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Zet4 chapter 12 . 7/8
thanks for the chapter!

wait, when MC fight the youkai in the club...did the yokai have advantages more than in their style? like, didn't youkai and devil have stronger body? or is the youkai simply too good at fighting?

the weasel girl seems like intentionally creating the rule to make sure he can't win (indirectly sabotaging him). she seems surprised, even tried to object when he tried to change style when someone in the previous chapter wondering why he didn't use MMA, implying that there's no actual rule about style
Zet4 chapter 12 . 7/8
thanks for the chapter!
Saurian96 chapter 11 . 7/4
Okay! So here's an Godly version of King Ghidorah and certainly with the power to match. But really, typing his cackles down kind of undermines this aura. I mean his *BIDIBIDIBIDI* screech doesn't translate well in a written format.

That being said, cool that you reference your other works here but my goodness, the one with the KRYPTONIAN is what I'm interested in!
Riverflow2020 chapter 11 . 7/1
Author: I can't really say more, glass houses and whatnot :P.

Reply: Yeah, the fic have potential but it’s flaws is dragging it down I hope one day someone can do slightly better, at bare minimum not make the mc a sociopathic murder hobo at least make them feel something when taking a sentient life and not just shrugged it off, and at least give some better portrayal to the villains that don’t make them too one dimensional or least make it bit more faithful to source material also don’t make other character caricature every some goes against the mc. So far among the celestial fic only a WH40K celestial forge fic have an mc that realize the consequences in taking a life and doesn’t shrug it off, as he realizes that tho he may take a life when necessary it shouldn’t always be the only solution or at very least not get used to it until you feel nothing that’s when you stop being who you are.
Zet4 chapter 11 . 6/29
thanks for the chapter!
Riverflow2020 chapter 10 . 6/25
“New fanfic rec, lets go”

It wasn’t exactly rec, the fic is honestly kinda mid and there’s stuff in it I don’t really like, like the mc attitude of killing and instances he acts like sociopath, his personality honestly rubs me the wrong way and there’s fact how the author makes some characters act like caricatures a bit mostly the enemies, also the fight scenes are staled because the author doesn’t like writing long fight scenes which makes his not good at fight choreography and seems more he rather just make a crack fic with mostly random things slice of life deal. I find it annoying because that’s the only semi-ok/mid fic I can find that doesn’t have the mc race change into a devil or anything else thanks to use the celestial grimoire which will allow him more than keep up to even exceed DxD top tiers with also a decent update rate, but the fic issues are glaring enough it takes me out it and I need to step back at times. I hope one day there will more celestial grimoire/forge/menagerie set in DxD fic that will do better because I have keep scrapping the barrel to find one. Anyway sorry for rant just don’t like the wasted potential of the fic, if you enjoy good, don’t let my opinion ruin your enjoyment of it.
Zet4 chapter 10 . 6/24
thanks for the chapter!

yeah, that's the point i want to make. even when the devil race themself are not inherently evil, their society is...bad, to put it nicely. with that, lack of law or proper regulation, as well as no failsafe to prevent events or plan to fix it is a problem. what's make them really bad is because of the backward society, practice that is considered evil now is still practiced like it was normal thing to do. this makes human "villain" makes sense, since it would make the devil race as people that seen "evil" as common thing to do, thus making human race think they are mostly evil. the human will fight the devil at all costs because they feel their race are threatened and exploited, and since the story comes from the devil side, the humans are seen as "villains". it doesn't help that many devils might be using loophole like you mentioned and there is no apparent plan to fix that. i think this is also the reason why the younger generation of devils are more "humane". they basically grew up knowing the common sense of today instead of common sense of the devil society that is basically outdated. one more thing, there's also chance that they see human as lesser being. even if they are not inherently evil, pride do comes to anyone. pretty sure sona's dream is to open a school for lower-class devil for rating game, implying that the high-class devils have some privilege over the lower-class devils and they don't want to change it. how did lower-class devil rise through rank anyway? by war? war that is in ceasefire and the one that want to restart it are the terrorist? by rating game? are they even allowed to join?

by the way, i read in some places, maybe canon maybe fanon i forget, but i agree that diodora's case is suspicious. like, how did he get to Asia? is she without any guard at all? even with her sacred gear? and after she heal him, somehow other priest knows and immediately banished her without any investigation? is the church faction never know about this guy and his MO? is she not where church presence is very apparent? how did he get there and reach Asia? someone from church helped him to start war again? then why the church still blames and banished Asia?

i want to see MC won with the restriction of one style only. i wonder how that weasel girl will look when she knows the reason he "hold back". and i want MC won against her. surely, she won't back down from fighting MC with his actual style, right~?
Saurian96 chapter 9 . 6/21
Well there goes my suggestion. Didn't cross my mind that Isashi will be fighting one of the hidden youkais so my bad.

That said, I'm actually curious that when Godzilla wakes up, high chance he will rampage. And since this version of Godzilla is an Amalgam of various incarnation he may as well turn against Ddraig/Issei mainly because NONE of the Godzillas have positive memories of Dragons in general.

Riverflow2020 chapter 9 . 6/20
Author: As for your suggestion for finding a translated version of the LN...yeah, that worked, huh? Neat, more source material~!

Reply: Glad that helped, I found out about it while reading “I cast fist” in QQ comment section from the author of the fic
Zet4 chapter 9 . 6/17
thanks for the chapter!

i know that in DxD the devils are prevalent. how could they not? the MC is a devil! it's just that...most stories making it seem like they can't get stronger as a human or other race...or only Devil race is the one that truly matter as a whole, you know? "MC already had godzilla. did he really need to become a Devil too?" is what i think when i read the OCs devil/yokai hybrid. why would you make them hybrid and not simply yokai in the first place?

true, the devils in DxD are not inherently evil, especially the young ones. i agree with that. but it is also implied that there's still plenty of them that left much to be desired, such as diodora astaroth or the old devil faction. there's also unnamed Kuroka's (former) master that want to do unethical experiment on koneko. i am pretty sure sairaorg also exiled simply because he didn't inherit his clan/family power. there's also the fact that there's no clear law that punish the master for making their servant become stray, only the servants are punished by being hunted and killed. the potential problem of devil race is the evil pieces that have similarities with slavery. the gremory and sitri peerage is fine with it. they are good masters...the other? what's stopping them carelessly reincarnating someone clueless just to "enjoy" them then discard them as a stray? it is possible that the evil pieces returned after the stray is killed, after all. what's stopping them letting a stray loose and attack other races then claims "it's just a stray, not one of us. feel free to kill them"? or if they forcibly hunt down sacred gear user for their ability? even if there IS a trial or a chance to prove the reincarnated devil are actually innocent and pardoned...what if they can't get the trial in the first place? like, if their master stops them with force or other way? like...rig the trial? politics and status? what if they are reincarnated against their will? they can't go back being human again! so...yeah. not inherently evil, but some (and implied to be more than some) are evil. plus, their system has aspects that is...quite disagreeable.
IdleManRPG chapter 9 . 6/16
I enjoyed what I imagined were Void Ghidorah from the anime trilogy and the Hollow Earth Apes from New Empure references
Riverflow2020 chapter 1 . 6/14
Hey author I just resolve you issue on not being able to read the LN of DXD, search in google occult research club dxd translation
Saurian96 chapter 8 . 6/9
Maybe to lessen the workload for Isashi in the future and to also give some valueable lessons to the three nobheads is MAYBE do some cool athletic things to make them more desireable to the ladies? I'm sure the school has P.E stuff like Swimming, Basket ball, football and combat sports such as Judo, amateur wrestling and karate.

I mean our MC here has shown he's willing to both work harder and smarter. You don't have to make him a jock just give him some sport where he can excel at. Have Isashi show off his jacked physique, sculpted abs and well built biceps and boom, you can have higher chance of positive reception to your pick-up lines.
Zet4 chapter 8 . 6/8
thanks for the chapter!

i get what the MC did, but...honestly, i feel a bit annoyed about how much he did. like, did he REALLY need to act like pervert maniac THAT much?...maybe yes, but...ugh, it's still annoying. i admit it, i didn't really like Issei when he act like perverted maniac that much, and now it feels like there's two of them.

now even a kitsune is a reincarnated devil? man...i was hoping she is not a devil at all. it's as if devils are the only good ones. well, do what you want, i guess. i'm still gonna enjoyed it anyway.
Some1call4MR-E chapter 8 . 6/8
OKAY~ SO, response, The only rias that I've ever hated, since knowing her,
is the one that I'd seen as, just another, rich-girl pampered princess flexing her elitist lifestyle,
which conveniently, existed with the first three season's of the anime...

Then again, it may have been the choice,
of the animation studio writing her up like that in the first place...

Blunt honesty, she could've been better so many time's that I've read, of her,
but the horndog side of her fanbase, far outweigh the decent side of it.

Anyway~ whatever~

Now for this chapter:

I'm only JUST assuming that, one of your boy's precious book's about women was,
pick-up line's for dummies or something...right?

Sometimes, and I quote, anything worth it's value, it worth fighting for, end Quote.

(Even if gets you in trouble, so long as a certain line is NEVER crossed, it's relatively allowed)


The twosome of, Murayama and Katase, have it in their heads that,
violently beating up a male, JUST for being a peeping tom,
would be a good service to their community, but if relatively sane,
mindset's won out in the end, those two would be the one's being punished for,
casually causing, assault and battery on mere, boy's being boy's...ya'know?

Leftover Dialogue:

When one can recover, from the most painful of injury,
then the next time the same injury is inflicted again, would be much less painful.

If Issei was willing to try, I bet he could build up some genuine pain tolerance,
that would be almost, unnatural, even by supernatural standards...eventually.

One of the more, strange thing's about Ddraig and his boosting,
was what version of the boost would he have used?

There is the 2-4-6-8-10-12 boost, versus the, 2-4-8-16-32-64-128 style of boost.

The first boost is pretty straightforward, as it's stylized with,
the same, boost, being applied over and over, without stacking,
doubling up the existing boost of sorts.

The second boost however, implies that it 'stacks' upon itself, with each, new boost,
being applied on top of, the existing boost of sorts.

I could never really tell the difference between the two type's before, and even now.

Plus on that very matter, what can, Ddraig essentially, individually boost, like at all?

Can the boost be focused on, pure power or defense,
reaction-speed/agility, INTELLIGENCE, or perhaps even say, 'stamina' or something similar?

So many thing's that can be, temporarily boosted, but not enough knowledge on,
how to go about it, even in canon, there is BARELY anything to go by.

What about Albion and his Division ability, SURE~ it makes things 'smaller' as Azazel implied,
but what else can be divided, considering the ATOM of existence, can in essence, be 'divided' too?

Nuclear energy, 'divided' the atom, splitting it in see?

The boosted gear, and Divine-dividing, are genuinely broken, if science could be applied somehow.
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