Reviews for Summoned by Shadows
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 1 . 2/8/2010
Ooh, brilliant! I like how Janice and Dawn interacted at the beginning.

'This book,' Dawn explained. 'Was it all manly men and heaving bosoms and - ' Dawn put her hand to her head and gasped '-oh, take me now!'

Now both of them laughed.

'No it was not,' Janice insisted. 'It's all inside your perverted little mind.'

'Really? Want me to share?'

'You keep your sordid little fantasies to yourself,' Janice told her, 'unless '

'Unless?' Dawn wheedled. 'What's going on inside your perverted little mind?'

'Nothing.' Then, off Dawn's look, 'Nothing. I'm just I've been reading some books Tabby loaned me.'

'Tabby?' Dawn asked.

'You know,' Janice replied. 'Jonathan's friend. From the coven.'

'Oh, that Tabby,' Dawn said. She located an empty table and sat down, then began rummaging through her bag for the lunch her dad had prepared for her.

'And what's that supposed to mean?' Janice shot back, sitting down beside her.

'Nothing,' Dawn protested. 'There's no need to get so defensive.'

'I'm not ' Janice began. 'Okay, maybe I am. A little. But I'm really starting to like these people, Dawn. What they're doing feels right. It's hard to explain.'

'You think you've got problems,' Dawn retorted. 'Try telling you best friend that vampires a real, your sister's a Slayer and you are not a human being, but a ball of energy instead.'

'All right, so you win on points,' Janice conceded.

Cool! :)

Keep up your awesome, creative writing! :)