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StarryRavenFire chapter 16 . 10/18/2004
Hello! I really like your story ] I mostly read Teen Titans story and never go out of that subject but I read your Harry Potter story and wow lol. I hope to see you update real soon because I love your story ] Bye
Prodigal Son chapter 15 . 4/23/2004
Ah the frustrations of life, oh and writing a fanfic i suppose..:D Glad to see that both Harry and the Amanda (the Duchess) are so understanding of one another...:P. Oh Harry maybe you can sing her some kaci and Jojo- "All My Life" and apologize. Oh and make sure you understand why your apologizing or this could backfire. *horribly* . I hope you get inspired because i can't get enough of this Fic.
respectively yours, sir Brad
sauronbill chapter 10 . 4/22/2004
The story is great!...Keep it up please!
why not chapter 1 . 4/17/2004
Amanda is a mary sue.
I'm always curious about those because it seems to me there are enough students at Hogwarts that you don't have to bring one in from NYC
Jade chapter 1 . 4/17/2004
why's that ron's always running after hermione?
can't you ppl think of something new?
Bon Bon chapter 15 . 4/16/2004
Hey Grrl... you finally updated! it wasnt crappy it was cute lolz! oh and by the way i hate hermione for some odd reason! oh yea cause she get ron! i want ron! srry spazz moment lolz!
Cant wait till next chapter but i know i'll have to cause u ALWAYS make me wait! lol maybe this time u'll talk to me on yahoo messenger..
Scarlet Priestess chapter 15 . 4/16/2004
Yup...I *sorta* noticted the hot-headedness;o) It was a little scary tho, when she came in with the sweet smile. Reminded me of my mom a little;o)
I loved the Johnny Depp part. I also wish Cap. Jack Sparrow were my b/f...
And this line was my favorite:
"Oh," Ron said, his mouth a large 'O'.
I can just picture it so well, hehe:D
BTW, sorry bout PMS. I can relate right now, URGH...
Bon Bon chapter 14 . 3/12/2004
Hye hun...yea i know i reveiwed already but im cool so im gonna again! lolz! i am in first period and extremly bored and none of my fave stories have been updated! but you know how that is...well gonna read a new story lolz!
Destiny Amberly Weasley chapter 4 . 3/10/2004
Bride of Malfoy chapter 14 . 3/6/2004
ur welcome
just trying 2 encourage u 2 update*winkwink*
still v. good
more ?
bon bon 04 chapter 14 . 3/6/2004
Hey Dubster,
Hehehehe i bet the person that called u dubster was oua? was i right?
i cant wait till the next chapter which i hope is coming soon...i love this story so much! lolz.
thanx for putting me in! lolz
Scarlet Priestess chapter 14 . 3/5/2004
Aw, poor Draco, they don't even give him a chance :o(
I feel sorry for Ginny too.
Nice chapter, can't wait to see what happens :D
Oh yeah, and here's some advice that you may or may not use:
Amanda's personality has been veering off slightly into Mary-Sue territory. I'm not saying that the fic's bad or anything, of course :), but just want to suggest making her more of a teenager. Give her more apparent flaws or something.
But it's only a suggestion, and you're story is already AWESOME. I wish Harry and Ron and Malfoy were my boyfriends...:)
heelsandhoodie chapter 14 . 3/5/2004
omg DUBSTER thats what i call u hahah i love it! im so glad i have my comp back 2 read it! UPDATE BY WEDNESDAY!
russell chapter 13 . 3/5/2004
I love this story its the best i've read
so send me a email ok
bon bon 04 chapter 13 . 3/1/2004
AW...that was so cute! i want to be in ur shout outz! im so much cooler than Shadow! lolz jk(well not really) this chappie was awsome and im soo excited i got my internet back! i cant wait till the next chapter(is it the one with me?) lolz well hurry up and finish the next chapter!
~Always and Forever~
Bon Bon
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