Reviews for Vast Sea Visualization
dan.lew.upg chapter 79 . 5/18
cant wait for more
lunlunseesee chapter 79 . 5/18
I wish so much that he'd just call himself Harry and I wish he'd let himself have some real emotion. I don't honestly know if him tearing up but not shedding tears is part of his act or not.
dan.lew.upg chapter 78 . 5/16
cant wait for more
Devnikolus chapter 1 . 5/15
Thank you for another fantastic chapter. I’m happy to see I was wrong so far and it hasn’t deviated too much from what made it so good as a lot of fics do when they get to hogwarts and harry gets friends.
Drag7 chapter 77 . 5/15
wishy washy filler at random and pointless side characters we have no reason to care about.
lunlunseesee chapter 77 . 5/13
I really want to see more Hogwarts adventures, Harry shocking his professors with his vast superior knowledge.
OrdealOfMc chapter 77 . 5/14
holy shiet, the plot thickens
dan.lew.upg chapter 77 . 5/14
NazgulBelserion chapter 77 . 5/13
Lmao bro really...A fkin Wuxia time traveler who probably got killed by Lucamort.
VincentFS chapter 77 . 5/13
You’ve lost the plot.
Torhelm chapter 77 . 5/13
This chapter was hard to follow. Not really liking the direction this new plot is going. Hopefully you don't dive too deep into this XianXia direction you're going.
gv100 chapter 77 . 5/13
Hell yeah, plot is moving fast now!
DannyO17 chapter 76 . 5/13
This is such an interesting and unique fic. I love that you have Harry trying to tackle our modern issues, and I appreciate the real tech/ knowledge being used to do it. Overall its been very entertaining.

There have been two things that nearly made me quit reading though.

The first being Harrys capabilities as a 2-6yo, and the way you portray adults reacting to him during that time
frame. I'm appalled these people don't think he is possessed or an alien or transmigrated etc. Their simple acceptance and lack of questioning feels surreal. I think adding a few years to Harry's age early on would go a long way to making it believable but still shocking.

The second thing is Harry's seeming return to the dark side in recent chapters even though he has removed the horcrux from himself. I was totally okay with the evil stuff early on cause I thought you made it obvious he was being influenced. It is no longer obvious though why he would gleefully torture and murder just for an experiment though.

I do not want to read a story where the MC is capable of that level of psychopathy, the victims being shitheads themselves does not make it better for me. I will unfortunately quit reading if that's where the story is headed.
Devnikolus chapter 45 . 5/13
I really hope this doesn’t turn into one of those fics that are great and focused on Harrys development as an individual but when he makes friends at hogwarts becomes more focused on helping his friends than anything actually interesting. Sorting him into Hufflepuff. The house he is least suited by far, leads me to believe this will be yet another dissappointment and waste of my time after what was up to this point an absolutely exceptional fic. I realize he tricked the hat into sorting him into hufflepuff but previous experiences with fics with Harry in hufflepuff make me want to stop reading right now. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly suprised in the next few chapters.
dan.lew.upg chapter 76 . 5/11
cant wait for more
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