Reviews for Twilight's Symphony
Tracey chapter 1 . 7/14/2003
I...just...finished...your...fanfic...and...I CRIED! i knew i was going was SO good though, but SO sad! i started crying when Spike said good bye to Faye, I cried again when Ed found out that Faye was dead, I cried AGAIN when Spike died, and i cried ONE LAST TIME when Wertzy said "Oh my God, look Ed, they're finally free!" Yea, i know, i'm pathetic, lol...but it was FANTASTIC! i loved every bit of it...the only question i have is when I was falling, it says that "images of her dear sweet Jason came to her imagination" or something similar...who's Jason? because the only guy you ever talked about me loving was it just a typo, or am i not thinking? lol...just curious. _~
Rachel2 chapter 6 . 7/14/2003
::cries all over again:: O So SAD! ;_;' heh. However very good! _. ::strangles you:: HOW COULD YOU? ::cough:: J/K ::eye twitches:: _' ::evil glare:: Write another good one! AND SON! _ LoL _ GREAT JOB! (EVERYONE READ!)

I added you to my favorites list! :)
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