Reviews for A Twisted Sense of Fate
the-burglar chapter 1 . 6/20/2004
Awsome story definty one of the best!
smileyface101 chapter 13 . 5/28/2004
She says: "Well then take your hand off my mouth!"

I love your story!

*makes lemonade with free hand*
smileyface101 chapter 12 . 5/28/2004
When is the romance gonna get deeper for Harry and Ginny!
smileyface101 chapter 6 . 5/28/2004
that sounds odly similer to what my best friends did to me when i found my boyfriend, he comforted me, they teased me to no end.

I swear, they must have taken goofy grins 101!

Keep up the great work, I love your story!
sweet-love16 chapter 1 . 5/25/2004
OO this is good this is real good I jsut started reading it now but I am liking what I am reading.
hahaha chapter 25 . 5/11/2004
i new it i new it evil
hahaha chapter 24 . 5/11/2004
twins 1 of each evil
Lindsey chapter 1 . 5/10/2004
LOL! That chapter was wonderful! I loved it! Stupidish! Geesh, I wish I would have though of that one before!
Cylo chapter 11 . 4/28/2004
Great story!
Qwestion 1: Snogging is a English UK term. I see it all the time in British novels.
Question 2: I think the private rooms come from fanfiction. I've never seen JKR mention any Private rooms for them.
any who... Oops.. I figured out that this isn't twisted sence of destiny..
SnakeEyesHannah chapter 60 . 4/18/2004
Right, it's 04:30 in the morning over here, and I'm wide awake. I can honestly say it's because of your story. It kept me up all night.
It was so incredibly well-written and had the most amazing plot I just couldn't tear myself away from it. And with 60 bloody chapters, it had to be something special.
Truth to be told, I really don't think you should have posted this here. You should have turned this in to a publisher. This qualifies as a book! So what if it's a fanfic? Write the credit and it's fine...
All the details you've put in this story are just amazing. How you managed to explain so much and yet keep everyone in the dark I still can't figure out. This story was so worth reading non-stop for about 4-5 hours!
I can not begin to explain how much I loved this story! Even though my so far pretty long review might tip you off...
At first I was reading it because of curiousity how it would turn out (seeing that it was bloody 60 chapters!), but I ended up reading it because I was hooked. You intrigued me, wanting me to just keep reading.
For all it's worth, you're an excellent writer and I'm in awe how you write. The words written seems to be written directly from the heart. All the touches are absolutly mindblowing!
What my rambling is trying to tell you is that I really, really loved this and that I am truly grateful that I got the chance to read it. Thank you!
Laura C chapter 15 . 4/12/2004
This is a great story so far. Interesting twist with the whole pregnancy thing, very unexpected. Is the spell spoken in portugese or spanish or something like that?
Also it's spelt Gryffindor and Dumbledore just so you know.
Azera chapter 60 . 3/31/2004
i LOVE it it's wicked!
ksrli chapter 60 . 1/29/2004
AW!Couldn't have thought of a better ending myself...I can't wait for the sequel.
harryp123 chapter 60 . 1/22/2004
I love it. The whole story. I can't wait for what other projects you have.
The Golden Shadow chapter 60 . 1/19/2004
i love this fic at least i started on it early...
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