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Alti'uin chapter 12 . 1/5/2010
I totally loved this. I just read it today and fell in love with it. I can't wait to get a look at your other stories.
Ooshii Kurai chapter 9 . 12/1/2008
I'm about caught up where I last read, I think.

“Do you believe that we can find a way out just by running blindly into unknown lands!”

... Possibly?

“Statues don’t get tired…”

Link makes a good point. I don't quite see why Shiek insists on stopping anyway. It's not like that she'd be able to make a decision any better. Sort of a game of throwing dice right now. And the faster you do so, the better.

Arran cast Sheik a skeptical glance. “This is the castle! No commoners’re allowed in the castle!”

Well um. He's in it. And Link's in it now. He should probably say something more like, how do you know the interior of the castle?

Moblin fight!

Icy Moblin-iciles!

Moblin has a zelda head!

So as soon as Zelda is revealed she's captured again. So let me ask this. If Shadow could capture her like this from the beginning- why didn't he?

“I was waiting... for one of you fools to say something of that sort...”

But that's a pretty damn cool line. :)
Ooshii Kurai chapter 8 . 12/1/2008
Hey I'm back to review more. Hurrah!

I'm really bored. Can you tell?

Anyways, let's see.

Arran's voice echoed in my ears, startling me a bit and arising panic within. "That son of a-"

Arran gets kinda angry doesn't he? If anything, Link should be the one upset not the other way around. I don't think Arran knows the two of them that well anyway to be that concerned. After all, earlier he was punting them around like footballs.

So Shadow killed the king of Hyrule? Poor King of Hyrule- always getting killed by tyrants. At least usually it's a familiar face- Gannon. Oh well... actually I guess this time it was a familiar face, just not one he expected to kill him.

Link, of course, performs the daring rescue! :D

He is only attempting to trick me into attacking him. That is always his motive...

Well duh. But aren't you already attacking him, Link? Don't you mean trick you into losing your composure or calm? That'd make more sense.

Facial wound!

"Just pick a goddamned path!" Arran cried.

Indeed, Arran. Indeed. :)

Uh oh. They be mice trapped in a labyrinth. This should be interesting. :D
NinjaSheik chapter 12 . 11/21/2008
Ooshii Kurai chapter 7 . 10/15/2008
wait. why is arran giving link a few minutes when earlier he was dragging him towards the temple cause link didn't have time to rescue zelda?

somehow i don't think arran is much help. he kinda messed everything up.

"I frowned. How did he know of the Chamber of Sages?"

cause you kinda just mentioned it, link. :P

well that answers my question of if link knew shiek was zelda. :D

and now for the showdown... maybe?
Ooshii Kurai chapter 6 . 10/15/2008
why didn't shiek come out earlier when he was being attacked and help? i know she's hiding and all, but... if she's just gonna pop out now.

so arran is back to normal again? i'm confused.

uh oh. so shadow capture shiek. why he didn't do that from the start...?

does link know shiek is zelda? i assume he does. hm...
Ooshii Kurai chapter 5 . 10/15/2008
okay. if link does not want shadow to know who he was then why provoke him? and in that case, why answer at all? why say no if you're just going to piss him off after the fact? silly link.

i mean really. who else could he be?

oh the other thing i wanted to say last time was why when the guards captured him, why didn't they disarm link? kinda dumb guards hm?

chest wounds, if they are not deep, will congeal fast. only facial wounds bleed excessively.

question, why would shadow worry about being accused of being a murderer if he's already killed tons of people? and just how many people do he think look exactly like him?

"Shadow... he looks dark and evil... But you... You remind me of a hope long forgotten."

*cough* cheesy *cough cough*. no seriously. you could say this in a better way without it sounding silly. :D but i know you wrote this a long time ago so i won't blame you. just like you, i was full of these cheesy lines in high school.

i'm actually surprised they all believe him when he says he's link. i would actually expect more people thinking he's lying. especially if shadow posed as him.

so link is off to hyrule's castle. not sure how he's gonna make it through town square without getting caught. i was actually under the impression that when he was running he made it outside town square... maybe i was just mistaken.

anyway- on to the next chapter!
Ooshii Kurai chapter 4 . 10/15/2008
first things first, if it really has been seven years, than that means that arran only really knew link for like- what? a few minutes before they went into the temple? it's hardly an impressionable time. of course it's understandable that arran would forget. even though it had only been minutes for link, surely he should realize that it has not been so for arran. it only urks me that he says,

"Arran... you've let yourself change so much in seven years. You've even let yourself forget who I was..."

now i know you didn't mean it this way, but it comes off as arrogant to me. since link is so obsessed with getting away from his fame- he really shouldn't expect that five minutes of this guy's life would leave THAT much of an impression. i can understand his first statement but following with it "and you forgot me too!" sounds really conceited.

i will say that arran should remember link. especially since link just up and vanished on him in the temple of time. that above all other things would make a memorable impression.

anyways- so now the lord shadow has come. will this lead to another link vs link showdown?
Ooshii Kurai chapter 3 . 10/15/2008
link should have known that pulling the sword out would do that... why didn't he think it over a bit more? he's a little reckless at the moment isn't he?

anyway, you have a tendency to use really strong words where they aren't necessary. And another thing, when you first meet someone, it's typically hard to pick up a name out of casual conversation especially if you were only eavesdropping on said conversation. i think link would have had a much harder time pulling talka's name out of his memory so quickly, if at all.

"I sighed, suppressing my hatred for him." well here i assume you were talking about shadow not arran. but it's unclear since arran is the last person addressed before link is surpressing this hatred.

anyway- sorry for the nit picks. so link is onto the future. and if memory serves correct, this future won't be pretty.
Ooshii Kurai chapter 2 . 10/15/2008
there were just a few inconsistencies. with why the people lifting the gate didn't notice that link looked like shadow. and why they just left a wounded man outside the gates.

i'm also curious just HOW similar he could look as a little kid to the older Shadow.

but aside from that- good chapter. a little short, but we're starting to get somewhere. we're in the castle walls at least now.
Ooshii Kurai chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
ah it's been too long since i've read this. now i have to go back and reread it.

back attackers... hee hee. still makes me laugh.

so- now link needs to get a new sword...
4th Triforce piece chapter 10 . 9/20/2008
Fanfic music time.

You want epic battle music I will show you epic battle music. /music/console/nintendo/snes/ct_ Makes thou feel Armageddon is nigh and Thou wonders what thy's fate shalt be.

Good job with the battle I like how Link figured out his games and I like Shadow doing his mirror thingy.

Now Link had and still has two choices during the ENTIRE battle so far.

Choice 1. Break all the mirrors to make it harder for Shadow to hide behind with his weapons. Warning: there is risk of being cut by broken glass so use caution.

Choice 2. Come prepared with the Eyes of Truth due to Shadow well being a shadow hence his name so you would think Link would have come with it. I can't belive I didn't realize that sooner. [url][IMG] [/IMG][/url] Axe on myself. :(

Choice 3 All of the Above minus the axe part.

Question: Where IS all of Links weapons like his magic arrows and spells?
4th Triforce piece chapter 8 . 9/20/2008

Perfect running music for a situation like this. I wish Zelda had this kind of music with the organs. :) :)


Good chapter and I wonder how Arran knows about the Chamber of Sages as well plus I am curious to the maze.

Mean ol Shadow. :( Uses a flash-bulb at Shadow to blind him since he likes darkness. :) Hint hint reviewers if you ever encounter him.
4th Triforce piece chapter 7 . 9/20/2008
Pre-review. New word okay?

"Sorry that this chapter took so long to come up. Hope you liked it." ;; That's okay it's great and this site is known for good works to be going at a snails pace.

"If it aint done slow it's likely to be written crappy" is my motto for this site which I think is why it gets such a bad reputation else-where. :( :(


Coincidentally, something caught Arran's foot, causing him to trip. He fell face first into the concrete floor.

"Dammit!" the guard gasped. Because of the guard's momentum, he wasn't able to stop quick enough to avoid whatever Arran tripped on. The sound of metal and wood cracking met my ears and he slipped.

HA HA HA tha'ts funny they both tripped and the guard deserved it: Good one, wah wah wah wah.

I like your chapters and I stil hope Arran learsn of Link since he is might as well be his friend. ?
4th Triforce piece chapter 6 . 9/20/2008
You douchbag Shadow and now you are trying to manipulate Links mind so he will go straight after you instead of the Temple. GR. Oh where was I? (Gets a bunch of fruit thrown at in the face)

SPOLIER ALERT! Don't like spoilers don't read simple as THAT. Don't like it tough.

What an intresting twist but Shiek is actually Zelda okay I hope you know that and if you don't like my spoiler people shouldn't read this without playing the game first, I wouldn't so don't like it too bad.
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