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Nikki chapter 1 . 8/27
After all of these years, and all the stories I have read, I still admire the story you wove. "A Moment in Time" is among my favorites! I hope that you are doing well and are weaving your own moments magically. Thanks for writing this tale!
leopardblack chapter 35 . 7/29
Absolutely amazing. This was so beautiful. Thank you.
Parker64 chapter 20 . 6/20
Aww he calls his teddy bunny, I actually call mine that
Guest chapter 9 . 4/12
I am really glad that I can read your story, live with its characters. But I have one concern. I know that this story is old, but for me is new, for me is in the present. When you love somebody and find out this person is dead, you're more affected with them not living anymore at all, not only living with you. Draco reacted in the second way.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 25 . 12/12/2018
Remus and Sev, well, that’s a new one. I kind of thought it after I was obviously so wrong in earlier chapters. And I knew after Harry requested nicole what was happening, but I’m glad that he’ll be okay. I’m also glad that Lily and James told Harry he should forgive people. I think he knows he was being a bit harsh, like with the weasley’s on Halloween.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 21 . 12/12/2018
Well shit. He killed the Dursley’s. Huh. Also, I feel like Dumbledore truly does regret his actions. I mean, he also acted on the information that was in front of him, but where he failed astronomically was all the lies! I mean shit with Molly and Voldemort, and Lily and the Evans’ and the Dursley’s. He really fucked up there. And then with the trial! He of all people should have listened to that gut instinct and demanded all evidence and tests be taken. But alas, he overlooked too many things.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 20 . 12/12/2018
Okay; I kind of want to add my two cents worth. Of course I get why Harry is beyond furious, everybody close to him turned their back on him. But, I do try to see more than one side to a story. Ron and Hermione literally saw him kill Ginny. They saw their best friend murder Ginny. With their own eyes. There were no assumptions or guessing there, they saw that. Now, knowing the wizarding world, polyjuice at the very least should have been taken into consideration, but they literally had JUST seen that. The ministry, Dumbledore and the trial are what really failed Harry. It was their job to look for any evidence and let’s be real it was some concrete shit! There was no reason to doubt that he had killed her, and by extension Collin. Now, knowing what we learnt about all the death eater crap and Percy (piece of shit by the way), it’s obvious that it wasn’t him. I just feel like Harry would probably have benefited from taking a small step back to view it more logically.
Lauren's Glee Stories chapter 14 . 12/12/2018
Hello! I’ve been reading and loving this story so much! Literally I don’t now know how I found it but it has been a ROLLERCOASTER of emotions! That thing Sirius said made me think to a thought I had a few chapters back about him and Sev... I wonder who he was actually talking about. Anyway, I seriously love this story and if you werent a complete stranger I’d probably hug you for writing this so spectacularly.
Guest chapter 34 . 8/28/2018
Wait WHAT?! I as like yayy an update is coming and then i looked at the fucking last update...don't get me wrong though, I'm just annoyed because this is easily the best one I've ever read. Great plot. Great characterisation. I don't even like M-preg ones but you wrote it so well. UGHHH I'll just say they had a little girl and lived happily ever after and had amazing life's! thankyou for this
SevmyLuv chapter 7 . 8/24/2018
While this is a well written fic, it's just not to my preference. Honestly, I would have rather liked Harry going all ballistic and taking revenge, not still meek and obedient even after being wrongly accused. I prefer my favorite characters to have a backbone, which Harry lacks.
Bubbles1419 chapter 35 . 7/7/2018
Hi, I know that this story was completed when I was 4 years old so i'm not even sure if you will read this but I live in South Australia and it is currently 6:08 in the morning as I am typing this , I have not been able to stop reading this story is one of my favorites. So thank you for writing such and amazing story. I have just finished reading this story and have gotten no sleep in the process I have been awake all night reading.
Tooru Heer chapter 35 . 7/2/2018
Wow, started off a bit like risky and most people tend to avoid that.
Yet love how loving Draco is. And more and more I read, this fic gets amazing.
Love the twins.

Ahh. Good fic! Thank you for sharing.
Tooru Heer chapter 1 . 7/2/2018
So much anger in this chapter. The fuck should Harry help Dumbles.

GREATER GOOD. Do it yourself. UGH
bethabetha chapter 10 . 5/29/2018
wow, this is just really awful. there are honestly so many things i dislike about this that i can’t even list them all.
Sliver Crystal of Tokyo-Moon chapter 35 . 5/26/2018
Excellent good end of the story I ever read.
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