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loli-hime chapter 18 . 6/13/2007

brillant! your writting style is beautiful, the only thing I can think of is: when you change the day, add a divider instead of words.

Great job though!
Gabzilla Prime chapter 18 . 11/30/2006
This is probably the most awe-inspiring story I've read in a while.

All I can do is thank you. Please continue writing on this or another story.
Inferno232 chapter 7 . 3/20/2006
Real good so far, but one problem, P. Shinra blames the pillar incident on AVALANCHE.

Other than that, keep up the good work!
Nexus of Dark World chapter 1 . 2/12/2006
Dear gods this is a good story...Please keep writing i think you have me hooked
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 9 . 10/10/2005
Aww, poor Moira! At least she's still normal despite her new appearance, and I hope Raven ends up OK.

Sakina x
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 5 . 10/7/2005
Aw, the only word I can think of for this fic is sweet. It's very well written, but the only thing I think wrong with it is that you haven't quite developed Raven's personality enough, or your other OC, Moira. Is he shy, or sophisticated or both? And Moira, erm, I get the sarcasm, but I think you could've worked it better into the way she describes things around her. I know you've already finished this fic, but I think your characters should have a few bigger faults.

And Hojo? He's creepy. You did him well. Aww, I hope Jamie comes back- he's really cute too. If you want to discuss any of the points I've made feel free to mail me.

Sakina x
Sakina the Fallen Angel chapter 3 . 10/6/2005
Wow, this story is amazing so far! I think it's really sweet, but I think you need to work on your character a bit more- your character sounds a lot younger than twenty. I'll try and finish reading this when I have more time. Anyway, check out my oneshot fic Fireflies sometime!

Sakina x
Ghost Man chapter 14 . 1/26/2005

Such a sad but happy ending. If only humans could learn just what jackasses they were...because that Pantaro character was an example of some stupid humans.

Happy/Sad for Holly
Ghost Man chapter 13 . 11/23/2004


“A castle?” Bibble repeated, “Hey! I think I’ve seen that place before, kupo!"

-Must be Figaro...or the other castle under the sand, but I'm leaning toward Figaro. w007

-*blinks* Marketplace? Umm...okay, maybe it's not Figaro...but...what could it be?

“Greetings, friends,” The man greeted, “Welcome to New Figaro.”

-*dies* I didn't see that coming. Well that's cool. Maybe cool stuff'll happen

“I am King Edgar Blade Figaro the Seventeenth

-Blade, eh? Either you stole my name for Garnet from FFIX or this guy wears shades, weilds katakanas an kicks

vampire butt

"[...]but you ladies can call me Edgar."

-Right...that's Edgar's decendant alright.

“An esper woman,” he commented with a satisfied grin on his face."

-Don't tell me the previous Edgar wrote down how good Terra was in bed? Yeah...I'm fond of that pairing...

“Well, you are still quite sexy, if I do say so myself,” he replied, looking me up and down, “And that is just from seeing your face. I am wondering what the rest of you looks like under that cloak.”


-*laughing* That's Edgar's decendant alright. I kinda feel sorry for him...kinda. At least he's honest

“What the hell?” I blurted.

“Um... coincidence?” Bibble replied.

“Some freak of nature coincidence is forcing me to stay here!”


-Nope...the author is being very evil and playing with the silent demand of the audience to put you in awkward


“Hey!” I objected. “I’m not THAT loud!”

“Yes you are, kupo.”

“Shut up, Bibble.”



“Are you mad? Don’t you see the size of that monster?”


-*grumbling* Damn censors...anyway someone's gonna kick ass now I'm sure

“Moira,” said a familiar voice in my head. “Let me do battle with this beast instead.”

-This line reminded me of Celestial Legend: Ceres (I think that's the anime" There's a woman who heard a vioce

in her head before she went on a power spree. It said, "Release me. I am the real you."

Just a thought, but shouldn't Egdar have kept some speck of magic that his ancestor had after the War of Magi?...No wait...magic all but disappeared after the Goddess Statues went bye bye.

“Oh, my name is Terra Katana.

-why am I not surprised...she's been reincarnated from the Life Stream, right?

Anyway, blame my fallies on my sleep driven mind that wants more sleep. Besides that, I love the chapter as you see. I put in some things I thought kicked major ass so that's also like free advertising.

Hikorai rocks!

Ghost out
Ghost Man chapter 12 . 11/23/2004
1. I love the fact you're finally getting the main characters in there. Cid was a good one. I love how you handled him. Almost thought you had a Tifa, but I corrected myself. However, I would have been disappointed if Vincent had not been in the mansion. Oh Baby, he's got cool points.

"Mog was the name of a moogle that helped save the world thousands of years ago, kupo"

-Heh...I was going to get onto you about that reference but how the world's don't belong together when I realized that this was a crossover. Maybe I'm just out of it today.

I wasn't as far behind as you made me think. _ I'm glad about that
Vaala Marsaille chapter 13 . 10/7/2004
Aww that was such a cute chapter!~ I liked Rumple and Holly's little background story. As for Edgar well all Figaro's are flirty i guess. Wonder how long it'll take him to decide where to go with the castle. Well done battle scene. Keep up the good work, kupo!
Vaala Marsaille chapter 12 . 5/7/2004
Nice chappie! I really really wanna play FF7 again now. Vincent is one of my fave characters! _
Ghost Man chapter 11 . 4/15/2004
Damn, Moira, that's wicked! Now you can continue things and umm...keep writing all that cool stuff that you do. I'm rather curious if the esper and the human sides will ever agree, being two at once. It might be interesting. Good luck!
Matt chapter 11 . 4/3/2004
awsome 6 thumbs up every time
Vaala Marsaille chapter 10 . 12/25/2003
Oh that was such a good chappie! Maybe you could not get Writer's block and finish the next chappie soon? Bibble's my fave!
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