Reviews for Only Human
Jennifer chapter 1 . 10/4/2003
Wonderfully written excerpt. Great follow-up to Hard times, and interesting thoughts on the team's dynamic. I particularly enjoyed hearing this from Adam's viewpoint and the acknowledgement of what he's given up. Thanks!
Crystal113 chapter 1 . 7/29/2003
This is very good. I like a lot of the points you made about individual team members, especially about Adam.
Ivy chapter 1 . 7/26/2003
I felt for Adam in this story and it was written nicely. Sad, short and to the point. great story.
Deb1 chapter 1 . 7/25/2003
I like this POV from Adam's standpoint. I think it's right on with his character. I always felt that Jessie let Brennan off the hook too easily. Because the drug, as you mentioned, increased their already dark side, so to speak. Brennan just voiced what he felt inside. It would have been interesting if they had allowed tension to exist between the two of them. But alas they did not. Anyway this was a great read. Thanks.