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Frost-EVA-04 chapter 50 . 6/10/2015
I joined this website around the time you started writing this story. I missed it back then but 10 years later I found it and have greatly enjoyed it. I looked the way everyone was prorated in your story. Thank you for the awesome read. I'll be watching this story in the of chance you continue it.

Hope all is well.
lincoln time chapter 20 . 11/17/2014
Why do you have Link being so weak. I am finding it very annoying. and why does he not have his weapons with him. Doesn't he have that one bag that can hold everything. I am disappointed in how you are portraying Link so far in this story. Link is far from being as weak as you are portraying. If he can face undead demons with half a heart left (or near dead in the games), I am sure he can take on the characters you are putting him against. Please portray Link stronger in your story. He is the strongest person in Hyrule, yet it seems he can barely fight so far in your story. it is a pretty good story but I am reading this mainly for Link.
DinoZilla chapter 50 . 2/23/2013
Please continue this great story of is one of the best Soul Calibur story out there and don't mind the naysayers what they say about your it and make sure having fun at the same needs to be completed,no matter what the cost.
Totong chapter 49 . 9/29/2012
One of the best Soul Caliber story ever 's even better than some stories written for Soul Caliber,except for Dark Lord Link Of you dis countinued it,may I burrow some of it story because I will my own version of the Soul Caliber story.I hope you update eventually or rewrite it soon.
Kingdom Lightz chapter 47 . 5/8/2012
I really love this story. Sure it's old, you're not working on it anymore, and some others might hate Link in Soulcalibur, but I love it! And you know, I used to worry about what people thought of my works, but now I focus on writing and having fun with it. If you do plan on continuing, or rebooting it, just remember to have fun with it.

And since this doesn't matter anymore, I might as well say it; I propose LinkxCassandra, KylexMina and TakixYugo be advanced, Ivy to lean more to Arus-Nei, and if you have time TalimxYun-Seong. Thanks for the story.

Heero Strife chapter 50 . 7/10/2009
Hi master!

I was just re-reading this fic and let me tell you, You really rock! You're a greath story teller, don't let all that people who flame you get the best of you, the fic, the way you write it is perfect! You don't need to change anything! Oni Link was faboulus. I love his fight with Spawn; the Limk/Cassandra scenes were perfect (I wished it were more, but that it's just me) don't ever think that you're wrong about you're writing style, 413 reviews in 50 chapters, almost 9 reviews for chapter is more than any writer in this pages would hope to acomplish, that only tells you that you're not wrong in the way that you're taking your story... Write the nextchapter! Fuck off all the flamers! They are only jelous of your talent.

Please, end this greath piece of fan literature (And Ocarina of time Rebirth) they're just perfect the way they are.

Honestly, youre greatest fan

Heero Strife
Crazymallets chapter 5 . 2/12/2009
nice story so far. Don't let people who flare your stories get to you. You should write what you want. One question though, why is Marth from fire emblem mentioned mentioned?
Lady Emerald Black chapter 30 . 9/5/2008
Hey, wow, it's been so long since I though about your stories. But one thing remains constant, I love them, especially this one and Ocarina of Time Rebirth. I think your style is your own and excellent.

I'm just showing my continued support of your work. I was sadden to hear, quite a while ago, that you suspended both stories. The flamers. Write what you want and be happy about it, if others don't like your work, they shouldn't read it and say how much it doesn't work for them.

I remeber when I first started reading your stories. I was moved by the amount of detail and extensive battle scenes you wrote, and with what fludity and ease! I was awestruck and very impressed.

I only wish for you to write more (and my good friend darkdragonwriter, would agree). But I know now, after what seems like decades of hope for more, it will not come. And I have accepted that, I just hate to see something so wonderful go. I know college and life can be stressful, but do what you love.

Best wishes in life and future writing venues.

I'll keep an eye out for them.


Lady Emerald Black
Ziven chapter 50 . 5/2/2008
OMG! I didn't know that the story was being stopped indefinitely simply because people were flaming you!

My friend, LadyEmeraldBlack and I love your stories, and we think that its fine just the way that it is! I know that you might get a lot of flames for some of the things that you write, like Link, but the fact of the matter is that Link was put into the game for a reason. And considering that this story is about Soul Caliber II, I don't necessarily think that you should have waited until SC I came out for you to continue.

Just write the story out in way that makes the guest characters disappear at the end so that they're tied. That way, you could write SCI in its own story arc-since the stories continue, and with new characters.

However, this is just an idea. I know that you must be tired of hearing people tell you how to write your story, and this is just a suggestion. If you want to merge the storylines, then that is up to you by all means. I just want you to stop writing again. I've lost a few favorite authors over the years, and I don't want to lose you, too. Please write again!

Thank you,


P.S.: I'm a fan of Ocarina of Time Rebirth as well.
MastaDrumma22 chapter 1 . 1/6/2008
Hmm... Nice.
nohmaskofoblivion chapter 50 . 7/27/2007
It took me forever to find this story.

First let me say that it's too bad you never continued because this was one of few Soul Calibur stories involving OC's and Link that didn't bug me. That's rare.

Second let me say that I absolutely hate Link, but I agree with you for never removing him, he's just too vital to the story and you would've had to completely rewrite the whole story. Definately fuck the people who didn't understand that.

I miss this story. I really miss it but I understand if you have decided to stop writing. Good luck writing other stories in the future.
Midnari chapter 50 . 11/27/2006
Forgive me for not logging in but I wanted to hurry up and repeat this. It didn't go through last time because something seems to try and keep me from reviewing this.

Anyway. You haven't updated this for a year because of a couple of people who were to pissy about YOUR story. You're here on your own terms and you are free to write what ever you like, hell, you could blow off a little steam just by putting the flamers in the story and have the killed by there most hated Characters. Personaly, I'm a bit perplexed why you would change anything. It's good and I don't really see how Link is over powered since he get his as whooped sometimes too. Take the Nightmare scene for instance. Link did beat him but he had almost been destroyed in the end, until of course the Master Sword saved him, he also was almost killed until Oni Link came to the rescue. It seems to me that you've given up on a great story. You are a writer that rivals Paper Bear (Personal Opinion about her) You are, to be frank, A great writer but if you give up because of a couple of idoits who whine at the slightest thing, then why write at all. Nobody is gonna agree completly with anything, I've learned that a long time ago. Hell, In your story, there are some parts that burn me up (Primarly Kyle) However, that doesn't mean I want you to change him, it's in his Character. Now, if there emailing you, you could always use me as a filter. I always love taunting those idoits when they start flaming. Anyway, I hope you continue on, I really do like this story and I hope I didn't waste two weeks reading something that will never be complete. Just remember, you don't exactly have to read there comments when they email you, hell, I don't see why you put your Email up in the first place. If they do however, just remind your self that you are putting this up on your own free will, however, don't give up because of them Either. Sorry for the long winded speech, and if you read it all, thanks. If not, then it really doesn't matter what I say here, does it?
Lylatian General chapter 50 . 10/8/2006
You're really talented. Hope you are doing good with the story. Please update soon.
Kenrai chapter 49 . 7/12/2006
Sorry if I haven't reviewed the fic before any other chapters mate but FECKIN HELL! I look at this fic and my own and yet mine pales in comparison. Brill. I only hope for you to continue. :p

- Kenrai
Leviathan's Son chapter 50 . 5/8/2006
sup. i reread your story and still think it's great. i do agree with link being overpowered and like the idea of powering him down. i also want to see more sences with renzo and kareena and how their relationship is since they are hardly even in some of the story at all. and i vote for more yunsung and talim moments and more relationship developement between them. well that's my review, adios from one of your fans,

Leviathan's Son

P.S. you should consider being a writer this story is very well written... er typed anyway ;
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