aids, or even with, would Shatterbird drive her to stop the sounds at all costs? I mean even peaceful dogs will attack those with dog whistles if used to often. I imagine with her hearing it would be akin to nails on metal while suffering from a migraine.

I feel so bad for Madison, I mean sure she is manipulative and a liar but she is trying her very best to get noticed and no one even bothered to care. Girl really needs to expand her social circle some, preferably with people who share her interests.
Grimnosh chapter 56 . 2/25
Poor Kitsu, her prank on Mark backfiring so badly. And with Missy going to post it on the net... Still it's publicity.

Kitsu showing off the Mad Scientist Rant at so young an age *Wipes away a tear* they grow up so fast. And all Carol does is just time it rather then become concerned... then again she hasn't had any coffee yet.

And Coil is expecting quite a lot for the Undersiders to take a blind job. Though with the number of times he has had them move I would think they would be unlikely to take any job with no details especially someone like Brian. After all that's just street smarts for thieves. And Lisa should know that they are really the only (powered) option he has so she could drive up the price rather easily or kill the job pointing out that they have few transportation or combat options with Bitch gone.

Poor Madison trying so hard. And Taylor's innocence is shattered like one of Prince Rupert's drops.

Looks like the Empire is about ready to fracture with the factions ready to break up and get slapped down hard by the Forces of Good.

And I'm not certain that Assault's armor (let alone most of the Protectorate's) is very noisy. He's wearing a body suit with armored panels after all, not full gothic plate armor. Generally if any armor is more or less noisy it would be powered armor for obvious reasons.

*side note I would figure it would be Firebreather to toss Assault over the fence rather then Crystal as he HAS a Brute rating and Crystal is a 19-20 year old college girl who ISN'T majoring in weight lifting or sports.

And it's interesting how Firebreather reacted to the people in the cages at Immaculata given that he is a Case 53 with no memories of his past. Unless he was caged in such a way when he was first found. And at a guess I think Stormfront's faction will be the first to get smashed into the dirt and receive the dance of the cucaracha. Even in Earth Bet I'd be surprised that someone would try and start up the slave trade like that.

And I find it funny that Assault's son is so similar to Juggernaught (I'm unstoppable!). And I would be amused if so many people try and treat Assault and Battery's other daughter like a cat (Miss Demeanor indeed...)
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