Reviews for Across Dark Waters
kaputtt chapter 2 . 8/14/2014
I rather like spirit of fire and have always thought Maeglin somehow stupid. As experienced kinslayer/traitor, a mankind would hardly behave like him. To give in was normal, but to take promise of someone like Morgoth serious? To make sure Turgon and some others in high position get killed was for his benefits, but how could he bargain with his new master if nobody was left? And we mankind, experienced rapists, did sometimes kill a husband and take his wife, but were generally careful with a mother. Maybe Turgon should have got Maeglin a psychiatrist earlier. :-) But after the fall of Gondonlin the position suited him perfect. :-))
Quantumphysica chapter 2 . 6/22/2013
This story... I have reviewed it on other fanfic sites already, I think... But I still love it!
It's a perfect way of retribution for both Fëanor and Maeglin...
Fortune Zyne chapter 1 . 4/3/2013
This was a nice story! Well done!
Fortune Zyne chapter 2 . 4/3/2013
This was an amazing story! Well done!
willowswelt chapter 2 . 2/16/2013
Better late than never.

I really enjoyed the interaction between the ultimate bad elf in Tolkiens world and the one mostly overlooked but more evil character.

I think you worked out their main difference- one betrayed his people on purpose and the other, while killing elves and dooming his family and people never set out to betray everybody to the darkness.

Maeglin is, to my knowledge, really the only elf who ever betrayed his people to Morgoth.

Others commited a lot of crimes but never gave in to Morgoth.

Great story!
Lady Almaren chapter 2 . 12/6/2011
Wow. This is amazing. I'm aware that I am really late finding this but I'm glad I did. And Maeglin deserved everything he got.
amebane chapter 1 . 5/20/2009
Great story.
SoConfusified chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
Nessa Ar-Fieneil chapter 2 . 7/12/2006
This is a very fitting end to the son of Eol.
Snodgrass and Winkle chapter 2 . 8/6/2005
This is so freaking cool!

We were chilled to the bone with our masterful handling of words and events. I am speechless! My friend Winkle and I read it outloud and our whole firm quailed in fear and awe. Such writing do we rarely find. Thank you.

Snodgrass, of

Snodgrass, Winkle & Co.
Tehta chapter 1 . 2/6/2004
I really enjoyed this. What a great Feanor, still full of fire - and pride, and intelligence, and dark humour, and, finally, sorrow. In comparison, Maeglin sounds shrill and immature. Let's hope he finds some wisdom in his penance.
Me chapter 2 . 9/4/2003
That was, in a word...there isn't any word that would do. It was dark and sad and brilliant. So well written, so...I can't explain it, but it was engrossing to read. Truly inspired blending of Greek Mythology and Tolkien. You even managed to drag a tear from me towards to end, about all the dead, especially poor little Eluréd and Elurín.

Always knew Fëanor wasn't quite on the same level as Maeglin, but never really thought about it. Never seen the two compared before. Malice and intent. That is what really separates the two kinslayers.

Anyways, loved this.
Ada Kensington chapter 2 . 8/31/2003






I apologise for the melodrama, but it is so utterly deserved. This goes on my favourite stories list, no doubt about it!
dauntless-hurin chapter 2 . 8/31/2003
Yay! You mentioned Elured and Elurin!

Apart from that, oh, so sad! So wonderfully, cleverly sad!
Nol chapter 2 . 8/29/2003
I really enjoyed this. Maeglin was absolutely vicious and perfect as the raw snake-sinner. And the continued defiance of Feanor, who just Cannot Be Cowed Down - his exchanges with Namo were the highlight of it all for me. : )
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