Reviews for Only in Death
TAYLORandTOBYfreak88 chapter 1 . 5/26/2004
can you please add a chapter or so? or maybe make a sequel to this story? it's so sweet. Yuhi died to protect Aya, but then he found out that she loved Toya. it's a true love triangle that took place and it's so sweet. make another story or add another chappy. please!
sadistic lunatic chapter 1 . 3/26/2004
poor yuhi...why did that have ta happen! *sniff sniff* make more!
Angel Tifa chapter 1 . 8/7/2003
Hm, ok whatever I'm gonna say is -not- to be taken in an offensive manner, please *begs* firstly I love the story it's really interesting yes I mean that otherwise I wouldn't review it. However I'm a bit confused on where this is going, I really hope to see more chapters soon )

Secondly I'm not sure if Aya would ever talk to Yuuhi like that, I'm a huge AnC fan and I know Aya and Yuuhi have their own situations but I'm not sure she would really talk to him like that. Aya loves Yuuhi, no doubt and the only time she ever talked to him like that was when she was trying to protect him from Shiso in the manga. Meaning not so much the perverted bastard thing (that's Aya's favorite choice words for him o) but more so that "I hate you" and such nor do I think Suzumi would ever strike or talk to Aya in that manner. Same thing with Ceres in the intro, not sure if I agree the way Ceres would act, however I COULD see that rationally. I think it was more the interactions between Yuuhi/Aya/Suzumi that bothered me.

Yargh I've ranted lol, I love the story I sware, I want you to continue it otherwise I wouldn't comment on it (or write this much haha).