Reviews for Wait For No Man
Thousandsmiles chapter 14 . 5/2/2017
This was great!
WhatIsUnImAgInEd chapter 14 . 5/31/2013
Callista252 chapter 14 . 1/7/2013
Thank you for posting this story, I truly enjoyed it!

Murazor chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
I quite liked the story. Well written, atmospheric and with an impressive amount of content crammed in considering the length of the tale.

It completely contradicts the canon of the second and third movies in pretty much everything, of course, but that's fine. Curse of the Black Pearl worked well enough as a standalone tale and the second and third movie supernatural elements were a bit over the top for my tastes.

As far as negatives go, I think that the inclusion of Bootstrap Bill adds little to the tale. Him appearing out of the blue (literally) is justified to an extent, but I feel that the story doesn't address adequately the impact of his showing up, particularly in regards to Will's reaction. Also, poor crazy Governor Swann.

Not outstanding, but very enjoyable, all in all.
Forest Archer chapter 14 . 4/16/2009

This was honestly an incredible story that I have really enjoyed reading! So many clever ideas captured here, and you had me completely oblivious about who the mastermind could be. Very clever idea, I thought, to have it be Swann - definitely not something I saw coming! The ending was really beautiful, as well; when you said Lizbet was wrapped in the mist I just sort of saw it taking on Elizabeth's form, and protecting her daughter like that. Excellent!

Earlier on, you had me in hysterics during the scene where the lads commandeer the ship. Norrington is so incredibly awesome in this story; I completely love him. xD And I'm glad you made Will OK in the end. :D

An excellently written story; thanks for a great read!
sevanderslice chapter 14 . 7/16/2007
Hello, I started reviewing each chapter in the middle of the story for two reasons. One, I didn't think of it until then, and two, because that's where the action really starts to pick up.

Chapter 7: Lizbet and Belle singing messages to each other in French is very very clever. Also, I love how when the story is from Belle’s POV that some French words are sprinkled throughout her dialogue and internal monologue. It adds charm and credibility to her character.

Chapter 9: Really well written fight scene. I could picture everything that was happening very clearly. (hee hee, you used the word manhood *snicker*)

Chapter 10: Hee hee, Edmund, Rose, Mud, a pig named Jack, and hands in inappropriate places. Fun stuff! Also, bloody voodoo ceremony, creepy much?

Chapter 11: I love how you captured Will’s tendency to be a bit overly cliché in his heroic statements. The scene where Bill and Jack talk about trying to escape is really funny and totally something I could see actually happening with these characters in this genre.

Chapter 12: Elizabeth’s father being the bad guy all along is an interesting twist. I just personally always thought his character to be a bit too weak to have pulled something like this off, regardless of how insane he managed to get. Ooh, Will’s gonna drown. *shudders*

Chapter 13: Oh, come on! I was really liking Edmund.

Chapter 14: Whew! Okay, Edmund’s okay. Jack vs Jack, woot! I really liked this line of Jack’s "I take it back," he said. "You do have guts after all." That is some really clever wordplay.

Will’s anguish when Lizbet falls into the water is really beautifully real. Props for bringing Elizabeth’s spirit back to save her daughter, I was kind of expecting that. ;) Also, I love Bill’s pity for Swann: Bill quirked a half-smile. "I hope he knows her now," he said quietly. That’s a really lovely scene.

The little epilogueish section of the last chapter is a nice closing to a strong story. The scene where Jack is tickling Lizbet is adorable. Also, I’m glad you had Jack explain that he couldn’t stay landlocked forever, because that’s true and you had me worried a bit with the whole lordly thing.

Overall I enjoyed this story very very much. Thanks for sharing it with me.
Heryn-o-Eryn-Duin chapter 14 . 6/20/2007
I absolutely love this story! It's amazing! I just got a "Life Story" Magazine feat. Pirates 3, and in the sample FanFic area yours was listed so i had to come and read it! Congrats on that! Awesome Story!
SandraS chapter 14 . 1/7/2007
Excellent work.
ArmoredSoul chapter 14 . 10/28/2006
Absoulutley bloomin' marvelous! I can' belive it. You actually pulled it off! This is definitly going on the favs list!

Good night everyone!


signing out!
ArmoredSoul chapter 13 . 10/28/2006
Oh God in Heaven this cannot be!
ArmoredSoul chapter 12 . 10/28/2006

:dives into water, starts jerkign at rope:

WILL! C'mon, don' you DARE die on me!
ArmoredSoul chapter 11 . 10/28/2006
"my Elizabeth"?

Now who could that be?

At first, I was suspectign Barbossa, but now...
ArmoredSoul chapter 9 . 10/27/2006

:gnashing teeth and yelling at top of lungs:
ArmoredSoul chapter 8 . 10/27/2006
The spirit is already there? Always has been?



It's Liz!
ArmoredSoul chapter 4 . 10/27/2006


No! Not little Lizbet. Oh dear GOD no...
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