Reviews for Brother Against Brother
Light Gaia chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
I like your rishid marik stories i hope you write another one one day.
saba chapter 1 . 3/14/2005
YAY ! _ i've heard your fics were good so i started reading them but now i can't stop! you write so...HEFTY _~

but why do all the characters seem to magically wake up at the end of each story?
Redemmo chapter 1 . 10/16/2004
the song fits this fic surprising well. did you base the fic off of it? Please e-mail the title of the song to me. it sounds like a good one.
Larisha chapter 1 . 8/3/2004
Gr I hope Vivaline or what ever her name is dies...*growl*NO!Malik cant be dead!*sorrow dance*Wait..HE LIVES!Oh ya,uh there be a prequil were Vivaline dies?Or did she die in another fanfic?
Sour Green Apple chapter 1 . 2/21/2004
*ponders* You always keep Malik alive, first his mother protects him, then he wakes up from a coma, magically...
JenniChan chapter 1 . 8/19/2003
OMG! That was soo sweet. -sniffsniff- TT Gawd, if only I could write like you.
Estelgirl Cleansweep11 chapter 1 . 8/10/2003
Estelgirl: Something seemed a bit too familiar about that woman. Evil, evil, evil...

CS11: Cute fic! I like Rishid & Marik fics.
Kyrene once Blood Roses chapter 1 . 7/26/2003
...Damn...THAT WAS SO CUTE! _. Hehe, I LOVE IT! This was a very VERY cute story. It's the first of it's kind I've read. This was very good...I'm gonna go read your other one-shots I've been hearing so much about _.
JessiChi chapter 1 . 7/24/2003
Aw. That's one thing I love about your fanfics, even if they die, they're not dead in the end XD
Foxy-magic-luver chapter 1 . 7/22/2003
Oh. my. gosh! that was like, so cool!yr a really good authoress, Lucky_Ladybug66!_ in case yr wondering just who the heck i am, i am a new fanfic authoress who should have a fanfic up in about a week. My name's you can see..._;i luv yr fanficcy!
Spyder Webb chapter 1 . 7/22/2003
The story was okay, but why use the dubbed names Marik and Ishizu when you use the Japanese name Rishid?
l.h.o.o.q chapter 1 . 7/21/2003
Aw.. How touching. You always do one-shots, Lady, but they're always the best one shots I ever have the pleasure to read. _
Chaos chapter 1 . 7/21/2003
YAY! Fluffy sibling cuteness! **sniffle** That was good!
Adelianna chapter 1 . 7/21/2003
Wow! This is excellent! You wrote it extremely well. Poor Marik and Rishid, I feel so sorry for the both of them. But atleast it had a happy ending. I have a feeling they haven't seen the last of Vivalene, or her treacherous ways, though. Anyway, again this is an excellent story, and thanks for the kind words about me at the beginning. Ja ne and Jesus bless!

Chibi Cheesecake chapter 1 . 7/21/2003

Kamilah: *sniffle* Yay for sibling cuteness!

Mojobubbles: Me and Blue Mystic Moon Warrior were reading this at the same time and we were on AIM discussing it...I was like, "IT'S VIVALENE!" She was all, "-"

Kamilah: it may be the same old, LLB, but it's so great every time.

Mojobubbles: First Malik, tehn Bakura, then Rishid and Malik at the same time...*takes out flamethrower* DEATH TO VIVALENE!

Yami Bakura: of my flamethrowers is missing...

Mojobubbles: ...sorrycan'ttalknowhuntingLLB'sOCbye! *runs off*
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