Reviews for How?
dogbertcarroll chapter 18 . 3/1
Very nice story. I like the motivations you gave DD. Haven't seen that before.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/28
Am now the chile abuser is an ángel. Greate stupidity, next malforme is my lover,
nightpurr1 chapter 18 . 2/29
Love, Loving and will more then likly will re-read again at some point in the future. Thanks for the entertainment.
nightpurr1 chapter 5 . 2/29
Great Chapter!
csheila chapter 17 . 2/28
Great way to end it
csheila chapter 16 . 2/28
Keep it as a sibling relationship. That’s how Harry initially responded
csheila chapter 15 . 2/28
Maybe it was gis retirement fund for Grinderwald
csheila chapter 13 . 2/28
Such a great story. But I probably mentioned it the last time i read it. (Let’s see if the review holds.)
Navn Ukjent chapter 17 . 2/27
A fun fic with a nice point of divergence. It was logical for others on the Wizengamot to question the way Fudge tried to railroad Harry, and by making it a criminal trial, Madame Bones would be more involved.

The big reveal about what Dumbledore did and why was a bit of a let-down. It seems strange that he didn't have the political power to elevate the house of Dumbledore again after he went out and defeated Gellert, and when all the wizarding world couldn't thank him enough! Even if he ended up needing money, and he didn't have many scrouples on how he got it, it would be stupid of him to "nickle and dime" it like in this fic. He was one of the most powerful and knowledgable wizards around. If he wanted to get a lot of money, there would be endless ways to get it, including abusing muggles and beating up on the DE's in order to steal their stuff.

If he wanted to bring the house of Dumbledore back to it's former glory, he should also have made sure that it survived him, either by having kids or by helping his brother get a wife and kids. Instead he seems to have messed up his brother into focusing on goats while pining for Gellert!

It did lack a bit in dramatic tension, as all the big confrontations were either off-screen, such as the capturing of all the DE's, or it was fairly anti-climatic, such as the ending of Voldemort by ritual and of Dumbledore getting knocked out by the wards and not being able to do anything as everything unravelled for him. Still a nice and quite fluffy ending.
ak chapter 18 . 2/20
bonne fic!
mumphie chapter 18 . 2/6
mumphie chapter 17 . 2/6
Very interesting story! I enjoyed it immensely an stayed up Waaaay too late. ;)
FlawedBauthor chapter 1 . 2/3
go die
jayod chapter 18 . 1/30
great read
justanotherfan756 chapter 1 . 1/9
You really liked to use the exclamation point.. Also I don't think short scenes need multiple paragraphs of imagery, but you write like you're sprinting as fast as you can through the scenes. Even the conversations are just a series of 5-10 word sentences. It probably has a lot to do with formatting between where this was previously uploaded, but having everything just being a collection of single lines is feels disjointed.
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