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Draith chapter 6 . 5/10/2005
Sometimes I think there is more "why are they with me?" from Yuusuke to Keiko than the other way around, but you made a valid point for it here. :) Glad to see more of your character poems! I regret missing this when you posted it, I have been away from this site for quite some time.

As some other reviewer said for this one, you have a nice talent for describing a scene very clearly in a few words, especially in a poetic piece. I like how you started the poem with "Yuusuke. That boy." and ended it with the line about her loving him. This lends symmetry to the poem, allowing it to begin and end with similar thoughts, which seals the body of the poem very well! The lines look well-split in this one, as well.

Ah, I have rambled on for too long, I am sure... But nice to see you again! :)

Take care

music4life2009 chapter 6 . 5/11/2004
Hi, Your poems are great I think you should write about Kuronue next. And don't Tugro kill Kuwabara. That's what the dvd the torements end.
Or you can do my favorite favorite charater Yoko Kurama. (fox demon form) BYE
Black Fox 99 chapter 6 . 4/11/2004
I just read the rest of your poems. There really good. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could try writing a Touya poem. See Ya
Black Fox 99 chapter 1 . 4/11/2004
i like it. It really describes Jin. Got to go now See Ya
Silverchild of the winds chapter 6 . 1/11/2004
Your pretty good at describing a scene with few words. try Shizuru next. Or maybe Botan Id like a poem I could compare to mine about her.
Silverchild of the winds chapter 5 . 1/11/2004
i know I read the manga. Sounds just like kuabara
Jesscheaux chapter 6 . 1/10/2004
Hehe, yeah, Yusuke's an idiot at times, but Keiko still loves him! Aw...! Egyptian mummy, LOL! Thanks for the review, BTW! _ You should do a poem for Koenma-sama! He's so hilarious! And one for Botan too, she's bubble-headed by still cool. Nice work! Ja ne!
Pierce chapter 1 . 12/23/2003
Pierce: Yay charater poems, gotta love um and you never see um for jin. thanks for the review woulda looked at your stuff sooner bu college bite. but I'm free... FRE! have to go back in a month...
Pierce:SH! let me have my dream!
Pierce: _
-Pierce, Charlie
Draith chapter 5 . 12/6/2003
You know, it is truly astounding how different the manga and the anime series on Cartoon Network are! I mean, SERIOUSLY! There's whole editions of Shonen Jump that don't appear in the tv show. Shizuru is in the manga more, which makes me mad, as I really like her, and she should be in the show more, too! *takes deep breath* Sorry, I have a tendancy to rant.. heehee _
Alas, to arrive at the end. You know, not many people write about Kuwabara, let alone POEMS; though I love Pierce's. I tried, but I can't get it right so far. *sigh* I really like your varying form in all of your poems. It's freestyle, yet you don't use the same mould each time you write, which many authors tend to fall into. I have caught myself with that problem many times, and have tried of late to break the mould by something completely different.
...which is how "INSANITY" was borne.. heehee. I liked the explosion, the comedy was a nice spot. There's also the deeper meaning lying underneath this light-toned poem. And if you didn't mean it, uhm... fish? But yeah, Kuwabara's "walking on" is a nice way to sum up his personality, really. He just keeps going. He gets heaped on with troubles, worries, and tribulations, but Kuwabara, strong as ever, walks on. He loses friends, and he still walks on. He has all those struggles in school and with teachers, and Kurabawa hefts his burdon, and walks onward.
Great poem! Inspiring.
Draith chapter 4 . 12/6/2003
Ohh! Another one of Kurama! *sighs in longing* Lovely fox, that boy is! Again, you have this amazing ability to keep your poems well threaded, and consistent with a given thought. This is something I fail at. MISERABLY. *takes notes on pewter's poem structure*
I really like your last lines.. a lot. This one is really good, as well. "A perfect son with a secret." Really sums it up, which is a good way to end a poem, though often extremely difficult! I really enjoy reading your pieces, and shall be saddened to reach the end of them so soon . nice!
Draith chapter 3 . 12/6/2003
Don't berate yourself! *knows she is a hypocrite because she does this as well...shh* This was good. I hope you didn't make that comment merely because it was short... short things are good, too! (just look at Hiei...) It might end a little abruptly, but the thought is sound throughout, so it's good! Besides, how much can you knock someone's poetry? That's the thing... it's free, it's an expression... it's not like a fiction or essay and all. I think it's good, so don't knock it! _~
Draith chapter 2 . 12/6/2003
Yes, his hair IS blue. The darkest midnight blue at its heart, and the lighter on the ends cuz you can see through it... either that, or it's black with blue tinged tips, but that really doesn't make as much sense, ne?
Great stuff once again! Good job, in particular, with relaying a repeated thought, without typing out the lines verbatum. The mention of his mother was well done, moving through his life as examples was strong and well-written! ...Oh no... I'm starting to sound like my Art teacher... . *runs for dear life* the poem though, off to read more!
Draith chapter 1 . 12/6/2003
oohh! I LOVE jin! _ He's the BEST! Of course, you know that... This was really neat, I like the broken flow of it, with the shorter lines. It fits him well. I especially loved the last lines, "Someone who knows that behind the idiotic fool lies a being who wants nothing more than anything." That last thought is the most powerful part of the poem. It surprised me, actually, as I read it. I thought I read it wrong, then I re-read the lines and the poem. It kinda hits ya.. in a very poetic and emotional way, which is PERFECT for a poet, ne?
Yeah, Jin couldn't have had it happy. He obviously didn't like his job, from comments made during his fight with Yuusuke, and no, it can't be all skipping bunnies growing up in the Makai! And as far as his life? We really don't know... I honestly wish they had had time to develop his character more. Heck, we know more about Sakkyo than Jin. Sad, really. Jin's just so COOL! But I've said that... and I know, when I start to repeat myself, it's a sign I should end a review quick-fast so I don't sound like an idiot!
...Too late, right? _~ Keep writing! This stuff rocks!
Kittengrl39 chapter 5 . 9/12/2003
Good... I guess. I'm sorry, I'm feeling a little depressed right now. They were good and you should continue.
Jesscheaux chapter 5 . 9/11/2003
LOL poor Yusuke! Not only did he have to get a job at McDonald's, but then he blew up the kitchen! He's smoking, eh? HIS MOM IS A BAD INFLUENCE ON HIM! *cough cough*

Anyway, cute poem! But Kuwabara's grin is not stupid! I just had to disagree with you on that ;) I think he has a cute smile. NO HIEI IS RIGHT! Stupid fire-shrimp...I'm glad you're not a Hiei fan either. Hiei is a kawaii, I'll grant him that, BUT SO MEAN! Funny thing is, every YYH personality test I take I end up being Hiei..GRR!

Good poem, who're you gonna do next? OOh OOh Do Koenma! Or Botan! I love those two! Koenma is my second fave. Ja ne!
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