Reviews for Saiyajin Voyage
Jibbitessa chapter 3 . 11/25/2007
This'll be the first time I've actually reviewed any of your stuff, and it's been so long since you've written these things that I don't even know if you'll get this. But after reading this chapter, I felt I finally had to write you a review.

For onc: I chose this chapter of all of your stories because of the Irish Lullaby. My grandpa used to sing it to me whenever he would visit, before I went to bed. He's still alive, but seeing it in a story almost made me cry anyway.

Anyways. I've been reading your stuff since I found your fansite, like, three or four years ago, it must've been. I was depressed when the site was gone, and only recently did I find you on DeviantArt, and quickly added you to my watch list so I could steadily go through and fav everything. And then, while going through that, I found this, which made it ten times easier to read everything I had loved of yours (my favorite being Mania, but all of your stories are amazing). (I never knew you had written a Knight Rider story! o.o)

So, in closing, I'd like to say that you actually made me go back and start watching all the episodes of Beetlejuice I could find, and I think I like your version of BJ much better. :P That, and I am irreversibly in love with Endri and Kyle.

~ Phayte
Solarice04 chapter 2 . 4/10/2004
Excellent story so far! I've only read the second chapter, but it looks to be really good.
I will reveiw again whaen I am finished. I hope it's every bit as good as I expect.
WitchyWanda chapter 11 . 1/30/2004
Wow,what a great story! Of course,you've always been great at making stories Lacey-chan! Domo Arigato for great stories! *hugs an kisses* Bye!
Maya Beebop chapter 11 . 1/29/2004
Such a cute ending! BJ hanging around, everything all pretty and nice. Very nice way to end a very nice fic. Good work! _
Maya Beebop chapter 10 . 1/28/2004
Though it took me the better part of an hour to read through your entire story, never have I read such a kick-ass crossover fic! Thinking about waiting for the next installment pisses me off, however, so ya better post soon!
Woot! Endri kick ass! *glomps*
WitchyWanda chapter 10 . 1/21/2004
Batty dances around singing: Ky-chan's jealious! Ky-chan's jealous! :D
Wanda is hust sitting in her computer chair and thinking: Hm...I wish...naww nevermind *blushes*
Batty hops into Wanda's lap and is a bit heavy;Wanda makes a small "oof" sound: What'cha thinkin',huh? Huh? Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!*bounces in Wanda's lap*
Wanda sighs deeply: Ok ok...I wish..that I could be in this story so I could give Kyle a BIG smooch so he won't be jealous!
Batty just stares blankly for a moment,then falls out of Wanda's lap,laughing like crazy: Yeah right! Like he would ever kiss YOU! *notices the fire in Wanda's eyes,and immediately gets up: Uhh...anyways! Great chappy Lacey-chan! See ya! *disappears* Wanda sighs and looks down sadly for a moment,then smiles and looks up:Well,like Batty said,great chapter! Bye! *leaves,still thinking of how cute Kyle is.*
WitchyWanda chapter 9 . 12/5/2003
Wanda and Batty both just stare...then Batty starts to grin,showing het bat fangs that she was oddly born with,and turns to look at Wanda slowly who slowly turns to look back...she sees the fangs and shrieks,running away as Batty giggles madly: Woderful chappy Lacey! I just love the "Necro-Bond" thing! It gives me a great idea...*giggles more mader than ever and disappears fallowed by a few shouts coming from the back room as Wanda runs in,takes a pillow from the couch and throws it at Batty,whose running after just throws the pillow to the ground and goes after her pray again: C'mon Wanda,don't ya wanna be part of my family!
Wanda cries out and jumps on top of a chair: Not in that way! You know what that idea does! No way!
Batty blinks...then slowly starts to frown and disappears. Wanda lets out a relieved sigh and sits down in the chair: Damn,that girl is crazy. *remembers something and runs back to the computer* Sorry we didin't respond for a while,we where having...uhh...technical...difficulties...*clears throat* Ahem! anyways...I love the chapter. Very interesting.I'll be waiting to see what happens next! Maybe a bit of bonding between gandpa and grandson?...heehee...and...I am wondering...will Lydia come in on this story...or is it just mostly your characters and BJ?...umm..welp,that raps it up! I gotta go! Going to see the Cat in The Hat movie with James! His early christmas present to me...but I have a feeling he has more in store...see ya! Witchy Wanda,signing out!
WitchyWanda chapter 8 . 11/20/2003
Wanda is just banging her head against the wall and laughing like crazy,then she turns around and sidles down until shes only sitting on the floor,the back of her head banging against the wall now as she laughs harder.

Batty just sits in a chair,watching Wanda and shaking her head: Are you done yet? you've been doing that hour and a half since you read that part where daddy came in!

Wanda coughs a bit and holds her stomach,then wipes her eyes and tries to speak: I...I c-can't t-that*she bursts out laughing again and falls over on her side and holding her stomic tighter*

Batty groans and slaps her forehead,then turns to the camera and tries to smile: Sorry,Lacey-chan,but Wanda is ...uh...*turns to Wanda for a moment,then back to the camera* ...a little busy at the moment...but,you can tell what she thinks about this on the other hand..thought it was very touching when my Oniisan had that flashback about him and Kyle-chan! *sighs* It reminded me of that one stormy night at home when my parents where away on a "romantic" night while I had to stay home with Endri as my babysitter,of course he was strict and sent me to bed at an early time,but of course I couldin't sleep cause of the storm,and I was only around four! He held me all night in my bed,soothingly whispering to me,telling me it was alright,the storm would pass,and mom and daddy would be home soon,but for once,I didin't care about those things...I was only thinking of how wonderful it felt to be in my Oniisan's arms,and hear his voice. Thats a memory that can only be shared between me in him...*looks around,then turns back and whispers* but if you let him know that I told you about that ittle touching moment we had...*she runs her finger across her neck with a fake cutting noise,then her head litterally falls off and lands in her hand* Got it? *throws her head back in the air,it lands in its rightful place...but backwards,but she screws it around until it's on right* Good! *looks to see Wanda has dissapeared and yells out* Hey! Don't leave me here all alone! *quickly turns back to the camera* Again,great chappy Lacey-chan...and uhh...see ya! *dissapears*
WitchyWanda chapter 7 . 10/22/2003
Batty smiles interesting...hope the next chapter is this exciting!


Batty: What?

Wanda sighs: you can definately tell that that quote was from BJ! Lydia in this?..

Batty mutters: She better be..

Wanda gives Batty the "eye": threats!

Batty sighs: But...I was so afraid when I thought that the pirate dude was daddy...but NOW...i'm not even shure if BJ is gonna end up with mommy!

Wanda: well,just wait and see,you know that Lacey wouldin't let you down...and what is a BJ story...even a crossover one...without Lydia!

Batty:...but...what if...her...and..daddy...aren't...umm

Wanda sighs:...Batty...just wait for the next chapter! In the meantime,we have to work on that story!ITS BEEN THREE MONTHS SINCE THE LAST UPDATE!

Batty two ...months...*sees Wandas angry expression and clips her heels together and and salutes Wanda with her hand* YES SIR!'am...ehhehheh...*runs off in a flash*

Wanda sighs and rubs her temples while closing her eyes: Will she ever learn?...
WitchyWanda chapter 6 . 10/6/2003
*Batty just stares at the computer like she's a zombie*

Wanda blinks:Batty?...Oh boy...uh,Lacey...we have a problem...ya see..Batty was reading the fic with me when...we got to the point where the pirate...commited suicide and..killed himself and...Endri...*looks back at Batty...whose still looking completely frozen*...Could you just tell her that..uhh...the pirate isin't i've been trying to tell her...but she won't listen to me! *sighs*...Oh BattyJuice,BattyJuice,BattyJuice!...oops! *Batty suddenly dissapears somewhere* Crap!Well,can't wait for the next chapter!...Hopefully I will have found Batty by then...*groans and walks away calling for the little munchkin*
WitchyWanda chapter 5 . 9/18/2003
Batty: Oh,of corse I love this Lacey-chan! *huggles you* i've always been a fan of action stuff like this!_~

Wanda: Batty...

Batty: what?

Wanda: *grabs batty's arm* story,chapter,finish,now!

Batty: aw...darn! buh bye Lacey!

Wanda: see ya Lacey!

*they dissapear*
WitchyWanda chapter 4 . 9/4/2003
BattyJuice: poor kyle-san...he he was could Endri do this...I know he didint mean to...but...*sighs*..*blushes* why am i suddenly caring about what happend to kyle this mutch? 'Che!' im going crazy! Kyle is...soo mutch older than me...but...those beautiful eyes...that pure white hair...*blushes more* oh! *ahem!* uhh...thanks for dedicating this chappy to me me Spencer-san! i loved it! *writes down those japanese words* im trying to remember them! heehee...oh...and what is this?...something happend below doesint seem like its just those cell...thingies _;;...i bet that there's gonna be a new character pretty soon! *smiles evily*...! *dissapears in thin air*
Batty Juice chapter 3 . 8/23/2003
that cute kyle dude know irish?col! that makes me more interested in him! *sighs deeply* ioh...and yeah...i cant wait to see daddy on there...*snickers* as an alien! *falls down laughing...then heres a deep voice yell in a mad tone* BATTY! *gulps* gotta go!

squeeze ya later for great story!*runs away real fast and is fallowed by a fast running blurr of black an white!*
Windra chapter 2 . 8/20/2003
I liked the chappie...very neat, very odd. I've got many questions I wanna ask, but since I'm guessing they'll be answered later in the story... Arigatou, Lacey-sama! (did I get that right?)
Batty Lenore Juice chapter 2 . 8/12/2003
*throws a temper tantrum* wheres mommy an daddy wheres mommy an daddy...wheres MOMMY AN DADDY?...*coughs* that Kyle guy sounds cute! *squeels*...but...uh i feel like i should know...uhh...Endri...(inside joke...Endri is BJ's son in spencers other fics...and batty's my fan character of BJ and Lyds's daughter _;)

' umm...uhh..i gots ta go now...buh bye! an...bye da way...keep workin' hard...tho it makes ya umm...stay B-E-A-utiful!

Squeeze Ya later! (love that quote)

~v~BaTTY L. JuIcE~v~
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