Reviews for Shadow Wars: Windy City
RockBane chapter 24 . 5/15/2016
Is it me or was there suppose to be a sequel to this story? It just seems like this story isn't fully complete, you know?
Maldermos chapter 24 . 6/5/2012
Eh o_o

The ending seemed rushed, it really did.

I'm all-in for tragic endings, but they have to be good.

This one was mediocre .-.

Nicely worded, though, but, like I've mentioned, rushed.

Good story overall.
Maldermos chapter 6 . 6/5/2012
You called the guy Zero, you made him emotionless and you actually made him logical.

I will follow this story till the end of time.

Your style reminds me very much of my own, and I'm more of a reader than I am a writer, so expect a few reviws from me.

So far I've really enjoyed your story, especially the poetic-ish narrative you've squeezed in between your action.

Honestly, I'm a bad reviewer, but a reviwer nonetheless.
Kakurosu chapter 24 . 6/3/2012
THIS - has been the BIGGEST dissapointment ived ever made yself read through - took me 3 days to complete and all the while i was imagining how HAPPY he would be when he was freed from the german goverment - and this is the ending? i am so hurt - it was not worth it - and he will just forget everything? after all the years of loneliness he has been through? is this it? - man this is the most deppressing ending EVER TT_TT
Beef7 chapter 24 . 12/11/2011
Wow! Great story! I really liked it! However, I'm not a huge fan of the ending. It seems like all that progress Kurt made having feelings went to waste, but i'm sure that's how you intended it..

It just makes me think that Kurt or Kitty would have tried harder to get him to stay in America or something?

Oh well, I suppose not all endings are happy ones. And don't get me wrong, I loved the story! Non-happy endings just make me non-happy hahah.

It's too bad, you removed your other Shadow War stories, I would have liked to read them!

Irelandgal131 chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
Aww! This story was good but very sad. It made me tear up and not too many stories can do that so I give you props! You should write some sort of sequel. Your writing is good.
Shaitan Elnefi chapter 24 . 9/3/2009
okay, this will be a little out of character for me, i dont swear


u have got to be FUCKING kidding me, u seriously ended ur story like that? i just spent the better part of 2-3 hours reading ur story from start to finish and u ended it like that!

do u have any pride as a writer or did u just plan on an emo story to screw with people.

i thought this would be good, i was enjoying it very much, but ur ending was SHIT and im pissed beyond all rational thought!
muyany chapter 24 . 8/24/2009
Loved it! Everything about it.

Why were the other shadow wars stries removed?

keep writing and good luck

Niwaki chapter 24 . 6/25/2009
no way in hell are you ending this! this is sto good and wellwritten to just end like this and you will just be evil if you don't allow Kurt and Kitty to have a cance to meet again and for Kurt to try and live a semi-normal life in the manor, please it would be so nice(pleading look)

I can even come with an idea Kitty begs the Professer until she gets to see Kurt and when she sees him retreaded back into his emotionless self she forces him back with him(begs on knees) please oh please continue this it's too good to just end...

thank you very much love it
SilverHowler chapter 24 . 5/28/2009
Oh... no... oh, my... This was so good, and the ending was really unexpected and different, not the usual "happy-ending" everybody seems to write... Not that I don't like a happy ending, but it just feels refreshening with something different for once. Good job!

/Silver Howler
orange chapter 24 . 5/17/2009
GAH! TT that was so depressing! i now know i prefer sappy endings that make so sense whatsoever. *sniff* besides being heartbroken over the ending, i really liked how you went with the storyline. taking the essential problem of x men, you created an alternate universe that made sense AND was interesting. all in all, nice job. BUT CAN YOU LET UP ON THE ANGST A LITTLE!

thank you
coolmaggie72 chapter 24 . 5/7/2009
I loved this story even though it was kinda dark. It was all pretty sad but I didn't cry 'til the last chapter.
AkaiXTsubasa chapter 24 . 7/29/2008
...Wow... That is depressing...


Will there be a sequel?
nerdy uke chapter 12 . 7/9/2008
Wow, Kitty fights dirty :P.

You do an awesome job writing Nightcrawler. Obviously he's a lot different because of your AU, but you've actually managed to keep one of his defining character traits (anxiety) that a lot of fanfic writers seem to ignore... he's always been a strange blend of fun-loving and nervous. Obviously he's not so much with the fun-loving because of what he's been through in your AU, but it's nice that you've actually captured part of his character that a lot of other writers often ignore.

This isn't really specific to the chapter, but it randomly occurred to me that Kitty and Kurt teaming up is kind of interesting because their powers are so similar in their application. Aside from their obvious personal differences, they actually have an awful lot in common...
nerdy uke chapter 9 . 7/8/2008
I really liked that chapter. Definitely starting to get interesting.

I especially liked Kurt being bewildered as to why she would want to be close to him. Admittedly, she was being intentionally mean... but it always drives me crazy that no one in Evolution (I've watched most of season 1 so far) seem to realize how insanely cute Kurt is :P. That's, like, the first thing I noticed about Evolution... I always thought Nightcrawler was awesome, but DANG he's cute in Evolution :P.
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