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SunGokuSanzo chapter 12 . 12/28/2015
You are so amazing and I wanna read more, please? I hope they kick ass... just as all four are supposed to do. I know it's been awhile since you've updated this fic, but I hope you do... pretty pizza please?
Slytherin Studios chapter 12 . 8/25/2013
I love your story, please update soon.
saint-Ash86 chapter 1 . 1/9/2009
39.Falling.Grace chapter 12 . 7/9/2008
I thought that you were going to discontinue this story and I was so upset, until I saw this and I was jumping for joy. You just HAVE to finish this. Especially since this latest chapter is really opening up some major interest that will hook a person for life.

You're writing is so easy to get into, detailed but not so much that it's a clutter and the added humor was a welcome because it gave light to the currently distressing situation; a breather every now and then.

This latest chapter was very good but it held so much suspense, right to the very end. Nii is even sicker when you place him in this context -I mean, experimenting on PEOPLE! Who does that? I think this is why he's such a great villain, more so than usual.

I thought that we already knew everything about Goku -orphan, murderer, delinquent, imprisoned. And now you send us a chapter which tells us that there is MORE. Damn. Just when I thought I had it down. The thought of him being stalked really gives a whole new spin to things (as well as making things creepier). I always thought that your stuff was quite original. You've deprived enough of the manga so that it's still Saiyuki but you've added your own ingredients to make it something new gripping. Whatever you're doing, keep at it. Please don't quit!


P.S. Good luck at Japan!
hanabatake chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
That’s really good. I love the way you’ve pictured Hakkai it sure feats him. And the others are in character,( but I still miss mister bunny ! :p )
RosaLui chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
Heheheh. *laughs maniacally and counts comments* I'm number 5! ...I hope. _

I LOVE this story... frighteningly suits Hakkai too! *hugs* Soo glad you finally updated again!
orvida geri chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
I'm so glad that you finaly posted i thought you might have given up on this story i'm so enjoying reading this story again and to see a few more chapters up is making me cry.

Any way i like the way this story is playing out but 1 thing puzzles me did nii kill goku's parents just to experiment on him and will he and sanzo be more than ward and gaurdian or will it be hakkai and sanzo just curious no flames intended_

and if i'm one of the first 5 i love sanzo and goku personaly
Iliya chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
New chapter from ! Happy, happy day~ Even after all this time, I love your story to pieces. It's one of the few AU stories that REALLY gives off that city-like feel. The dialogue in this chapter was amusing and refreshing because Sanzo and Hakkai sound so in character- a thing that's hard to find these days.
Dandelion-san chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
This seems pretty good. Though I have to wonder why Goku killed all those people.

narrizan chapter 12 . 7/8/2008
(i'm bein' lazy)

Squee and flail and more squeeage and guess what I still remember it all! I love this and so happy you picked it up!

love zan

(will comment more coherently later when signed in)

thank you for updating and not leaving us hanging. _ *hugs* lots of them
Sakural7865 chapter 1 . 6/17/2008
I love the story, but forgot where I left off on it! Please continue on this awesome story and your future stories to come!
Wind Wanderer chapter 11 . 11/13/2007
Opps, I sort of forgot this for a while. But it is good. I am not sure if you ment to but you sort of jumped over how Hakkai found Goku. Later
dk-joy chapter 11 . 9/9/2007
Can't wait for more!
windwhisprer chapter 11 . 9/8/2007
The story is very intriguing, however there are some things that bother me.

I like the idea. It's been done, but you've put a new twist on it that I haven't seen yet. In the beginning, I'll admit, seeing Hakkai as the bad guy startled me. I was worried what you were going to do with his character, since Hakkai isn't generally a bad person, excusing his episode as Gonou. It off-set me, but this story begged me to read it, so I did.

Goku... I like that you put him in Juvie. It's different. People fail to realize sometimes that his rock prison was, well, a prision, although he didn't have schedualed meals and "walks outside." Good job on that idea. The idea of Sanzo freeing him from that, and becoming his saviour in that sense made me happy as well, as those two are my favorite characters. However, I did find that Goku warmed up to Sanzo a little too easily. If he was acctually a street kid, and had gone to Juvie, I think he would've had a little harder time trusting Sanzo. He is optimistic, yes, and in the manga, he did trust Snazo immediately, but this is also an AU. I try to stress that they're in a different world, with different circumstances, so of course they'll react differently.

I can also see why he would want to do everything and anything he could, but again, it was brought on a little strongly, in my opninion. Otherwise I love what you're doing with Goku and Sanzo's character. They're often hard to capture, and you're doing a wonderful job with them.

I really like how the story is unfolding. You keep us guessing as to which character is going to appear next, and I like that. I love the way you unfolded Hakkai's character. For the most part you kept us in the dark, and then slowly everything began to reveal itself. Very well done.

However, Goku's stab wound made me pause. It seemed like he handled it a little too well. I don't question his reaction to the stab, as being an orphan and moving from home to home, he isn't that dim. He's probably seen his share of that crap, especially from the other people in Juvie. I just think he recovered from it a little too easily. Stab wounds hurt, and generally take a long time to recover from. Goku is human in most AUs (and I'm guessing this one too) and humans don't just bound back to their feet from everything. Minekura likes to make her boys tougher then they appear, but, especially if you read the manga, you see that they're not indestructable. Despite how strong-willed they are, they're going to be down for some time.

Which brings me to what you did with Goku on the cliff. I liked, I liked. I think you handled that very well, and I liked the way Goku kinda drifted in and out of consciousness. It's not as though you're just going to wake up after something like that and that's that. It's like when you sleep, often people wake up several times during the night and then go back to sleep. So I think you did a very good job on that, and I liked that you still made Goku climb the cliff. If you had made him prance on back home, I'd have to stop you. Yaone showing up was perfect, and I loved her little purple bug. It would so fit her.

And my next point. For the last few chapters it's been hard to distinguish between scenes, and they felt very chopped up. Suddenly here was Kougaiji, and them BAM, Sanzo. It really messed up the flow of your story, so if you can, go back and break up the scenes.

And yes, there were some errors here and there, but nothing that really distrupted the flow of the story. You did mess up with a few "Cho Hakkai" "Hakkai Cho"s, but other then that it was fine.

Oh, and I must say that the way you're intergrating the original storyline is wonderful. I love that Chin Yisou showed up, as not many fanfictions include him, and he is a son of a bitch. But you have to be careful on differenciating between the magic of Minekura's Saiyuki and a RL kind of world. So the fake Goku will need some explaining. I hope you can clear that up, and not proclaim it as some "shikigami" as we wouldn't be able to do that in a modern world.

I'm almost done, I swear! Now, I respect originality, and I hope you plan to imput plot changes and such, so we don't just have to look in the manga to guess what's going to happen next. That bothers me, and I can guess that you won't be doing that. I like the way your writing syle is now, but I hope you won't take too long to finish this story. Four years? XD I'm teasing.

All in all, it looks well, along with the things I pointed out. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure I got my point across.

Iliya chapter 11 . 9/4/2007
What? I didn't review this? Well, I'm going to have to change that. It's lovely how you're incorporating all of the other characters and exciting to learn what role they play in the story. I have to say, "Aw!" for the moment when Sanzo was relieved to see Goku.
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