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Anonymous chapter 12 . 11/4/2007
i am a fan of isaac and i like your cool author powers!

Sheba:well you'll like this...SPARK PLASMA!

Anonymous Haru-Sama chapter 12 . 1/27/2005
Fun fact, Mia's Japanese name is Mary. Why are you taking so long to update? Add oil slicks to the rocket powered ice-cream truck. The (very)flammable type.
Anonymous Haru-Sama chapter 12 . 1/27/2005
Fun fact, Mia's Japanese name is Mary. Why are you taking so long to update? Add oil slicks to the rocket powered ice-cream truck. The (very)flammable type.
Blueraven64 chapter 12 . 8/8/2004
Heehee...I think I might've exploded from amusement a few chapters back...crap.

Now I need to reassemble myself before my mom walks through the door o.o

Kaina/Mar: DIE! *attack each other*


They've been going at it for hours...x.x

Mar (Has black eye and cat scratches on his face)

Kaina (Ponytail is bitten off, also has black eye)
Leon Darksword chapter 12 . 5/24/2004
Please update this soon! I need updated fanfiction to survive, and I'm slowly starving! Hurry! Oh, and I'm willing to take Akafubu off your hands. I already have three muses. How much would it hurt to have another one? Okay, a lot, but I can't stand a fanfiction god (at least to me) get torchered! Send him on over!
Dracobolt chapter 12 . 4/5/2004
Very funny! I enjoyed reading this alot.
The D.J. C.J chapter 12 . 1/13/2004
This is, again, one of the few humour stories I've seen that actually makes enough sense without extremely random things happening.
I haven't actually read the real Robin Hood, but I've seen Robin Hood: Men in Tights (a parody with actual people, but completely hilarious (I could tell you some funny things, but then you couldn't read the review :P)
I like Mudshipping as well (in other words, I feel sorry for Isaac and Mia :( , but I can tell this is going to be anything BUT ordinary
P.S. Just be glad AAron isn't Will Scarlett. In the parody...well...let me put it this way...can you chop an arrow into pieces...while it's coming at your heart? He could (maybe you could use that somewhere!)
P.P.S. Be glad I can only give compliments...I'm no good at put-downs ;)
twentysevendays chapter 12 . 1/13/2004
All right! Another great chapter by our excellent author! _
Heh, that update isn't long, compared to my fics. ::glances nervously at muses::
Blitz: UPDATE!
EEp! All right, as soon as I can! Let me finsih this review first!
Ack! Dodonpa's at your house WITH Akafubu? Poor you!
'Isaac: *glances at the peaceful-looking Mercury Djinn in his hand*' Mist? Peaceful?
Excellent chapter! _ Update soon!
Semaj chapter 12 . 1/12/2004
Hey, Karst has been wondering if she can kill Issac now. Cn she? PLEASE! I'm alreay paying for it in property damage! And more Felix and Picard! And Jenna being the demonic pyro she is!
scheree too lazy to log in chapter 12 . 1/11/2004
hahahahahahahahahaha! good! very good!
Lee and Ozuma: *look up from nintendo* huh?
cool good. update soon
Yoshimi Takahashi chapter 12 . 1/10/2004
Sorry it took me a little bit, but I am SOO-OO behind in my reviewing, it is no longer funny! Phil, that means you can stop laughing now.
Hey, you haven't been THAT long! To make yourself feel better, take a look at Weyard Weekly.
Wilhelmina: Hey, Echo! You ought to hire someone to, uh, "take care of" Akafubu! I'm availible at anytime (backed up with my Nazgûl squad). You could consider Menardi. She did well in getting rid of The Witch King of Angmar, EX-Lord of the Nazgûl, etc.
Yoshimi: ; That might be more than she wants.
"Felix: So, can you give me a description of this outlaw or anything? Isaac: *waves his hand carefreely* Oh, well, he's about my height, has blondish hair and blue eyes, rather good looking if I do say so myself..." Uh, Isaac, you know you just described yourself. That's not very smart.
"Felix: *continues to glare at Isaac* You know, I have half a mind to turn you into Karst!" Hey, does Felix have powers I was unaware of? _
"Felix: Let me get this straight, you trick me, knock me out, steal the warrant from me, and now you want me to help you?" So? You have a problem with that?
Great update! Another one soon, please!
Yoshimi: Hmm . . . hey, since you have helped protect me in Weyard Weekly, I'll return the favour! I'll try and stop the Felix lovers from killing you. The problem is that I can't do anything but change their hair colour . . . . I don't suppose you wraiths would be in a helpful mood?
Phil: "Don't suppose" is a good way of saying that.
Yoshimi: Thought not. Well, make way for a pathetic, pacifistic author who changes people's hair colours!
Tom: Don't forget your white flag.
Yoshimi: *picks up large white flag with pole taller than he is* Well, at least it can double as a lance. *walks outside*
Charlie: In order to use a lance in the proper manner, one needs a horse.
Harry: . . . You don't think . . . .
Yoshimi: *rides up on Richard's horse, wearing the Witch King's armour that has been lying around in the spare room gathing dust* *sneezes from dust* Off I go! *points lance forward and squeezes knees together* Trot!
Horse: *rolls eyes*
Yoshimi: *kicks with heals* Trot!
Horse: *snorts* *begins to graze*
Yoshimi: *whacks horse upside of head with white flag* Move!
Horse: *gallops full out*
Yoshimi: *falls out* *one foot still in one stirrup* WHOA! WHOA! STOP, YOU STUPID HORSE!
Horse: *snorts* *appears to consider*
Yoshimi: *being dragged off into the sunset* Remember, no Ambulanceshipping comments, please!
Horse: *finally stops*
Yoshimi: *gets back on* Few! Well, trot!
Horse: *rolls eyes*
Tom: . . . How much do you want to bet that he's going to arrive out of the saddle.
Harry: Twelve coins.
Tom: You're on!
The Faction's Lord chapter 12 . 1/10/2004
That was evil and uncalled for Echo, Felix didn't deserve that now did he? So in the next few chapters you'd better make it up to him in the next few chapters, or I'll be visiting you... with swords drawn and murder in my eyes... You have been warned.
Pureauthor chapter 12 . 1/9/2004
Okay... so, Jenna got unfairied...
I sense hard times ahead for our lawyers... Um, I mean, Tax Redistribution Agents.
Either way, you don't take half as long to update something as a few authors I could mention...
Hint: His name ends in "riad Orion."
Good job!
Continue! Although, of course, I'd like some updates on your other stories too... namely "The Book".
Vyctori chapter 12 . 1/9/2004
Wow, Echo, you had better hope that Dotdotdot-chan never reads this, or she'll be out for blood! *sweatdrop* Poor Felix...he always has bad luck, doesn't he?
Well, I only missed reviewing ONE chapter this time...I'm getting better! By the end of the fic, I might even be up to reviewing every chapter!
Just a wild guess, though,'ve seen Return of the King recently, haven't you? _ Call it a hunch...!
Isaac will do anything for Mia, won't he? Even risk his life! It MUST be love!
And yes, I can see that Isaac might have a few problems with getting Felix drunk with a NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE! Ay... But did you really have to half-KILL him? Peaceful Mercury Djinni my foot, knee, and elbow! Poor Felly... *sniffles*
"You know, I have half a mind to turn you into Karst!" You know, I think it would be "turn you in to Karst," because the other way had me trying to figure out how Felix possibly could transform Isaac into Karst...though that WOULD be nice, having two Karsts in one fic! _
So Jenna's back to as normal as she can be, Felix has joined the TRA, and Karst still has that moustache, doesn't she? *smiles* Oh well...I'm sure she can handle things just fine! _
I'm glad you updated! I'm just upset that I can't threaten you any more, because my perfect update record is dead and rotting, so I'd be pretty hypocritical if I pressured you... *sighs*
Can't wait for the next chapter! *grins hugely*
The Faction's Lord chapter 11 . 12/9/2003
I got a new DVD player too, happy days Echo, happy days. Anywho, this is really good (again) which means that updating quickly is good for your health or rather, not bad for your health *takes out teleportational blades and looks generally menacing* Also, your scrunchy makes great conversation doesn't it.
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