Reviews for The Epic Romance of Sleipniara and Shadowfax
lonelyassassin chapter 7 . 7/25/2008
Please, never become a musician.

And yay! Binky and Death are together again! *does happy dance*
lonelyassassin chapter 6 . 7/25/2008
Binky wants his Extra Speshul Deluxe Barn and Stable in Morgoth’s Void!

Sorry. I finally got a free day this week and am kinda hyper!
lonelyassassin chapter 5 . 7/25/2008
So corny, yet funny. And three cheers for Binky! and Terry Pratchett!
Nimoru Darkblood chapter 7 . 11/12/2007
Ek. Scary Sue.

I read something along these lines. It was basically the same, except it was a very short one-shot, the Parody-Sue was just a simple (BUT TOTLY B3UT1FULL M8RE WITH PYUR WITE HYDE AND SHIMERING M8NE & TAIL) horse, and she and Shadowfax had sex.


I cannot believe I just wrote that.

Whatever. Very good story, anyway.
Nautically Nonsensical chapter 7 . 4/30/2004
OUCH! OUCH! PAINFUL! I'm adding this to my faves list. And you better have a damn good excuse for not updating!
Best of luck,
Telhyandowen chapter 7 . 3/22/2004
HAHA! This is great! Well, not great in the "excellent piece of literature sense"...more like great in the "really bad disney movie with Matrix references and cheesy hilarious poems" sense. I did really like the oxymorons in one of the earlier chapters: "gentle ferocity" and "humble vanity." I have to admit that I really did start laughing when I saw the telepathy conversation from the Matrix...good times...and the similes for the beginning of the sixth chapter were excellent "pink bunnies dancing a waltz" and "it was like a Skittles commercial." Classic. Keep it up. I hope to see some more really bad poems in the future!
Calime Canos chapter 7 . 3/15/2004
Wow, is this the best character development there ever was. *sarcasm begins to drip out nose* (I have a cold, so it's almost literal) Woohoo! Go you! This is realy bad. The beginning of chapter 6, by the way, sounds like the poems they make you write in 5th grade. *Shudders in remembrance.*
Oh, I love Terry Pratchett. Gimmeegimmeegimmee! I would also love a Death action figure! HE'S THE BEST! And I would like my Extra Speshul Deluxe Barn and Stable in 'Morgoth's Void' please. Really bad poems! Neato! Woohoo!
Best of luck,
Keep writing the worst Mary Sue I have ever read in my whole life,
Rian Silverleaf chapter 7 . 11/3/2003
"We go together like salt and tar!"

Gyah. Oh, and great suvian descriptions with the alternating italics.

Do we get to see another chapter soon? Please?

Nenya Kanadka chapter 6 . 11/3/2003
Oh, my Eru...that was...the descriptions of the nuzzle...I was laughing so hard people were looking at me oddly. And I was scratching my eyes out from the pain at the same time. And the telepathy-I do SO not need the idea of horses being coy running through my brain!11

Let's see now. I think I want an ebony barn for My Little Binky. Or would it look better in ink? And was that midnight-black or octopus-ink-black?

-Nenya of the PPC
Huinesoron chapter 7 . 11/3/2003
That was . . . disturbing. And very Suish. How do you do it?

/Gasp/ Is the 'Sue going to be kicked out of the herd by the Racist Horses (TM)? Will she be Lost And Alone (TM)? Do we Actually Care (TM)?

Well, in this case, yes. Moremoremore.
Ekwy chapter 7 . 11/3/2003
Ohh, can I have one of those My Little Binky sets? They're liek SO kewl!.!1! !1! ! Ahem. Anyways, very funny, this. *does two tumbs up and then starts to sing very loudly* Friends! Friends! That’s what we are! We go together like salt and tar! Like near and far! Like fish and - *walks away, humming*
J.M.M.Harris chapter 3 . 9/22/2003
The Matrix! The Matrix... right?
DDR Freak chapter 6 . 9/14/2003
My Little Binky! Yay! I'd like mine in Morgoth's Void, thankee!

Anyway, great chapter! Very cheesy, very Sue-ish, very good! Keep it up!



OMG, lyk, tha waz lyk, so awsome!1!

Please excuse that...
Queen Isis chapter 6 . 9/14/2003
I'm too lazy to login right now. Heh.

It was Sueness a la Corn! I had a great time laughing my ass off ! _

PLZ update soon.
Leo Dragoness chapter 6 . 9/13/2003
o0oh ur'e soo eivl!1 a xcliffy!11 wats' gion 2 hapen nest!

*coughs* Thankee for the Extra Speshul Deluxe Barn and Stable. I'd like mine in Morgoth's Void if ya don't mind. _

Smashingly contrived chapter, as per usual. Brill.

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