Reviews for Dreamtracks
The Blue Raven chapter 1 . 11/2/2003
(Okay, so I'm a little behind in reviewing fics I've been reading, but I've finally gotten around to it. Sorry for the lag)

This makes an absolutely perfect prequel to "Without a Trace", neatly explaining exactly why Cole did what he did in that episode. You have a wonderful grasp on his sweet, loving nature and how much he cares for Mel even if his lack of understanding of all things human sometimes gets in the way of expressing it.

Love his confusion over the naming of the term nightmare (ooh, I know that one!) and Mel's normal, patient attempt to explain what she doesn't understand either. That's very Mel, as is her somewhat constrained behavior at finding Cole in her bedroom and her reluctance to have him go.

I especially love Cole telling Mel that his life used to be like living a nightmare too until he found her. Very sweet, very Cole

This is a wonderful short fic, very true to both characters & I can't wait to see more from you once RL gives you the time.
FluffyCat1 chapter 1 . 9/1/2003
Oh, this is a sweet glimpse of Mel and Cole! I liked it very much. Thank you. Cole's gentleness and Mel's bravery, drawing on her inner strengths makes for a lovely fic. You can't go wrong with an intimate cozy moment between Mel and Cole.

Fluffy Cat approves.
Satinette chapter 1 . 8/10/2003
Bravo! A VERY auspicious beginning to your Tracker fandom writing. (There will be more, I trust?). Love how you were able to make Mel very upset here without her becoming all blithery, keeping her well-grounded and real. (The woman really does have a rather level head and, while she's certainly the excitable type, she doesn't always get hysterical). You caught Cole's wise but naive attitude perfectly, no small feat in such a short ficlet. Nice giggle with his initial take on the nightmare. Plus, you properly showed the stage Mel and Cole were at in their relationship at this point in time as well.

BTW - Your only canon error is a very minor one: Cirronians don't sleep, something which isn't learned by the viewer until episode 11, Native Son.